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  1. Always a sales pitch there for commission. Mind you it's a boom market if they can make a few £k by talking a bank into letting a loan disappear without the equity in the BTLers house going as well....
  2. 1.3% interest to lock my money away for a year - no thanks. Zopa (even though I have long term doubts about them) give me 4% and it will only cost 1% when I time my escape...
  3. Are you sure that's not HMRC's reaction to the tax cut ideas which appear to be coming not from within HMRC but from halfbaked policy advisory companies.
  4. Don't worry they also offer..
  5. The licence fee and quality controls (i.e. they may want an electricity wiring certificate or other items) are costs that the landlord has to pay. And a landlord shouldn't have to pay anything himself the fee has to be passed to the tenant - hence licensed property -> higher rent...
  6. Banks only have 2 modes - foot on the pedal (lend, lend, lend) and hit the wall.... I suspect BTL (and low interest rates) are the real reason why this bubble has continued onward. The ability to use rental income as the basis of the loan means banks can lend more to your typical BTLer than to the renter who ends up paying the interest. That's not to say that immigration and demand for property doesn't play a part. But there is more than one factor in play within this market and all the factors play a part in the current mess..
  7. Houdini

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I think it's more likely that this is the information readily available while similar tax credits information may not exist. I actually don't think that's an issue if those are the figures for those without jobs, just imagine the numbers for those with part time jobs..
  8. Houdini

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I probably should have been clearer the people we had difficulty getting to tell us were British.. The EE are no different from the travellers I used to have to deal with - but at least with the travellers they used to listen to the senior members of the family so provided you knew who to speak to you could sort things out* * That's no longer the case as the 2 local families are now in open warfare.....
  9. Houdini

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    At least they actually tell the school they are claiming benefits - when I was a school governor the bane of my life was getting those that I knew claimed to actually tell the school that they did..
  10. Well on the local property I saw it’s 20% more than the market price should be in a estate I would never go near so if you are foolish enough to use it I suspect you would be burning rather a lot of money
  11. not quite - they are a bunch of lunatic, innumerate, soon to be bankrupt morons.... The interesting question is who will bankrupt them first - the bank or HMRC...
  12. Cheers for that - which confirms exactly what I thought....
  13. I'm confused - what has tax to do with worldwide accountancy standards (I don't want an answer just pointing out it doesn't)..
  14. Houdini

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Coast went bankrupt due to not receive money for sold products from their House of Fraser concessions...
  15. The only reason for using an EBT in the early days was because you felt that you were likely to be inside IR35.. Consultancies aren't much better. They will often use contract staff to make up any shortfalls in skill sets (I used to get a lot of work that way)..

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