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  1. Just being devil's advocate, as i do agree that falls in PCL will eventually feed through to the rest of London, however... PCL contains a lot of trophy asset places that are insanely expensive. Apartments on hyde park / park lane with a cost in 2015 of 75million. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3116377/Five-bedroom-One-Hyde-Park-apartment-costing-75MILLION-expensive-market.html There's a few trophy asset type places around central London that were at those types of prices - Regents Crescent, Nottinghill, Knightsbridge, St James's Park. The prices of these places are truly di
  2. That's a pretty callous view. People running businesses intrinsically have something to give a shit about, and a project they are focused on. That's at least something to be motivated by and feel a sense of achievement that can translate to happiness. Admittedly it can cause stress, but it's a good kind of stress Do you think 'young people' = children, so their lives are so simple by comparison? The idea that so many of our young adults feel hopeless is a terrible reflection on the society that has been created. it's generally the most go getting and optimistic period of life, if a
  3. I don't think self build is likely to become a big % of houses in the uk. In Europe people build kit houses, they're not genuine self build in the sense we think of here, and British style of brick housing doesn't really suit those kit houses. I agree self build tends to be best quality, but not sure we have the number of niche builders in the uk capable of scaling up to make a dent in the numbers, unless people start desiring to live in wood and panel houses. I've not researched it, that's purely gut feel but we don't have the brickies from what I can tell. Agree that market is mor
  4. There's only a finite supply of renters, so I would expect that for every build to rent unit that becomes occupied, it will (eventually, after some voids somewhere in the btl system) free an existing buy to let property to be released back to the owner occupied market. You see this already happening in student towns, btr has the potential to do that to large parts of the btl market I don't really see why people on here have a problem with build to rent. Genuine social housing construction would be preferable, but this is as close as we're likely to get. Sure it would be great if individua
  5. Something that's not been mentioned in the comments so far that is important here - the secret is in the name. BUILD to rent. The government does see the bigger picture. It seems they see it perfectly. If you think they are making a mistake, you're missing the point that the policies they have implemented are specifically to discourage the use (ie monopolising) of pre-existing housing stock as rental units via btl, because they want it going back into owner occupied hands. Instead they're encouraging new rental units to be added - specifically for the purpose of being rented out, so not
  6. Just to say, my experience coming to nz as a Brit is my expectation on the weather was lower than it actually is in reality. Auckland is sub tropical. The average daily high temp in mid winter is 15 degrees, with night average of 8. I have never seen frost in Auckland,and get through the winter with autumn jackets from the uk. If the sun is out in mid winter, you can generally sit outside and enjoy the sun in shorts and a t shirt. The sun is strong enough that it feels like a sunny April day back in the uk, even in mid winter. Admittedly, there are more days of rain than in t
  7. Castle in transylvania for sale http://m.mondinion.com/Real_Estate_Listings/adid/106186/Romania--Alba--Zlatna--Castle_for_Sale/
  8. Now that is an interesting choice! What are you doing? I spent some time in Tanzania and Zambia 15 years ago, and they seemed wonderful places. Didn't do business - I guess corruption is an issue, have you found it impacts everyday life? What is the cost of living, how much are you able to save?
  9. Hey, yeah and I think all the points made are completely valid legit criticisms. Luckily I move here reasonably wealthy, live in a good part of town and have choices/flexibility. Being stone broke is bad, which ever country you call home Having said which, if you made a blog just criticising the uk as not a great place to live, there are myriad criticisms that are as bad. There's no utopia, everywhere is what you make it I made a new thread for 'where to emigrate to', as I felt like a lot of this convo is going off topic from nz banning foreign buyers and how that's impacting house p
  10. There's been a lively discussion on the nz banning foreign buyers thread about the best places, and pros and cons of moving over seas. People fleeing the uk are probably looking for some balance of: affordable and good quality housing, good education, reliable healthcare, rule of law/lack of corruption, job prospects, native language spoken, lifestyle, cultural stimulation, agreeable climate, political and natural stability, favourable tax laws, pre existing personal or cultural connections to the country, location relative to home. Where do people, on balance think are the b
  11. I looked up the youth suicide rate, which was stated as 5 times that in the uk at 15 per 100k between the ages of 15-19, here https://www.google.co.nz/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-40284130 However I looked up uk suicide rate, and found that nz is not 5 times higher unless the 2 data sets aren't comparable. The ons states here https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/articles/suicidebyoccupation/england2011to2015 that the suicide rate of men and women 20-65 is 12 per 100k, so that puts young adults in nz about 25% higher than all adults i
  12. Sorry, my ex partner was a psychiatrist. I don't work in that field. Yes, early days. I agree fully with sentiment expressed, kiwis from what I can tell are unfriendly and passive aggressive. I have made some friends here, but they're from India, Taiwan, China, Brazil, columbia, UK, US, etc. The one kiwi I became friends with stabbed me in the back the worst that I've ever experienced... Don't want to go into it Youth suicide, I'm no expert at all. I would guess this is because there are a lot of terribly isolated small towns here, and this is a very conservative place. As a small s
  13. The carribean is also pretty damned boring unless you want to spend the rest of life diving or fishing. I've been to cayman 3 times as I have a friend who works there so can stay at his (no hotel to pay). After you've done the few main tourist activities, there's nothing left to do but get pissed. No culture at all
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