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  1. Also covered in today's Daily Mail. Great comment... "I don't know the man and try not to judge people I don't know personally but there is something about him that really disturbs me. I don't know if its superior attitude his over inflated ego or what but I find him a very obnoxious person. Any way I hope that he and his wife enjoy their money however they came by it but at 22 stone I fear he may not get to enjoy it for long" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2685314/We-selling-ll-make-250m-Buy-let-property-moguls-entire-1-000-home-portfolio-market.html
  2. I think we all know the answer to that... http://order-order.com/2013/11/20/prime-mentalist-flips-out-at-whips-for-being-made-to-work/
  3. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire... Deep joy! Huhne, a lying, smug, arrogant piece of rubbish. Thank God he has gone.
  4. Silly me. Remember this? I really thought the Government was going to stop all these disgraceful companies once and for all. Wot a plonker I am.
  5. Just to let you know....This EU Gender Directive also affects, Life Assurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection cover. Completely stupid in my mind. Women live longer than men yet their premiums will soon all be the same. The sooner we leave the madness that is the EU the better.
  6. Liz Jones...don't ya just love her! Lets be honest, would any woman be normal with a face shaped like a satellite dish?
  7. Just think...in three year's time this intellectual marvel could be running the UK's finances
  8. Keith Vaz...a cheating scumbag of the highest order... "He claimed over £75,000 for a flat in Westminster despite his £1.15m family home was just 12 miles away, a journey of 37 minutes on the Jubilee Line to Parliament. He claimed more than £69,000 in expenses for the flat including mortgage interest, leather furniture and silk cushions, service charges, council tax, maintenance and cleaning. This is after switching his designated second Westminster flat, which he then rented out, to a house in Leicester, then back again in the space of a year, claiming thousands of pounds again. That's just what we know about. Total abuse of taxpayers money." http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2211141/Keith-Vaz-Secret-police-inquiry-Labour-MP-uncovered-500-000-mystery-payments.html#ixzz285vqKYNP
  9. It seems Nu Labour, from Brown to Blair are completely raving mad... "Former PM Tony Blair Suggests Britain Could Still Join The Euro" "Mr Blair - a prominent Europhile - refused to accept that the single currency's troubles meant the UK would never join." Will someone, anyone, please tell this war criminal to fxck off. The man is a disgrace. Deluded with his own self importance, an arraogance beyond belief. How on earth does he thnk anyone in their right mind would want this compulsive liar back in responsible position of power? Nothing like a bit of humility... "He also appeared to hint that he would be interested in the role of EU president in the future."I have always said I am a public service person first. I would have been happy to carry on as prime minister, I would have been happy taking the European job as president of the EU," Mr Blair added." http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/06/24/former-pm-tony-blair-suggest-britain-joins-euro_n_1621995.html?utm_hp_ref=uk
  10. Mary Honeyball, Labour London MEP, has written an article stating that Blair was right all along and we would have been better of joining the Euro. Words fail me. I give up! http://labourlist.org/2012/06/tony-blairs-instincts-on-the-euro-were-right/
  11. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/05/22/attempts-to-cap-pay-day-loans-defeated-in-parliament_n_1537017.html?ref=uk "An attempt to clamp down on the cost of borrowing from pay day lenders has been defeated in the Commons. MPs voted by 266 to 225, majority 41, to reject Labour MP Stella Creasy's attempt to allow the authorities to cap the total cost of credit. Walthamstow MP Ms Creasy had previously warned the UK was becoming a nation of "zombie debtors", only paying interest on loans and never reducing their debts" I really do not get this. This Govt. has banged on quite correctly over the way Labour and the Banks have got us into our present economic mess. Yet this very same Govt. is quite happy to see these Pay Day loan companies offering easy money but then charging their eye watering rates of interest. Am I missing something?
  12. Eddie, the programme you are thinking of was called "The Rock and Roll Years". It was shown on BBC 2 in the late 80's and has been repeated a few times since. Each week another year was featured starting from the early 60's. The great thing about this programme was that there was no commentary, just music and news reels. Quite often the music matched the picture. Over the last few years BBC2 has shown repeats of "top of the pops" but it's not quite the same.
  13. The best restaurant I used to eat in was called "Just around the Corner". It was on the Finchley Road near the A41 junction. Great food, good choice on the menu and the best bit...you paid what you thought the meal was worth, including drinks. There were NO prices. The bill was presented at the end of the meal showing what you had eaten and drunk, you then filled in the amount you wanted to pay. It may sound a very strange concept yet the place was busy all the time and very profitable. I asked the owner if anyone had ticken the proverbial. He said one or two but he never let them back in. Unfortunately, the lease ran out. It is now a Hairdressers...
  14. Only seven billion pounds... Who remembers seeing this fraudster at Lords proudly showing off his million pounds in cash for the winning team of his ridiculous tournament? Then this arrogant piece of shxt with the cricketer wives sitting on his knee. I remarked to my wife at the time this bloke looks like a con man. Pity all the idiot cricketers could not see it... Disgraced financier Allen Stanford faces life behind bars after he is found guilty of $7billion Ponzi scheme http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2111221/Allen-Stanford-faces-life-bars-hes-guilty-7bn-Ponzi-scheme.html
  15. Yes, I know, it's the Daily Mail but it's still amusing... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2111018/How-sell-The-terrible-real-estate-advertising-photos-ALL-location.html
  16. Chris Huhne pockets £17,000 payoff: Millionaire minister facing trial for 'swapping' speeding points demands severance pay. Chris Huhne accused of hypocrisy as senior Lib Dems condemned severance pay Ex-minister facing criminal charges recently owns EIGHT homes If found guilty of trying to dodge speeding penalty points he could be jailed Westminster seems to be on another planet. What other occupation would reward an employee with a huge amount of money for resigning their job to face public prosecution? I am pleased Huhne will be up before the beak. He always came across as an arrogant piece of shxt. One of these...I have been successful in the city, made loads of money, and now I am going to lecture the common people on how to live their lives. Not only lecture but become an expert on Green energy and impose further ridiculous taxes to build crap wind farms that are proving useless. Do you remember how loud, proud and arrogant Archer and Aitken were before being banged up? Hardly hear a squeak from them now. Deep Joy! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107901/Chris-Huhne-Minister-facing-trial-swapping-speeding-points-demands-17k-severance-pay.html
  17. Freeholder excelent! What year,what model?
  18. Beautifully summed up in The Telegraph Huhne: you'd need a heart of stone not to laugh So there we go. Among the people who will not, I suspect, be shedding any tears at Mr Toad's long-awaited departure from the Cabinet are: David Cameron Everyone in the Cabinet, even including Michael Gove who likes – and is liked by – almost everybody in Parliament. Everyone in the Conservative party Everyone in the Labour party Everyone in UKIP Pretty much everyone in the Lib Dems. His ex-wife. Every newspaper including the Daily Mirror – which really ought to like him given how pathologically left-wing he is but has happily made an exception owing to the man's unremitting, weapons-grade vileness. Everyone who was at Westminster with him. (In his Chris Paul-Huhne days.) Everyone who ever worked with him at the Guardian, the Independent, the Economist and the Liverpool Echo. Everyone who lives anywhere near one of his wretched ruddy wind farms (with the possible exception of rent-seeking beneficiaries thereof, such as Sir Reginald Sheffield Bt). Everyone whose electricity bills – ie all of us – have been artificially inflated by his pointless green tariffs Everyone who worked with him when he was an MEP Everyone who worked with him at Fitch Everyone who knew him at Oxford or the Sorbonne. Pretty much everyone else we haven't mentioned already. It is indeed a singular achievement for one man to rise so high in the reasonably clubbable, popularity-dependent world of politics while yet remaining so heroically charmless in almost every possible way. But Huhne has managed it. That is why today on this happiest of days, let us all raise our glasses and let joy be unconfined. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100134689/huhne-youd-need-a-heart-of-stone-not-to-laugh/
  19. It's good news week... Fred the Shred loses his Knighthood, John Terry loses the England capataincy and now Huhne faces a criminal trial. It seems vast wealth does not buy common sense. If Huhne had taken the speeding points and got banned how long would he have been off the road? 3 to 6 months at most. It would not have impacted his "career" and would now be completely forgotten. With his millions he could easily have afforded to hire a chauffeur full time and would not be facing the beak...what a dickhead! Wouldn't it be nice if they now finally went after those disgraceful fraudulent Lords who STOLE money from the taxpayer with their false housing expenses claims. Why these disgusting scumbags have been allowed to get away with it scot free is totally beyond me. Yes, this is the United Kingdom in 2012, absolutely corrupt.
  20. It's like waiting for the next draw for the FA Cup Full of anticipation and hope...that this smug bxstard of a lying politician finally gets to eat porridge. Nearly as much fun as watching Archer getting nicked...Deep Joy!
  21. 24gray24...I award you the Knob of the Year for the most absurd and ridiculous comment so far "The joke is, they were all doing it. That's what you went to a mortgage advisor for"...Absolute Bxllocks! Do you know me? Do you know personally every other mortgage adviser in the country? Of course you don't! How dare you label me and thousands of other advisers as fraudsters. I have been in the mortgage business for over 20 years and have NEVER inflated a client's income or lied on a mortgage form. Never dealt with Northern Rock either. I did arrange a few Self Cert mortgages but only where there was a genuine reason for this and background checks could confirm the income. I went to meetings where Northern Rock's products were explained in detail. I clearly remember comments to the effect "Why on earth are they prepared to lend up to 125% loan to value"? We all knew what was coming and any adviser with an ounce of sense avoided this type of lending. Yes there were mortgage advisers who lied and lied again. To deny that would be absurd. However, to suggest that every single mortgage adviser worked this system is ridiculous. As for "They told you how much income to claim in order to get the mortgage, and the punter claimed he had the income" words fail me. I turned away lots of customers who could not prove their income. Have you any idea of the compliance system under which mortgage advisers work? Of course you don't because you are a class one idiot to make such a comment. There were ongoing checks all the time. Looking back they were not stringent enough. The threat of committing fraud and going to prison however, was a very strong deterrent. Yes, there were lots of fraudulent mortgage applications with false income and employment details. I am not defending the advisers who carried out these practices. Thankfully, these "advisers" have almost certainly now left the business. By the way, I applaud Eric for his excellent posts. His comments have always been precise and factual. You should take a lesson from him.
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