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  1. Great for renters as well, as the quality tenants buy and the average income in the sector drops. Some might say the BTLrs are in trouble.
  2. Plot twist - offer to buy the place and pull out at the last minute when you're ready to leave. You tenancy is entirely independent and you can serve notice. Not entirely serious, but offering to buy you might be able to push a serious discount, given the lack of agent fees for the landlord and sheer ease.
  3. You can serve it, but in front of a judge it'll be thrown out.
  4. See this flowchart by respected housing lawyer, Giles Peaker. https://nearlylegal.co.uk/section-21-flowchart/ SO many opportunities for the paperwork to be wrong. Do note the reference point, though if you want nice easy flexibility if you're looking to buy shouldn't be a problem. Also note that most agents in my experience are lazy when it comes references. Give past landlords etc.. Other thing, if you're thinking of using an letting agent to if you wait 6 months fees will be banned!
  5. All this shelter £60m budget stuff is really rather simplistic, and it's also a complete misunderstanding of the scale of the problem. Shelter's £60m annual budget, whilst looking rather impressive when seen in the bank account of your average person, is approx 0.25% of the housing benefit spend of £23.4bn. Literally, a tiny drop in the ocean. Why do landlords get representation (RLA, all those letting agents) when tenants don't?
  6. Funny isn't it? I suspect they hate the idea of tenants having some power and have enjoyed years of lording over people. Funny now the shoe is on the other foot.
  7. Considering they owe their existence to the government this is a surprise. Will they not need the court system them? Apparently possession is 9/10s of the law
  8. It is correct to say europeans have gone back since brexit vote. I'm now looking for the UK builders they are very expensive plus????. As a result of higher development cost I will definitely increase my rent ... Comedy gold
  9. Without a protected deposit (assuming there is a deposit) any S21 will fail. Keep this in your back pocket. Say no to the rent rise, point out comparables, and if you're moving out in a few months you can afford to make him sad. Best thing to say is 'we wish to continue, but do not believe a rent rise is justified at this time and would prefer a periodic tenancy'. Periodic is better because there is no trigger (eg. renewal). If he evicts, any S21 will fail in court. He'll have to refund it first and start from scratch (including notice period) See this for many other rea
  10. Worst case the council buries you. Sadly though they might not let your relatives attend...
  11. Have a look https://services.parliament.uk/Bills/2017-19/tenantfees.html. It's trundling through, though not in a hurry. I think the big slow down is that decided to publish a draft. Probably next spring. I'm using the argument now with my letting agent on a renewal. If you read some of the debates, not a single MP has really opposed it from either side. No way in hell it's not happening.
  12. It happened, listened to it end-to-end on parliament TV. Not a single objection from anyone. They're taking their time, but there is no way this ain't happening. Consensus like this in parliament doesn't happen every day.
  13. Want detail? I got detail for you (850 pages) http://www.tenlaw.uni-bremen.de/My Rights as Tenant in Europe.pdf Probably deserves its own topic...
  14. What happened to bubblepricker in the end? 

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