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  1. When May announced that 'We hear you', who was she referring to exactly? Torys need to disappear of the face of the planet.
  2. One could only hope they'd come back and torch your offices.
  3. Does that include those who bought in 2009 who should have taken the plunge in 2007 by your reckoning? Or maybe 1989.... utter tosh.
  4. Lol. Come back after the next net migration figures are out and tell me that. Ponzischemetastic.
  5. I'm guessing it's a lot less than the optimistic valuation given to them. They don't have a mug behind them able to use the HTB price bazooka. Unlucky. My niece is doing this in Weston-supernightmare. Warned her that HTB is a scam but her and my eldest sister just see it as welcome help form our benevolent leaders. Oh well...
  6. Maynardgravy

    Increase in Arson & Vandalism against Van Dwellers recently ?

    Over 1.5 million people in the US live in trailers. I'm surprised it's that low TBH https://www.planning.org/pas/reports/report12.htm As a percentage of population I reckon we'll overtake soon enough. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/771231/caravan-motorhome-numbers-Britains-soar-new-figures Trailer trash Britain.
  7. Maynardgravy

    Wonga runs out of Wonga

    Like that, may have to borrow it. Except they have a tendency to last as long as Katy Price's nicker elastic.
  8. Maynardgravy

    A Goodbye To All That Buy To Let

    From the comments: '...I am in East London and there is definitely a dearth of Europeans looking for flat share in London. This is because the value of the £ has dropped so much and it is so expensive to live in London now even if you have good job. Their standard of living is better in their own country and most of them that were here have already paid for the their properties at home by working here for the last few years when the £ was high. The people who voted for Brexit have no understanding of how the economics of this country is going to suffer as a result combined with the landlord persecution by the government. Letting is a mugs game now so get out while you can....' You just described how the economics work mate - EU can buy a home outright, the mugs at home can't and should rent forever and be grateful - ****** right off.
  9. Maynardgravy

    Rent rise or move out

    Moving is a hassle but you can't allow yourself to be cucked. When it happened to me I found a cheaper place in a better area. old LL just ended up with a load of voids. Had a young kid myself. At least try by refusing the rise initially.
  10. Maynardgravy

    Daily Mail: Are house prices set to tumble?

    Many Chinese like to leave the places empty - superstitious thing or something Sydney Herald
  11. Maynardgravy

    Pick your top 3 triggers for HPC

    1. Political will (lol) 2. Everything else 3. Sentiment based on everything else.
  12. Maynardgravy

    Boris Burkagate Under Investigation By Tories

    I can only hope that that paragraph is wholly tongue in cheek because I'd rather stick forks in my eyes. I was hoping to bring a son up in a country without voodoo and grown adults believing in ghosts, but successive governments seem intent on importing millions of drones who believe in this shite. It certainly is my prerogative. It never ceases to amaze me with religion (Islam in particular) that the peoples practicing it are escaping the hellholes that were created in great part b the idiology itself. What do they think is going to happen when the host country ceases to be secular? A profitable Islamic utopia like the one they left? I'll let others decide.
  13. Maynardgravy

    Boris Burkagate Under Investigation By Tories

    My opinionabout Boris being a moron isn't related to this outburst - I should have been clearer on that.
  14. Maynardgravy

    Boris Burkagate Under Investigation By Tories

    Boris is a moron, but in regard to this sentence I think the real question is how many letterbox ladies are victims of serious crimes. I say this as someone whose wife is an ex-muslim. It's not been a walk in the park for anyone. The end result is that her parents have nothing to do with her or our son. She has a cousin in the same situation and this is from a not-too-conservative branch of the Islamic community (Indian rather than Pakistani - if they were Pakistani I'd probably be in a box by now). The wife even went to an Imam for advice. All she got was that I must convert or face the consequences. It never registered with anyone that you can't convert from atheism. I'm not beating around the bush here - all religions are ******** but Islam is an uncompromising mess of an ideology that has no desire to compromise and turning the SJW cheek is only going to fuel the extreme right.

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