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  1. Because there so many Germans, Austrians and Dutch moving to the UK.......oh hang on
  2. Yes particularly because the success of that project is just over a third of the total savings sought (£7.8m/£22m). If it goes wrong it might not save much or could even cost them money. I've heard that public sector IT can be so outdated it needs lots of investment to make it acceptable and lower risk for outsourcers.
  3. Not sure what you mean, because someone calling themselves a chartered accountant (meaning they have the letters ACA, ACCA etc) should have the qualification! Perhaps they're a student (passed the exams but lacking the necessary work experience) or unqualified. What type of jobs are they looking at? Don't see why the surplus can't be redirected into business management as it's a useful degree there (i.e. contract law, employment law, company law).
  4. Interesting. What precisely is the company doing to search for the UK graduates? Perhaps HR is not putting the money or effort into its resourcing strategy. Surprised it's that difficult because companies touring the universities get tens of thousands of applications.
  5. That's an alarm bell ringing about your job security. Are you working on your CV and updating your skills?
  6. I don't see how he could ever stand for election given he's stated a position against participation in democracy i.e. he's telling people not to vote. I can understand why he feels such disengagement but broadcasting this message to the younger voters just adds to the existing problem. They are already not voting which is giving older voters more political influence and enabling the implementation of policies which do not benefit them (as we've all documented at great length).
  7. I completely disagree. It's not a creative insight, it's historical fact. His feelings may be valid but the commonality of the architectural style is simply a product of Britain's historical development i.e. Eton, Oxbridge and Parliament all date from the middle ages and have buildings from a variety of periods, the Palace of Westminster being from the 1800s If people think of Parliament as an institution of democracy that should be working for them, then the style of the building should be completely irrelevant and not intimidating. The creative insight would be the implication of his comment i.e. if people are unable to separate the purpose of Parliament from its architecture, would political participation and engagement increase if Parliament was relocated to a new building?
  8. Yes, that seemed to be her strategy. She spoke with visible emotion on these topics and about it all being the fault of the banks (bad people for ceasing to play the game). Surprised though that the audience greeted some of her responses with silence. Perhaps the worsening economic situation has dented her popularity.
  9. Is she going to follow her own advice about apologising? As just shared for Mr Mitchell's benefit, it included: - inviting everyone round to dinner - being deeply ashamed - doing community service I'm still waiting for her to eat her hat
  10. Kirstie says she doesn't believe in 100% mortgages. Phrased as if there's doubt they existed. Added she doesn't have people with 100% mortgages on LLL. Would be interesting to check that.
  11. Another interpretation: you married an emotionally deprived woman, forced her into a situation she would find difficult (working in a team rather than on her own), she needed emotional support to cope but your priority was that she be your personal caterer. Love is not just sex. Love is when we want the best for people, like reaching their potential and being happy.
  12. Painful. For me to read that. Wonder how bad it is for him. Perhaps the rest went to an offshore bank account or a wine cellar.
  13. Thanks for the tip off interestrateripoff Keynes would be "very worried indeed" about the mess we're in because it's worse than his era (two world wars and a depression). I agree even though it was Will Hutton (yawn) who said that. Why is there no one else BBC approved to interview for an economics programme? Also, it's like the 2010 election never happened. Did she speak to someone from the current administration? Of more interest to anyone with above AS level economics is what Keynes would have thought are the likely scenarios and options now for the western economies.
  14. Email is not free. There are fixed costs i.e. your broadband and electricity bills.
  15. Actually, Mr Young's second appearance on QT. I remember when he was on Five Live and mentioned he'd like to be on the show and the producer phoned up and invited him on. Agree he's not knowledgeable. Just different to the usual short list of dinosaurs they keep rolling out.
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