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  1. Since I haven't seen this posted yet. A move in the right direction.....
  2. We can only hope that the negative consequences of no deal brexit (or even a hard brexit) will push the sane Tory MP's to change course and rule out no deal / hard brexit. The end of UK Honda car manufacturing will likely give them a big push in that direction. So as bad as it is at least its happened now before brexit rather than after when its too late, so we can at least try to limit the damage. The grifters and lying scum types like Rees-Mogg, Johnson, Tomlinson (Tory Swindon MP), won't change course of course, but we don't need them to.
  3. Indeed. Just look at this thread. An endless flow of excuses from the brexiteers. Not one of them. Not a single one will accept responsibility for what we all full well know is their fault including themselves. All I can do is shake my head in total abject disgust at these *******.
  4. Oh come off it. We know conservative MP's lie all the time. Especially over brexit. It comes to them as easily as breathing. So why do you take any of their words at face value? And I've already posted a link on the issue. The EU-JPN trade deal happened because of brexit, and without that Honda would NOT be leaving. https://www.politico.eu/article/japan-eu-trade-deal-brexit-auto-industry/ So as I've already said stop coming up with excuses for what you've brought about, and for once in this whole miserable saga accept responsibility.
  5. No. Honda's closure IS because of brexit. As I posted above the UK-JPN trade deal was stalled over the refusal of JPN to open up its car market. It didn't need to as it already had a decades long base of operations in the UK. Then suddenly JPN did an about face because of brexit and concluded the EU-JPN trade deal on the EU's terms because it's base of operations here in the UK was under threat. There would have been no restarting of trade talks if brexit did not happen, and Honda UK would not closing if brexit did not happen. Without a shadow of a doubt this closure is 100% the fault of brexit. No if's no but's no maybe's. It simply is. So for once in this whole miserable saga accept responsibility for what you've done instead of coming up with excuses.
  6. If I remember correctly it employ's roughly 1 million people in total if you include the supply chain (and that will go too if the plants they feed into close). The vast majority of that is high value high paying work that pays a lot in taxation. The end of car manufacturing in the UK will be a huge hit to the UK and to the average standard of living. Without a doubt we will all feel the consequences. It won't just hit those directly affected. Others will have to make up the lost taxation and/or will see what the state provides them in terms of services shrink (think more potholed roads, bigger class sizes in schools, even less police, etc).
  7. Its all 100% the result of brexit. The EU - Japan trade deal had gone through 13 rounds of negotiations and ended up stalled over the refusal of Japan to open up its car market. It didn't need to make any concessions because it already had a decades old established base of operations in the UK. There was no gain for it in a quid pro quo reduction in car import tariffs. Then we voted to leave the EU and Japan suddenly asked to reopen the negotiations and settled on the EU's terms in less than a year, because its base of operations here is going to be made uncompetitive. So the Honda closure is 100% a result of brexit, and the lying scum lying about it are simply unwilling to accept responsibility for what they've done (the rest of the UK car industry will go over time as well, investment has fallen by 80% so the writing is on the wall).
  8. Well, they've made none of the sacrifices of the prior elderly generation, have left the country in a disastrous state having asset stripped it to give themselves a standard of living they've never earned, and now in retirement keep demanding ever more taxpayer largess for themselves such that everyone else has to make do with less and less. The end result is average pensioners now have far far higher living standards than average working age adults. Think about that for a second. Those who work producing economic output are working to give an extremely large non-working idle group living standards far higher than they themselves enjoy or will ever have, and rather than admit to what is going on and making some voluntary sacrifices they demand still more, and victim blame those who are suffering as a result. We see a perfect example of this with Happyguy in this and other threads, where his posts absolutely reek of entitlement and victim blaming - that young people don't work hard enough, its their own fault, he had it hard when he was young, houses are still cheap, and they need to get a better job if they want to have a home. Now this isn't all of them as some of them do admit that what is going on is wrong and changes need to be made, but the vast majority are like happyguy and they set the tone. So its no wonder the younger generations are absolutely furious and are now fighting back at the utterly selfish boomer generation.
  9. The consequences of the 1970's double oil shocks (1973 and 1979) and our own North Sea boom. The first basically destroyed the economy and the reputation of the Labour party with it. Thatcher took over just as the second even larger shock hit, and it looked like she might go down with it too. But then our own North Sea production really started taking off and global oil prices began their decade and a half long collapse. The oil price collapse provided a massive economic boon relative to the shortage years, and our own North Sea was running at full stream bringing in substantial revenue. Taken together this made it "look" like the Tories were economically competent while Labour were not, and of course this is the economic narrative the Tory higher ups spent the next two decades perpetuating, until it became so ingrained that it was taken as gospel among your average boomer voter (see happy guy above for perfect example of this belief system). The reality is they just got lucky when they don't have the slightest clue on how to run a modern economy. Worse still that unearned undeserved self-confidence prevents them from actually learning how to, because now they believe that whatever they and their party do will automatically result in economic success. I do think that bubble of self-delusion is slowly being pricked though. Its hard to deny reality for years on end when that reality is staring you right in the face.
  10. That's flat out false. Boomers are on track to take out 20% more than they will ever have paid in during the working lives. That will be balanced out by millennials paying in 18% more than they take out over their lifespan. Baby boomers will end up being giant net takers out of the system which those that come after get to pay for.
  11. The problem is the Tories are trying to achieve multiple contradictory objectives. - Widen home ownership among the young - Keep over 50's voters voting Tory by keeping house prices as high as possible - Enrich Tory voting buy-to-let landlords (15% of baby boomers owns a second home so important!). - Severely constrict new house building to keep boomer/pensioner nimby's onside They can do the first, or the rest, but not all of them together, and them giving priority to the rest as they have done means they can't ever credibly do the first. That is why we get policies such as this. Its an attempt to square the circle and do the impossible which is to do all four of the above at the same time.
  12. You are not wrong. https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/insight/insight/dispatches-from-the-conservative-conference-58508 Many at the conference, however, saw building more homes as a practical necessity. It came up frequently at fringe sessions as one way for the Tories to win back young voters. Most Conservatives Inside Housing spoke to, however, were instinctively wary of doing too much on housing, fearing that they’d be punished by their traditional voters if the values of their homes were to fall.
  13. I think my guess from a few days ago on what they were trying to do was spot on - "They want more home owners but at the currently stupidly overpriced values is my guess. More buy in by the young into the current system so that they will vote Tory to defend it. Given our first past the post system if they got 5% more buy in by the under 50's and added that to their current boomer/pensioner base they would be golden. The question is if that's possible." Don't think it'll work though.
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