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  1. The council in question seems to be in the hands of councillors not aligned to any of the main parties but under a lose coalition under one bloke called Sandy Park. The second biggest group are the lib-dums.. Ain't democracy odd....
  2. I find the whole concept of the BBC creating a show called Rip Off Britain deeply ironic and amusing...
  3. Again - no help - those are proposed changes for 2010 onwards... No similar helpful statement on WMD's, illegal wars and pointless MOD spending on useless weapons..?
  4. You've not read that report properly have you? You do know that 24.1bln in the expenditure is actually a UK cost generated in Westminster right? Including a percentage of the fecking Olympics because two fecking footy matches will be up here so we get lumped with 9% of the total cost of the fecking event despite any person seeing that 100% of the benefit is for London... Then there's WMD's.... Illegal wars to pay for.... Carriers with no planes and Type 45's with defunct French missles to pay for... All adds up eh? On the plus side - with luck we won't be paying for that type o' shite muc
  5. You didn't help at all - GERS does not include all the tax income included in these numbers. Try better.
  6. Ooooh look - Scotland is neutral - quelle surprise - another Brit Nat lie bites the dust. So much for subsidised by England eh? Now then - is all the oil tax counted in Londons numbers or Scotlands??
  7. I can't be arsed reading throught his thread but I take it the higher level of tax income in London is down to all UK corporation tax being paid there?
  8. Came across this wee article on Newsnetscotland and though some might enjoy... Linky "The paradigm is not making sense even, I think, to some of the faithful. The essence of the paradigm was that debt was not a problem because growth would take care of it. All that was required was to stimulate growth and pressing on the ‘Bail out the banks’ bar would take care of that. They have pressed and pressed and it has not delivered. In fact debt has got worse. In ’09 banks would not lend to each other. We were told it was a liquidity problem. Our leaders refused point blank to even listen to
  9. I've been waiting for this to start for nearly four years now - still very little sign. Houses are still selling at 2007 prices
  10. Wonder how many of those half million new jobs went to Germans or to non-Germans? Would be good to know how close they are to the UK model of hiring anyone but natives.
  11. [ 10,324 . . . Northern Ireland(1) 7,220 . . . Wales 7,189 . . . Scotland 6,687 . . . North East 6,624 . . . North West 6,377 . . . London 6,273 . . . UK 6,132 . . . West Midlands 6,074 . . . Yorkshire and the Humber 5,987 . . . Total England 5,799 . . . East Midlands 5,795 . . . South West 5,495 . . . East 5,306 . . . South East http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/d/pesa_october_nsa_2011_cra_chapter_a_tables.xls Funny - I clicked on the link and got these figures below!... Now that London spend - thats for an area of 1,572 km2 - Scotland however is 78,772 km2. Now do you think the c
  12. +1 - in the 70's we were a nation - the UK. Then Thatcher proved the truth, that all that matters to the polical elite is the south east of England, everyone else was treated as a second class citizen. Voter loyality switched to the remaining British national party who mattered - Labour. Then came Bliar and Brown, the McCrone report, illegal wars, WMD's, MP expenses corruption, the bail out of the square mile at the expense of the public and lastly the total and complete sell out of the Lib-Dums.. Who would vote for a Brit Nat party now? And sure as hell only a complete idiot in Scotland w
  13. Do you actually read what you post? You really should you know cause you're really making yourself look like a little racist idiot...
  14. Wow - look at that level of leeching from England - 35 billion ALONE in 1984!! At the same time Thatcher was destroying every Scottish industry and creating a lost generation whilst lying to us and burying the McCrone report, Westminster was bleeding us at a horrific level. ****** this "union"....
  15. Pfffft - that "for the benefit of Scotland" could be anything from the Olympics to paying for illegal wars and WMD's - and as for the interest payments on UK debt - LOL. Break it down it ain't worth nothing other than English debt dragging us down... Ahh yeah here we go ... Olympics classed as of benefit to Scotland so get included in Scottish public spending but shock horror the Commonwealth games are classed as of benefit to Scotland only so all the cost is listed as a public spend in Scotland... See how the lies are spun? In PESA 2011, HM Treasury classified expenditure on the London Olym
  16. Yeah - it's the same up here with the SNP - they're being called everything from childkillers to nazis and all in between. Problem is that after a while if the target keeps being sensible, speaking plainly and keeping their word the slurs and lies are simply tuned out. I suspect it's the same in the US with Ron.
  17. Given that they are printing money to feed the banks who then use that to buy the nations treasury bonds I'd suspect nope.
  18. Indeed - sold out by "quislings" - and thier ilk still about - strutting around Westminster. Bang on about the USA - seriously doubt it would have won independence but for the hordes of red-coat hating Scots and Irish filling Washingtons ranks. Talk about blow back effect eh? LOL
  19. ****** me - you are soooooo wrong on nearly every point.
  20. Lets ask an expert.... Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett is a world class economist who divides his time between George Mason University in Virginia and St Andrews. From 2001 to 2006, he was Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University (Nashville) and before then at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. He has been Visiting Professor in Economics at Princeton University, Bundesbank Professor at the Free University of Berlin, and has held visiting positions at the Universities of Warwick, Frankfurt, Rome, Paris X, Cardiff and at the Copenhagen Business School. PROFESSOR HUGHES HALLET,
  21. You've not even looked at the facts in this have you? Just read the mail and responded as programmed.
  22. Yer - Salmond should watch out for men with umbrellas...
  23. Lots of reasons - oil, renewables, cheap cannon fodder, dumping ground for nuclear waste and WMD's... But lets not forget the unmentioned reasons - it's strategic location controlling huge areas of the North Atlantic and North sea and on top of that - well - will England ever allow another nation on the UK mainland thats not under it's direct control? For hundreds of years Scotland threatened England's ambitions by being able to create it's own alliances with Englands rivals - France for example and raise the prospect of war on two fronts.. England can never be secure if Scotland is free and
  24. Sure - and when the UK gets a referendum on leaving the EU then all the rest of the EU should be part of the same vote right? That IS the logic you are proposing ain't it? See the problem?
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