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  1. Womanpower? Are you winding me up? Intergalactic travel compared to what we can achieve at present is like crossing a river compared to getting to the moon. Besides, we're too busy paying out WTC to all those people we need.
  2. Not necessarily. We're on the cusp of a robotic revolution. The normal human ponzi scheme will be redundant soon enough. The West of course will be left with huge numbers of unproductive, debt drones. I'm assuming Japan will actually import people they actually need so they don't destroy their own culture with 'multiculturalism' (which is anything but). Of course they could actually promote policies to make families more attractive to normal working people - same could be said here and in Germany. Not that hard, even Hiltler seemed to manage it and he was a loon.
  3. Lol, you live in a dream world. We can barely get out of the Earth's gravitational pull.
  4. Maynardgravy

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    I clearly wrote 'not'. You will be visited by the South Yorkshire sarcasm police.
  5. hmm, hope you are right. Seems like two sides of the same coin to me, but then again, you'd think the taps have to be turned off at some point.
  6. Maynardgravy

    Its Going to Be Biblical

    Chinese buyers at the auction. Not known for their gambling habits.
  7. What about the Tory donors who don't care how much the middle are taxed or services cut, so long as they get their cheap labour and HMO fodder?
  8. Maynardgravy

    Fertility rates

    It was actually 19,000 deaths out of the casualties </pedant>
  9. Maynardgravy

    I wish Rightmove allowed comments.

    Great find - the origional price was mental but no denying that drop. Is that close to Sandbanks?
  10. Maynardgravy

    Soros : Hero or Villain

    Exactly, man with no scruples in how he makes his billions, uses them to arrogantly create a world of NPCs led by a veneer of elites with no scruples. Can't wait.
  11. When May announced that 'We hear you', who was she referring to exactly? Torys need to disappear of the face of the planet.
  12. One could only hope they'd come back and torch your offices.
  13. Does that include those who bought in 2009 who should have taken the plunge in 2007 by your reckoning? Or maybe 1989.... utter tosh.
  14. Lol. Come back after the next net migration figures are out and tell me that. Ponzischemetastic.

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