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  1. God loves a trier and you never know someone may pay the asking price. Case in point a house in Darlo (Woodland Terrace) went for £500,000 after being beautifully refurbished but as the buyers found they paid £100,000 over the odds when they tried to sell it.
  2. Crap graph - the left hand scale represents a £250,000 or 100% difference in prices. The right hand scale shows a £80,000 difference or 9% difference in price
  3. And that would have been true while S24 was being implemented. At some point this year or next it will start to become way more interesting as you look at tax from previous years that should have been paid.
  4. That 2020 example is not quite right. If the interest paid is £200,000 there will be a tax credit of 20% on it. But that income has taken him /her into the 45% tax band. So it's £200,000 @ 45% -20% or £50,000 in tax he/she needs to find from somewhere.
  5. This if credit is the only way to get the car, take the credit, drive round the corner and pay it off
  6. The chugger who knocked on my front door this morning was a bit annoyed when I said that the Stroke Society (for this week he is being paid by them) was now on the "does not need money" charity list.
  7. I suspect courts will simply not prioritise eviction requests. Already existing eviction cases are being scheduled for 2022 - so that's another 9 months + for landlords to wait with little chance of getting any rent.
  8. Who is recording rent arrears as I don't believe it is something a credit scoring company would care about - as no credit is involved.
  9. It's hard to make money when your main selling point is being cheaper than the other options.
  10. So why are you looking at Amazon's new price when stating that. Old stock can often get seriously overpriced as stock dwindles to zero - there is absolutely nothing in your argument especially when you look at current production models like the alpha 6100 and the 6600 where prices match the more typical model as they get slightly cheaper as the model gets older.
  11. High quality - Morrison's premium brand will trump Waitrose any day. Round here if you want high quality stuff you head to Booths bypassing Waitrose.
  12. Nope, I end up buying John Lewis own brand it's the only only reasonable (less than £100) but well made clothing brand left.
  13. Department stores live on concessions who both pay (expensive) rent for the space and a percentage of profits. And without those concessions the business model immediately falls apart.
  14. It's also worth saying that the death of Arcadia is going to kill Debenhams off as well.
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