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  1. My dealings with BT both as a customer and a specialist supplier suggest that these building leases will just be the tip of the iceberg. While I don't get any pleasure from seeing companies struggle, BTs problems are self inflicted.
  2. The more the politicians try to "protect" the environment the more expensive things become, funny that.
  3. The banks may wish to start doing intelligence tests on prospective mortgage customers as well as credit checks in future based on this pair.
  4. Similar round here. New build HTB houses 2-3 times the price of adjacent victorian terraces despite being oh so obviously built as cheaply as possible.
  5. Their business model seems to have been to try and out discount the supermarkets, which is never going to work particularly as margins on alcohol sales aren't that great for the most part.
  6. And try to force as many native Brits to work as hard as possible........
  7. If everyone stopped working, the system would collapse pretty much straight away - and more and more people are losing the will to work or prop up a system that doesn't serve their interests.
  8. Claim compensayshun for your "mis-sold" mortgage.....
  9. Spot on - a point a lot of landlords seem to miss.
  10. Completely agree & having money is a very helpful prerequisite for freedom.
  11. Wealth is having money, most people fail to realize this & instead fall into the trap of thinking that wealth is having stuff - its that mentality that kills off many people's ability to save money.
  12. Wonder if a few of the proverbial brown envelopes have changed hands??
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