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  1. You're welcome. Many of us don't share your wonderful one-world-dictatorship vision.
  2. How are engineering challenges and laws of physics separate? The energy demands to get even close to the speed of light (which would be needed for any practical travel for time dilation to kick in) are astronomical (forgive pun). Mass can never travel at light speed because you'd need an infinite amount of energy to shift it. So imagine how massive even a small object gets at 99% the speed of light? Of course there's always the fantasy of warp drive which has the same energy problems. Bottom line is, I'm not going to rely on it to resolve population issues - there are easier ways.
  3. I hope you live long enough to enjoy the mess. The UN Migration pact will go some way to adding to your utopia.
  4. Believe what you like: its generally excepted in scientific circles even if it is under the usual Cultural Marxist Ministry of Truth attack https://qz.com/441905/men-are-both-dumber-and-smarter-than-women/ But even in these enlightened times, men still do display a wider range of intellectual ability. Using several different measures of intelligence including IQ and SAT scores, more men are found in the high and low tails, according to Josh Aronson, a professor of applied psychology at NYU. “Yes, the pattern that I see most often in the IQ literature, and the one that accords with my experience of nearly 40 years being near universities, is that you find more men at the extremes of performance, more among the mind-blowingly brilliant handful that you meet in a lifetime, and also more among the truly intellectually challenged handful. Within the extreme tails of the distribution, however, performance is generally equal between the sexes. But yes, men seem to have an edge at the extreme right end of of the bell curve.”
  5. I'm a realist. You need to do some basic research into Special Relativity to understand how far off we are from any meaningful interstellar travel. You need to lay off Star Trek.
  6. Womanpower? Are you winding me up? Intergalactic travel compared to what we can achieve at present is like crossing a river compared to getting to the moon. Besides, we're too busy paying out WTC to all those people we need.
  7. Not necessarily. We're on the cusp of a robotic revolution. The normal human ponzi scheme will be redundant soon enough. The West of course will be left with huge numbers of unproductive, debt drones. I'm assuming Japan will actually import people they actually need so they don't destroy their own culture with 'multiculturalism' (which is anything but). Of course they could actually promote policies to make families more attractive to normal working people - same could be said here and in Germany. Not that hard, even Hiltler seemed to manage it and he was a loon.
  8. Lol, you live in a dream world. We can barely get out of the Earth's gravitational pull.
  9. I clearly wrote 'not'. You will be visited by the South Yorkshire sarcasm police.
  10. hmm, hope you are right. Seems like two sides of the same coin to me, but then again, you'd think the taps have to be turned off at some point.
  11. Chinese buyers at the auction. Not known for their gambling habits.
  12. What about the Tory donors who don't care how much the middle are taxed or services cut, so long as they get their cheap labour and HMO fodder?
  13. It was actually 19,000 deaths out of the casualties </pedant>
  14. Great find - the origional price was mental but no denying that drop. Is that close to Sandbanks?
  15. Exactly, man with no scruples in how he makes his billions, uses them to arrogantly create a world of NPCs led by a veneer of elites with no scruples. Can't wait.
  16. When May announced that 'We hear you', who was she referring to exactly? Torys need to disappear of the face of the planet.
  17. Does that include those who bought in 2009 who should have taken the plunge in 2007 by your reckoning? Or maybe 1989.... utter tosh.
  18. Lol. Come back after the next net migration figures are out and tell me that. Ponzischemetastic.
  19. I'm guessing it's a lot less than the optimistic valuation given to them. They don't have a mug behind them able to use the HTB price bazooka. Unlucky. My niece is doing this in Weston-supernightmare. Warned her that HTB is a scam but her and my eldest sister just see it as welcome help form our benevolent leaders. Oh well...
  20. Over 1.5 million people in the US live in trailers. I'm surprised it's that low TBH https://www.planning.org/pas/reports/report12.htm As a percentage of population I reckon we'll overtake soon enough. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/771231/caravan-motorhome-numbers-Britains-soar-new-figures Trailer trash Britain.
  21. Like that, may have to borrow it. Except they have a tendency to last as long as Katy Price's nicker elastic.
  22. From the comments: '...I am in East London and there is definitely a dearth of Europeans looking for flat share in London. This is because the value of the £ has dropped so much and it is so expensive to live in London now even if you have good job. Their standard of living is better in their own country and most of them that were here have already paid for the their properties at home by working here for the last few years when the £ was high. The people who voted for Brexit have no understanding of how the economics of this country is going to suffer as a result combined with the landlord persecution by the government. Letting is a mugs game now so get out while you can....' You just described how the economics work mate - EU can buy a home outright, the mugs at home can't and should rent forever and be grateful - ****** right off.
  23. Moving is a hassle but you can't allow yourself to be cucked. When it happened to me I found a cheaper place in a better area. old LL just ended up with a load of voids. Had a young kid myself. At least try by refusing the rise initially.
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