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  1. Sadly, I fear many won't understand the reality of this, or indeed what satanism actually is.
  2. It's gonna take more than this chancer (who has the blank stare of an MK ultra victim if ever I saw one) to alter my mind on anything. We already knew this mob serve their own - if they can.
  3. From the comments: '...The Government really can see already what section 24 is going to do to the PRS. It is going to decimate the sector altogether, they have already taken away all incentives for prospective Landlords which, without them, the housing shortage would be far worse. I believe bed and breakfast, will be where landlords could consider diversifying. There will be plenty of requirement for this type of accommodation as the private rented section goes into decline over the next few years unless, there is a Damascene revelation by the Conservative Government...' There's no end to the altruism these people possess.
  4. Then why increase immigration massively - particularly from groups who tend to have large families? Makes little sense.
  5. He/She would be referring to the Georgia guidestones. Pretty creepy: Georgia Guidesones
  6. William J. Casey, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."
  7. Was in Morocco recently. There's a coastal city called Essaouira which is about 30% European population which took me by surprise. Has history, architecture, great markets, nice beach, European influence, great weather and a new airport is being built there making it a direct 3 hour flight to Gatwick. Plus you get to live somewhere like this for under 200k FFS!!!!!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-property/property-70622816.html
  8. Exactly, I find it a little weird that a forum that prides itself on being enlightened in outing the outright corruption and bribery/lobbying in modern day UK housing/banking has openly swallowed the 'because Russia' pill.
  9. My 500k is still going to b 500k no matter what purchasing power it has. If the house reduces from 500k to 200k I'm the winner even if I stick my money in a mattress for 5 years.
  10. BBC - LoL From the linked article: Fearful of targeted strikes, they asked the BBC to withhold their real identities and locations Yeah - bet they did. Meanwhile what real doctors say: http://www.hannenabintuherland.com/themiddleeast/swedish-doctors-for-human-rights-say-white-helmets-murdered-children-for-fake-chemical-gas-attack-in-syria-village/
  11. Will harry's dad be there, or is Charles turning up instead?
  12. Ok, but trying to remain on-topic as possible I'm struggling to see what's so bold about my statement? I don't believe Brexit was created deliberately to crash house prices.... or I'm missing something?
  13. The ref was to steal UKIP votes back. I'm a conspiracy theorist as much as anyone - but there are much easier ways to crash this market - get on the blower to Carney and ask him to raise rates by a few percent and stop printing ******ing money for one. Job done.
  14. NATO will probably respond the way it always does, by killing a load of civilians and blaming someone else. Or maybe they will fund the lovely ISIS or those award winning nice guys - the white helmets. Why would anyone believe the shit those false-flag addicted liars come out with? An act of war... do me a favour. The US goes around the world doing exactly whatever it wants and you're worried about this 'act of war'? Excuse of war more like.
  15. And Mr. F? Did he have learning difficulties too? No? Then why is he off the hook?
  16. 'Are you debtless and it isn't your fault? A victim of a responsible upbringing and attitude towards borrowing? Then call....'
  17. +1 I also don't understand the concerns with labour and mass immigration. No, it won't be stopped... nor will it with the Neo Cons. So let's take that out of the equation. Actually, JC would never have bombed the shit out of the Middle East and north Africa for bankers, so maybe immigration all over Europe would be lower? just a thought.
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