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  1. Excellent post. I've never heard an informed discussion on slavery in the media, let alone of the millions enslaved and tranported before Europeans arrived. The sale of African slaves can be traced back to antiquity. It became popular in the seventh century when Islam was gaining strength in North Africa. This was seven centuries before Europeans explored the continent and ten centuries before West Africans were sold across the Atlantic to America. Wiki
  2. This would have got more response on the main board. It's topical, but very depressing.
  3. Living in the storage unit, and subletting the far end with the oil patch?
  4. Any new car advert which shows the vehicle on totally deserted Highland roads, and talks about 'freedom'. The reality being the exact opposite...
  5. https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/lifestyle/property/a33119171/sarah-beeny-new-life-in-the-country-channel-4/ New series. Renovating old houses again. Remember Kirsty's Homemade Home? But with a strong dose added of fashionable cider-making; beekeeping; veg growing; organic back-to-nature family values etc.
  6. Brother 30 years in music events business lost all his work months ago. One son has taken 10% pay cut in London job.
  7. And don't forget the woman who lost eight stone in weight in two weeks; the two-headed calf born in Somerset, and a Z lister 'showcasing' their lithe post-baby body...
  8. 50% off? We may well look back on this as the golden age...
  9. I've always felt vaguely uneasy about the naming of Bond girl Plenty O'Toole
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8488879/Estate-agents-banned-saying-master-bedroom-allusions-sexism-slavery.html What about 'in a chain'? Let alone 'slave box'... 'His 'n hers' are no-go as well.
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