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  1. Good point. I have long thought that all employees should have to wear name tags that showed their gross annual salary. It would be fascinating to see how that would change the dynamics within organisations.
  2. I can't see a problem with this. HMRC should be collecting taxes and according to one of their spokesmen, this 'issue' was highlighted ten years ago so the warnings were out there.
  3. That's a good point and I have no idea what his package will be. He worked in an admin capacity but not at a high level so my guess his departure is part of a cost saving 'clear out' in preparation for when this downturn really bites.
  4. I wish you were wrong but that is my experience. On an early retirement/redundancy note, I have just heard that a friend who has worked for Costain for over 30 years has been made redundant and has taken early retirement. I am sure his package will be good but its indicative that the building industry is cutting back and that older employees are expensive so lets jettison them.
  5. dougless

    Countrywide share price

    Absolutely agree but I have already had the 'I am not giving it away' conversation and they are adamant that they will not drop the price! Makes you wonder how many other people are in this position; its a position which will not alter until circumstances force change.
  6. dougless

    Countrywide share price

    Good point about affection for past data with respect to Easter. Off topic but not unrelated; a friend whose house has been on the market since mid December (close to Reading) has had no viewings and the only viewing on the horizon has just been cancelled. They are under pressure from the EA to lower the price but they are not prepared to. The desperation is already well entrenched in the mind of EA's.
  7. dougless

    Countrywide share price

    I like your optimism.....you think it will last that long.
  8. dougless


    The Japanese deal went pear shaped if I remember correctly. Many of the University students are Chinese now and things are not looking so good in China at the moment. Back to the general fragility of Reading, and the South East in general, is the growing number of Private Schools that are having to advertise. I am expecting stories about issues developing in the Private Education sector in the near future.
  9. dougless

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    Can you imagine what Reading University would be worth if it went under. Their main site is around 300 acres so might be worth a few bob.
  10. dougless


    Good points spyguy. I have know quite a few people whose kids went North for just those reasons. Reading University does have a large number of overseas students which is another strength or weakness depending on global economic conditions and how the UK is perceived as a University destination. The staffing issue is a big problem for all Public Sector organisations in the South East, Universities are no exception.
  11. dougless

    I think the wait is over

    I am glad you mentioned that. Many people at that time didn't seem to appreciate that although house prices were rising, as were wages, they were rising slower than inflation. I think that some people were caught out in the 80's when prices tanked because they were unaware of that fairly sizable fall in the 70's and assumed that prices only ever go up. That lack of understanding about the quite serious fall in the 70's helped to fuel the hubris of the 80's- I had a few friends and colleagues with serious negative equity at the time.
  12. You try telling people that and their eyes glaze over. The myth that the UK is running out of space is a popular one that helps people with a vested interest in keeping land scarce.
  13. dougless

    I think the wait is over

    In your bubble maybe.
  14. dougless

    I think the wait is over

    They are having a Giraffe....

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