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  1. :-) Poland stays in. Too much free money is being thrown at Poland at the moment to leave. When the money's gone, Poland - alongside other EE countries - will be out. Especially given the crazy demands re accepting illegal immigrants from Germany, or the idea of inviting Turkey to join in...
  2. If Scotland remains in the EU, its masters will be in Berlin, not Edinburgh.
  3. You're right. It's not fair on the thinking Scots. Sadly, national socialists always push for a one-party state. In her own rhetoric Nicola never seeks the best for the SNP, she always seeks the best for Scotland and the Scottish people.
  4. My thoughts precisely. However, at the moment, Scotland keeps blaming England for its problems. Once in the EU, Scotland will have another 24 countries to blame for its problems. I also can't wait to see the Scottish love of the diktat from Berlin&Paris unfolding in years to come. The "real" EU met yesterday (six countries only - the rest were uninvited) to decide what next. How's that for democracy?
  5. Assuming that the indyref2 will also be 'once in a generation', I wonder how many 'once in a generation' Scottish referendums will I witness this decade alone?
  6. I can understand Scotland's desire to be truly independent. But this whole EU obsession...? What's that all about? Why would any self-respecting nationalist want to throw their country into the EUSSR mess? A little reminder to all Scots: if you're after fair representation, here's the newsflash - the EU doesn't do democracy. Look at Greece. If there's a problem, the EU will eat Scotland for breakfast. OK, the UK has just made a decision against the will of most Scots. But what if the EU decides on something that's against the Scottish people's will? Will Scotland then demand indyref3?
  7. +1 I can understand a true desire to be independent. But the whole Scottish people's worshipping of the EU is beyond logic.
  8. Thanks for addressing my argument. It was nice talking to you. ta-ta!
  9. Scotland doesn't have its own currency. And the Euro is dead in the water long term. End of story.
  10. Correct. the vast majority are self-builds. There are tons of Polish websites for people looking for ready-made customisable house designs, e.g.: LINK (via googletranslate)
  11. Just to give you some context, here are examples of some fresh family dwellings in Poland:
  12. Don't have the time to translate it right now, but thought you might find it interesting anyway. Here's thegoogletranslate link to an article from one of the most popular Polish news sites.
  13. As much as I like the HPC site, its main promise is yet to materialise (it's now been 8 years guys!). The crash is yet to happen (if ever). Whatever falls we're seeing now they don't deserve to be called a proper crash. They are too slow, too small and take too long (and don't tend to happen in many good areas anyway!). Looking objectively at some of the posts now (I joined this site in 2005), there's been a lot of denial and wishful thinking over those years. However, was well-informed fact-based wishful thinking, and well-informed fact-based denial, I hasten to add... (which makes it even more frustrating!).
  14. So it looks like they know how to 'cope' in life...
  15. One can only hope that the fear of becoming poor and hungry will force the incompetent ones to do something about it. How else will they survive?
  16. So glad that I was born in Poland. I guess it taught me how to cope in life. Even when things go wrong I only blame myself. A man can't afford to sit down and feel sorry for himself like a little girl. Anyway, is it really that difficult? My advice to all young people. Find one thing (a profession or a skill) and become positively obsessed with it. Live it, breathe it, keep thinking about it all the time. It could be anything: from gardening to accounting, etc. There's plenty of knowledge to be picked up for free: countless internet videos, articles, etc. If you don't have internet, go to your local library - they should allow you to use their computers. The biggest problem is the fact that becoming good at something means you have to give up your xbox and spend lots of your 'free' time on perfecting your skills. Giving up booze and junk food also helps a lot (mind becomes sharper and more focused). There's plenty of jobs for passionate workers willing to progress. There's very few jobs for passionless sugar-driven zombies. Here's an interesting article about those 'poor' boys and girls: Arnold Clark: More than 80 per cent of apprentice applicants 'unemployable'
  17. Not really covered by the main-stream media, but I think the problem deserves wider attention. Link to the article by Gerard Wynn from Power Engineering Magazine: http://www.power-eng.com/news/2012/12/23/german-wind-power-irks-neighboring-grids.html
  18. I can't stand any other bulbs - they give me headaches, the traditional ones will always be the best. Nice and warm light, no headaches and if the glass breaks there's no mercury to worry about. And if made well they can last for decades: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centennial_Light However these guys will do everything to prevent that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoebus_cartel
  19. Why would you be exiting sterling if you expected a massive nominal house price crash? And that's why I think we have collectively failed at making our house price predictions. We were laughing at people who were saying 'it's different this time - the government won't let it happen'. So far, the government hasn't let it happen, and that's a fact which we didn't predict correctly. What comes next is another story.
  20. I don't have time to dig out old posts from 2005 now, but trust me - the spirit back then was that the massive giagantic crash is just around the corner (and that was my feeling, too). The NR thing arrived 'years' after hpc predticions. And still, it never did much to nominal house prices in the UK short term (remember 2009/10?). That's not the definition of a nominal crash. Even when disregarding the fact that many places in desirable locations would still sell for more now than in 2007.
  21. That's my point more or less. The original 'promise' of this site wasn't 'some falls over the next few years'. The site would never have taken off if people back in 2005 had seen how high the prices are in 2012. And I can see why most of us failed to predict the lack of the spectacular nominal hpc between 2005-2012. However, let's face it. We did fail in our hpc predictions. And we failed big time. But nonetheless it's been (and it is) a lot of fun.
  22. Well, earlier you said: "Eight or nine years, I thought, since the site started." And I can't remember anyone making such predictions on HPC back in 2005. Everyone (including me) thought that the crash was just around the corner. Again, don't get me wrong, I learnt a lot of ultra-useful stuff on HPC. But ironically, predicitng nominal house prices has never been this site's strongest point.
  23. Could you please quote yourself or anyone from this forum saying the above back in 2004/05?
  24. We were correct in predicting imminent rain every day for the last seven days, but the clouds played their dirty tricks and kept dispersing. But our original prediction was correct - it will rain (most likely tomorrow).
  25. As much as I like the HPC website - I'm glad that the weather forecast websites are not this accurate. The main prediction was that house prices would crash in nominal terms (therefore it's better to save cash and wait for the crash). Again, I believe that lower house prices would do an awful lot of good to the UK (long term). However, I've seen this 'our time will come' stuff on the HPC forums: in 2005, in 2006, in 2007, in 2008, in 2009, in 2010, in 2011 and now 2012. But still, one thing's for sure - our time will come. (however, it might sound a little silly on the 10th anniversary of the HPC website).
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