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  1. ??? We've known renewables would be / is a big thing for almost two decades now. It doesn't take hindsight to know this.
  2. No this is not right. It wasn't a disagreement about remaining or what sort of remain we should have. It was the usual jockeying between politicians for partisan political advantage. This is the normal state of affairs between parties, and happens both on the right and left, but foolishly this lot let that take precedence over preventing brexit via a second referendum when Johnson had mostly already won his battle with BXP and consolidated leavers behind him. It was an utterly utterly foolish move. If they'd just waited a bit and gone for the second referendum option first they'd have done to the Tories what the Tories did to them. Won the battle and split the opposition.
  3. You might not like what I said. But a fact is still a fact. The remain based parties got more votes than the leave ones, but because of FPTP the split remain vote allowed the Tories to capture far more seats than the remain parties. That's just how it went, you can add the party vote shares up yourself and see this outcome yourself if you like. Nothing you say will change that reality. I wouldn't have bothered to reply to the above person but if they are going to post falsehoods/lies then I'm going to correct them.
  4. Yes it was. Why do you think its northern leave voters jumped ship as they did to BXP if not because they rightfully saw it as a remain party?
  5. No. I wouldn't. Where on earth do you get that idea from? I'd like heavy heavy government investment into renewables and to turn those regions into hubs for those industries, via a green revolution. That solves multiple problems at the same time. So I'd neither let them rot nor dig up non-existent coal.
  6. Lol, the Tory approach is to let them rot, and not care. Then to cut whatever economic transfers to those abandoned communties that they can get away with.
  7. This is such rubbish. The remainer parties SNP/greens/LAB/etc got 52% of the voter share vs 48% for the brexit ones. This pretty much matches the data we have on polling for any new referendum (which is why Johnson wanted a GE and definitely NOT a confirmatory referendum). Thus the country is majority remain but its being taken out against the will of that majority because of how our FPTP system works.
  8. For party political advantage. The LD leadership foolishly though they'd be able to gain at Labours expense given the polls at the time. Somehow they thought they could replace Labour as the country's second largest party. They completely ignored the consequences of the FPTP system and how it squeezes the smaller parties. They also ignored political tribalism and how half the country is politically left wing which locks large numbers of them out from voting for a party that they see as Tory light. The SNP thought they could gain as well so wanted a GE, but it was the LD's that was enough to tip the boat and make it inevitable. Together with the Tories that was enough to force a GE no matter what Labour wanted, so Labour reluctantly agreed to one because they had no other choice. It was going to happen anyway. I had been hoping they'd somehow force a second referendum while they had Johnson locked down and disempowered via their remainer parliamentary majority. That was the smart way to go. But greed and opportunism did for them. Though on the bright side Jo Swinson the LD leader has now paid the price for that. Lost both her seat and her position as LD leader. Good riddance.
  9. Well if it becomes really really cheap then maybe. But I don't think it''ll go that low without large scale house building and that will just take too long ramp up to deal with the current shortages. Yes I know that housing is mostly a credit/subsidy issue but there's still a big shortage given all the younger adults house sharing and living at home until their late 30's.
  10. Ahh sadly that will be too late for me. I'll be renting for life. This was pretty much my last chance for that reset to happen. I think the same is true for a lot of younger gen X and older millennials. In fact if the reset doesn't happen until the late 2020's its going to be too late for the vast majority of millennials. What a repugnant country we have become in the way the old treat the young.
  11. Misery loves company? (I'm damn miserable after this election result)
  12. I really don't think its the same anymore. Young workers have absolutely no bargaining power anymore, and companies these days are a lot more ruthless. Now they are just fodder to be made use of by the older owners of capital. The bad has replaced the good.
  13. No. The immediate reaction is to look at the photo and express real unprompted empathy, via tone of voice and facial expression changes. Look at how Corbyn reacted when meeting Grenfell fire survivors. That's how a normal person reacts to these sorts of things. Johnson is an empathy-less narcissistic void who cares for nothing and no one but himself. Of course we've known this all along, but his reaction here just makes that fact undeniable.
  14. Which is pretty much irrelevant because Corbyn won't have an outright majority. I like a lot of Corbyn's economic policies (council house building, going after the rentiers and VI's, nationalization of natural monopolies) but I really dislike a lot of his views on foreign policy. But I full well understand that he will need at least the support of the SNP and LD's to form a government if there's a hung parliament. That pretty much means that all that will happen is we will get a second referendum on brexit, and if we don't have another GE right after that some somewhat left of Blair policy initiatives. Even if he wanted to take us out of NATO he'd have absolutely no chance whatsoever of doing so. The same thing doesn't hold true of Boris Johnson. He's after an outright majority. The level of power to change things that provides to the PM if the party is supportive is massive, and he's now purged everyone who isn't. Our system is not like that of the United States. We have no checks or balances here. No written constitution. A PM with a majority can simply rewrite how the country functions if he or she wants to, and in this case it means one who is manifestly in multiple ways a terrible human being. I mean just look at what their manifesto says about what they are asking for and plan to do. Do you not find that frightening? I damn well do. No person with the slightest bit of intelligence should be voting for this and they should run away screaming.
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