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  1. Looking at his profile he doesn't seem to have done anything for the last 5 years that isn't a pack of lies. If he really had had 30 companies seeking help you would have thought some of them would have remained as clients.
  2. I want to employ a salesman at the moment and that is currently my biggest concern - the ones who are looking at all crap. And I know a lot will be unemployed because they are crap but I also know I don't know enough about sales to be sure I can identify the difference between a good salesman and a crap one with a good spiel .
  3. Just point out the large fine Royal Mail got for failing to hit their 1st class post minimum targets and remind them that Covid won't be an excuse next time.
  4. I currently still have a shed load of credit cards with zero balances on them which I could probably spend £80k on if I was heading towards bankruptcy.. The only reason I haven't got rid of them is that cancelling a card requires ringing someone up and spending 10 minutes on hold and it closing a card impacts my credit rating...
  5. I'm not surprised - if you wanted to take a year out the jobs and travel opportunities don't exist - the sane thing to do this year is to at least start your degree.
  6. They did https://www.euronews.com/2020/07/12/poland-votes-poles-head-to-the-ballot-box-in-knife-edge-presidential-election-runoff although I suspect there are more than 180,000 potential polish voters in the UK, the rest probably aren't that bothered about returning (the ones I know aren't planning to ever return).
  7. I don't, I got fed up seeing 15 year old quotes taken out of context to justify an attacking a poster who argued with him.
  8. Pass but I don't think they are students - not many eastern Europeans came here to study at Uni....
  9. The recession of 2007/8 never really ended - while most countries let companies go to the wall we let the dead wood survive and due to their survival killed (at birth) a lot of potential (more competitive) competitors.
  10. It seems layers have found their new source of claims https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/06/13/legal-firms-target-car-dealers-ppi-style-mis-selling-leases/
  11. Speaking to friends in Turkey I suspect if you wait a while it will be £100k unless sterling truely tanks.
  12. Having had the Guardian - have the Mail's story https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-8288951/Should-drop-offer-house-coronavirus.html
  13. That requires a level of foresight and thinking I cannot believe your average landlord has. What's more likely is that they aren't clever enough to have hit google with the correct words and discovered that the scheme exists.
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