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  1. Major witchcraft and satanist feast days Beltane or Roodmas - May 1 (founding day for the Illuminati in 1776) No wunder my Masonic-zionista agency owner was trying to organise a visit to my place today Told him to piss-orf
  2. "MAY (1st) your GOD go with you" Sums all you multiple-god Masons up -
  3. Your leaders do not work for you They are manipulating the Nation for their own evil purposes Privatising = Privateering (zionist multi-billion oligarch gangsta-style whilst the rest of Russia freezes & starves!) Noticed a few BILLS going up recently - slowly boil the thick, dumb UK froggies David Cameron's Behavioural Insight Team - Dangerous Mind Manipulation - a la Common Purpose http://www.cpexposed.com/latest-news/david-camerons-behavioural-insight-team-dangerous-mind-manipulation-la-common-purpose
  4. Its the Rothschild Tax (veiled owners of Private Bank B.O.E.) Like credit card surcharges in shops etc on every purchase you make - are the hidden Bank Tax
  5. Splitting people's personalities by traumatising plus word 'robots' - are key factors in MK ULTRA > Monarch 'programming' - Lone Twin
  6. They cornered the market in meat/chicken etc too. Under various excuses and bent DEFRA most local abatoires were shut down(so small farmers couldn't have the odd pig or sheep killed for local selling) and only a few regional, massive, big business places left open to operate and rip-off the customer with pumped up meat with water various 'fluids' Meat not left for a few weeks to develop flavour - served up in blood cos they dont even bleed them properly anymore etc etc. Thats why you get horse served up as beef - uber corrupt, multi-million big business
  7. Even more fun - Blair and Brown were called "Sons of Thatcher" Blair used to secretly invite her around to No 10 to take her latest orders advice
  8. Like boiling a frog - they slowly warm them up into a stupor (so they dont jump out) I have been posting ''troofs' for years - all hidden down in off topic. The country is being overtaken bouncing between EU laws and Westminster degredation (private police forces. Private armed forces are meant to be forbidden in UK law - these BREAK THE LAW and are unaccountable to the people of the UK etc to only protect interests of the usurpers, Big Business + Banking Classes (the enablers of the Sting) + NWO heathens) ALL MARCHING to protest against GOVT CRIMES - "VERBOTEN" - who spread mayhem and constant agitating UK dis-order distractions whilst they implement their veiled stratagies in the UK. You just 'pretend' not to notice (note the rise of shit stirring far right provocateurs the elites are 'enabling' - always ends in major wars or civil wars)
  9. All it takes is a few bribes for a few gigabytes of data and the Names to poorly paid banker staff on their precious stash offshore island hideaways! Havent seen anything for a few weeks since the last whistleblow data release - they are probably using it to corrupt certain people in high up places for their own deceptions and manipulation
  10. Its only richer cos it is an illusion. The zionists have sucked in greater amounts of the World's wealth into The BIG APPLE to skim off (hidden offshore) and their bent treasury print Trillions in cash they dont have in fort Knox (which is why no one is allowed to do any inventory) The yanks get more wages because taxes are less but they get whacked by various sales taxes on purchases. They also have to cover and pay huge sums out of their salary for medical insurance and unemployment insurance etc etc. The other advantage is cheaper energy cos they stuck two fingers up at most of the climate change carbon crapology
  11. Another '44' Isaiah 44:18 They have not known nor understood: for he hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand.
  12. Tesco rant on and on about how brilliant they are with food banks and distribution. On the other hand they are supposedly in receipt of millions of hrs of shelf stacking reckoned to be worth over £2,000,000 so far! So "work houses" are already here - in a veiled format. Just one major 'CHAIN' out of over 150 on the taxpayer paid work scheme teat - boosting directors profits and bonuses! Let's knight them all like Leahy as they all have a majick wand. Tesco's US venture Fresh & Easy - started by Sir Terry Leahy? - hasn't turned out well. They're exiting that business and writing off £1.2bn When Tesco management have to play on a level playing field without Govt-taxpayer subsidised trickery - they FAIL BIGTIME!
  13. You should follow that up with ensuring the seller immediately takes the house off the market before proceeding with any surveys etc. What these b'stard EA's are against is any proles setting the price which reduces their cut. It also sets the new 'going rate' for the whole town, miles around..
  14. The whole renting and mortgage schemes are being underwritten by Govt extracting the piss out of taxpayer cash. That is what the subsidies of tax credits and rent rebates towards rent are. That is what the thinly veiled 130 Billion £ taxpayer funded/laided Tory Budget giveaway was too A massive rip-off of the Uk public by the zionists who have taken control of our country, whilst they destroy it and our manufacturing - then diss the whites playing the racism card at every opportunity whilst bigging up every minority culture to overwhelm/destroy the indigenous UK population and its cultural christian based morality & roots
  15. Bet all the recent BUYERS in Northern Ireland (which appears to be in freefall at more than 60% house price losses are suicidal by now.. Down with troughing, BTL empire Govt leaders/politicians using taxpayer cash to manipulate the rest of UK house prices. 100% corrupt swine at Westminster So true - the server put it on twice!
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