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  1. Youre welcome. Periodic tenancy, so yes, you can receive notice at any time. Regarding receiving notice, it needs to line up with the dates of your rental period. So if you are lucky you could get closer to three months notice. Just bear in mind they might wait until the end of your rental month even if an offer is accepted in the middle of the period, because there is no benefit to telling you straight away. If the sale fell through early for some reason, and you are already looking for a new place, they would probably still lose you and have the house empty. Regarding the photos, you can refuse those as you have a right to quiet enjoyment. That would even involve taking photos of all your personal belongings. You can also refuse the viewings. Id think carefully about getting confrontational like that to be honest. If you refuse, you are basically preventing the LL from selling the property for as long as you remain. If the only way they can sell is by giving you notice, depending on their situation, you may well force them into doing just that right away. People are right, you are entitled to refuse, but I do not see how it can benefit you, as you are sort of bluffing them into dropping the whole thing. Which they might if you are lucky I guess. But why do they want to "see if there is a buyer out there"? They may well be VERY intent on selling. If they have a mortgage, their taxes have gone up, and they have probably just found out about it right now. Their agents fees might have gone up too, given the tenant fee ban that is coming. They might be worried about house prices going down given the recent market. You could find they are very intent on selling, but they certainly will not tell you that though. From your OP, it sounds like the agent wants to come and see you first. I would let them come round, but set the appointment for not this coming week, but middle of the week after. Just tell them you have got a very busy week this week. Gets you an extra week and a half, maybe even two weeks to be looking for a place before it even gets on the market. If your rental period lines up with calendar months, that likely gets you into March before they have any chance of accepting an offer. Which means you are guaranteed to be able to stay until end of May. Or just tell them they cant do viewings until beginning of March due to X reason. Personally I would not refuse them outright though since the writing seems to be on the wall here. Others are disagreeing, but I dont see why they think it is worth it unless you are confident the LL will just drop the whole idea. Someone earlier seemed to know your area and seems to think it would sell quickly if I read their post correctly.
  2. Asking EA to serve notice seems silly. Why start the clock on your own eviction when you havent found a place? And to agree to pepper corn rent, LL might as well give notice which puts OP on LLs time frame. As to asking for a grand, not only are they going to refuse since the whole idea for LL is to keep the money coming in during this period, they are going to take offence at these sorts of numbers and the whole thing is going to escalate into something nasty. And it is not going to change anything. Tenant has to leave, and taking this sort of attitude is just going to make it more likely that they immediately receive two months notice which loses the OP the only power they have, which is to be the one to give notice on THEIR time frame. Its all just tit for tat stuff and tinkering around the edges. Tenant is still going to have to leave. Should just get on with it.
  3. Well, OP could try I guess. I would be amazed if they get 50%. I would be surprised if they get anything significant. Tenants overestimate their power in this situation. It is not considered unreasonable to have a few viewings, especially if they are grouped to once or twice a week. At the end of the day the only real power the tenant has here is to leave on their terms rather than going through this stuff and then getting booted on the LLs terms. They should just get on with finding a new place and with a bit of luck a rent reduction will not be relevant. All the battling is just tinkering around the edges. They are going to be leaving and thats that. Personally I would be on Right Move right now arranging viewings for tomorrow rather than negotiating with the agent for the rent that will be due in, say, six weeks time.
  4. OP, Dont do as advised here. You are not going to get a rent reduction, you are just going to embarrass yourself. And if you start refusing viewings you are just going to cause needless conflict. And you will still have to leave. This is all just tinkering around the edges. Just get on with it and find a new property.
  5. I dont think this really helps much. The OP is probably outside the fixed term period. Even if they are not, how long is likely left on it? If it is a couple of months, the LL can still serve notice at any time. If it is say four months, the OP is still going to have to leave in four months. They might as well start looking for a new property on their terms.
  6. OP, There is nothing at all you can do about this. You are going to be leaving this property. In this particular situation you are somewhat fortunate though as you have been given greater than the usual two months notice, as they need to admit to you what they are doing to explain away the viewings. Please be aware though that they DO want to give you notice. They DO want you to leave, but they want you to leave when THEY want you to leave. They are telling you they dont want you to leave because they want to keep rent coming in as long as possible up to the sale date. If you leave, they will not be able to get another tenant as they are trying to sell it. So the property will be sitting there empty, not bringing in money, not covering the LLs mortgage. As soon as they get a buyer though, you will receive two months notice. They are making it sound like they are your friend, and that they are thinking of you, but they are actually thinking of themselves. They want to have their cake and eat it. They want to sell, but to keep it as smooth and risk free for themselves as possible. They want you to take on the risk. If that means lulling you into a false sense of security, they are happy to do that to benefit themselves. They dont care that you would then be on a strict two month time frame where you will have to take a property in that period whether it is right for you or not. You have the opportunity to start looking for a new property now, on your time frame rather than theirs. If I was you I would start looking right away. Even if it "doesnt sell", this is not a long term property for you. You know what the LLs desire is now. They have a particular reason for wanting to sell; it is probably financial given all the hits LLs are facing. That is not going to change, it is going to get worse. They will try again in the future. The writing is on the wall for this property so you might as well deal with it on your time frame rather than theirs.
  7. Seems like the golden era to me, in hindsight. Absolutely. But that sort of thing always hits the UK too a little further down the line. The hints are already there. Thats what Im worried about.
  8. The real danger is that government and these big multinationals are basically the same thing now. Amazon and Washington Post is in bed with intelligence services. So is Google. Governments were taking this information without even asking. And it is not even about where things are now, but where they are headed. Frog in boiling water stuff.
  9. I wonder if things would be better if people werent herded into the cities to live in shoe boxes with bits of paper that say "Degree" on them. What if people developed skills that were useful to improve and develop and raise the standard of living in their home towns and villages and countries, rather than being brain washed into going to a city to live in a shoe box to become social media marketers to get people to buy £1000 phones every year or to get people to buy the latest consumer fad. I wonder if society would be better off if resources werent wasted on people going to university to study some nonsense like gender studies. How is it the police have enough resources to send a squad to smash your door in if you say something to hurt someones feelings, and they have enough man power to accompany TV Licencing on a search warrant, but they dont have enough resources to investigate burglaries any more?
  10. https://news.sky.com/story/international-worries-as-chinas-consumption-and-economy-slows-11613323 The CCP will save the day apparently by stimulating demand and loosening monetary policy, as stated at the end of the article. Because if there are more zeros on the end of a currency, that makes people have a better standard of living. But amazing to read that some of these people that came from the country to live in slave master provided, I mean employer provided, dorms in the cities are sometimes no longer able to send money back home to their peasant families, the peasants need to send money to THEM! Then the kid with two degrees (because who wants to be just like everyone else and only have one degree) who is on an unpaid internship and cant find a job since leaving uni, I wonder how prevalent that is. Seems like he is another victim of this 90s voodoo that if we just get everyone going to university, magic will happen. Doesnt matter what they study, just get them into university, lower the standards if necessary! Oh well, maybe the kid can go into property development and sales. Oh wait, the market is falling. This century is shaping up to be a very volatile one from my view. Things seem to be heading off the rails economically and socially. I thought things were meant to be solved in the 90s or 2000s. The wars of 20th century, the upheavals of the 70s, I thought that was all mean to be a thing of the past. But it looks like we are heading towards all of that sort of thing again. Talk about going round in circles. It is not one of those darkest before the dawn situations either. We seem to be only at dusk right now. The human race seems to be so dumb in many respects. It doesnt seem to be very intelligent as one huge hive mind. Maybe I am just too cynical or pessimistic or think I know it all, but to me it looks like the way we do most things is wrong. All the supposed progress and we still cant solve basic social problems. Not a word about the Yellow Vests in the media this weekend. Biggest story in Europe, not a word about it.
  11. The media are in on it! The media are very against Brexit except perhaps the Mail, Express, Sun who have their own agenda. The rest are all establishment neo-liberal mouth pieces. See this link where I quote a Sky News article from today. I lost count of how many times Brexit was mentioned but bolded all of them. The whole page is bolded! https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/233866-rics-house-sales-outlook-weakest-on-record/&do=findComment&comment=1103444702 I have used Sky News for many many years and am finding it hard to break the habit, but I have noticed in recent years, possibly since Murdoch started having issues, that they got rid of all their centre right people and now just pushes its pet neo-liberal causes constantly. Every other story is about how terrible Trump or Brexit is, or is femanazi propaganda, or green propaganda, or softly softly on izlarm, not daring to touch Rotheram. Correspondents are ex-labour party when in uni etc. But this is the same for all MSM now except the three above who are sh!t in their own way due to being old money establishment mouth pieces. MSM is disgusting. Not a single news organisation represents the people.
  12. You are right, it is disgusting. I know an agent very well and he is shady as anything. I know a of a couple of broken laws by him during the course of his recent business. I also know some landlords and many are some of the most self-centred, money grubbing, horrible people I have met. No exaggeration. In any sort of reasonable free market these people would go out of business. I have to say though I also know some landlords who are decent people and do try to be good landlords (and manage to be so). But you are right, agents and landlords really need to look in the mirror.
  13. Yeah I dont see why they cant all go down together. After all, all those countries have basically the same policies as each other so will all have the same property inflating flaws. Regarding Germany though, isnt the market somewhat different there? Isnt it highly regulated and rent controlled and the vast majority of people rent or something? I could see that one being different.
  14. Sky News - "Brexit uncertainty causes worst outlook for 20 years due to Brexit and the uncertainty that Brexit uncertainty causes. Brexit is bad, readers. Brexit will destroy us all." https://news.sky.com/story/brexit-uncertainty-weighs-heavily-on-housing-market-11609341
  15. Not judging by the live streams ive been watching today. And reports by other French that said it was huge today.
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