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  1. Contractors are being targeted for extra taxation. At the same time another group of individuals...feckless profligate non-tax payers... are being targeted to throw money at. Result - the country gets degraded. Contractors are being 'deemed employed' yet having to pay Employers NI and Employees NI. How that that work then? I'm getting out this year. I'm not going to live out of a suitcase and watch my money be given to single ,mothers.....or some other cancerous group.
  2. The population only exploded due to the discovery of oil which enabled the production of chemical fertilisers and mass production of food. When oil runs out the population will crash and the planet survive....but with far less variety of animals and plants because at the moment we're shitting in our nest.
  3. Is this part of the Digital Economy Bill or something else? There's clearly a lack of clarity about where this data will end up....obviously by design. Time to be ultra careful what one posts perhaps and look for ways to protect yourself online.
  4. Scotland...very clam and chilled. Good roads. Beautiful landscape....go for a sea loch (Ullapool is amazing). No prescription charges. No hospital parking fees, No tuition fees. free dental care. All very civilized. Weathers crap though
  5. I work in the NHS as a locum. I've seen it all from a Nigerian Support worker wh,o from day one wound up the women, and and an inexperienced manager walked him off the premises. He claimed racism and the rumor was a 25K payout. He has a history of the same in other trusts, but that cannot be mentioned at tribunals...easy money. And I've seen fat chavs demanding care when there is nothing wrong with them. I've seen gentle sick old folk being ignored and dying. I've seen it all. But the NHS is still amazing. I've been working on Scottish islands and my partner became ill. She didn't respond to treatment and I thought she was going to die. She was flown to a large city on the Scottish mainland and Consultants took us into a room and told us the bad news.Another air-ambulance then flew her down to the West Country where we live.I followed in the car. I cannot fault the care and compassion. I cannot fault the effort. It's been an amazing experience. We need to decide what we want as a Nation. We need to consider a taxation system that meets the needs of the service. It's our NHS and we need to fight to keep it.
  6. Just goes to show that all these experts haven't a clue. If you applied the same 'economic' logic to missile technology, they'd be flying off in all directions. Economic forecasting is little more than voodoo.
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/07/21/former-hsbc-trader-denies-fraud-claims/ Obviously the usual references to the size of his property Doesn't look good. Careful what you post folks, for obvious legal implications.
  8. They just don't get it. Making all kinds of stupid threats about it's existence. They're a bunch of retards squabbling over a lack of control. Bye bye banks.
  9. I reckon he'll hold as there's insufficient economic data yet to make a decision. Expect FTSE to drop if no announcement today. Otherwise a bull run.
  10. 1000 Barristers.....! Does it take so many legal brains to come up with this tosh? http://news.sky.com/story/brexit-vote-not-legally-binding-say-lawyers-10498256
  11. Basically we are looking at the correction that should have been allowed to happen in 2008. We would be in a good position now, if the system had been allowed to reset then. The sticking plasters have come off and the blood is flowing.
  12. So just how low is this going to go? Parity with the dollar or below? I see Lloyds shares are getting trashed today. 7% and falling.
  13. HMRC have implemented a new system called CONNECT which trawls through an individuals life-style. It looks at social media, purchases, spending etc etc. It looks at your life-style in greater detail every day. It will throw up a miss-match for investigation. Basically if you get a letter, you will be guilty. So 10K today, 5K tomorrow, 1K next month. If you're self employed, probably best to get insurance against investigation.
  14. And how's this for a complete 'non' answer from the editor: What a complete **** of ***** that paper has become.
  15. They're expecting currency to be volatile. QE ? Drop interest rates? Increase interest rates? Euro gets trashed? Who knows?
  16. +1 (And started it...!) Every country has put others into slavery at some time. I'm not apologising for my ancestors behavior.
  17. We hold trump card until A50 evoked....then power transfers to them. Best to decide an exit plan and negotiate before it's signed. It's not gonna happen anyway...!
  18. Watched first 40 minutes....really interesting. Thanks for link. In summary....looks like article 50 delayed until at least May next year....possibly longer due to elections in Germany and France. Also, expectation of full market access with free movement of labour. Banks also well capitalised to cope. Can someone explain the advantages of coming out....looks much the same to me.
  19. War in Europe is inevitable. Start prepping folks. Or get the feeeck out of this country. Portugal looks interesting. 48.000E http://www.pureportugal.co.uk/listman/listings/l0497.html
  20. Banco Solvia are not reducing prices enough. The mortgages they offer are expensive.
  21. OK......until the place gets burnt down or the guest slips and breaks a leg Not a risk I'd take.
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