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Prince Charles Catches Protesters Attention


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Camilla and Charlie's limo had paint thrown over it, and a window cracked by students as the car headed for a Variety performance at the Palladium.

The much-loved couple are, thank God, safe.

'Charlie Stoned' could be the Sun's headline tomorrow....

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Captions please.......

I'll go for Charles saying "Bloody Riff Raff!" Camilla saying "No", Charles saying "Dont they know they have it so good!" ;)

Mail headline

"Secret Santa reveals all in royal grott-OH!"

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Why would they drive round in a car like that?

Handy though, that the photos are all of this, rather than the cavalry charges or the man being dragged out of a wheelchair by coppers, or the little girls with bleeding skulls courtesy of local plod...

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I noticed that in the interest of promoting fair sport, Charles arrived with the window wound fully down.

Tell you what, that royal security that we pay millions for each year, not a lot gets past them!

Yes, wound down window - what an idiot.

Have they removed the object from Camilla's bottom yet? :unsure:

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The press have gone really overboard on this story.

So what...The heir to the throne saw his subjects up close and ugly.

For once they are not fawning or bowing. Must have been a real shock to Charlie.

Did either of them get hurt, traumatised or kidnapped...NO

Lets be honest...not for the first time the Old Bill go it very wrong.

Just like the **** ups on 7/7 they have still got a lot to learn.

As for the idiot protesters, the violent ones, give them a good slap, especially the ones

who vandalised the Cenotaph and peed on Churchill's statue.

Now that is much more of a crime than scaring Charlie and his Missus.

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