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  1. Can we have a referendum on £100,000 to everyone with no cuts to public services, no increase in inflation, and no addition to the national debt please? I think we'd have a huge turnout!
  2. And more importantly, how can I get my hands on some of this dosh!
  3. Where's that picture of the world's smallest violin when i need it?
  4. And if you feel so strongly about it, then why don't you give your excess money away to the elderly, frail and terminally ill directly?
  5. Is it on the backs of the frail, elderly and terminally ill? And another question, how much tax would YOU pay to ensure (and I mean ENSURE) that the elderly, frail and terminally ill were properly (in your mind) looked after? What percentage as the higher rate payer that you are?
  6. So the general consensus here is that taking less tax is an unmitigated disaster for the country. Riiiiiight...
  7. Had some Tesco Scottish Blueberries during the week and they were magnificent! Far better than Waitrose's and Sainsbury's.
  8. What if it's 2 really massive ar*se houses though? What then?
  9. It may sound harsh, but to be honest, I don't give a rat's ar*se what Scotland wants or is worried about. I am concerned with England and not having Scots voting on English issues. Period.
  10. I think the English may be more dissatisfied by Scottish MPs voting on English matters (the West Lothian question) than Europe. MUCH more dissatisfied.
  11. I am sick of Scots voting on English affairs while the English can't vote on Scottish affairs. It canNOT go on.
  12. So that's Queenie then. What about everyone else?
  13. Dover's too far. Tunbridge Wells is quite far enough, thank you very much.
  14. Will you please stop talking sense. This isn't what OT is all about!
  15. Sounds alarmingly familiar, and not just with MS but almost every large org out there! Loads of people come along to meetings and then feel the need to say something (that often has no relevance or is either blindingly obvious or stupid) simply to justify their existence in the company.
  16. If we leave then how long until we rejoin? My guess is leave in 2017/8; public clamour to rejoin reaches a crescendo in 2024/25; we then vote to rejoin in 2029/30 and rejoin in 2032/33, I.e. rejoin in 18 or 19 years from now. This means that people currently 3 years old will be voting to rejoin in 2029/30, assuming a voting age of 18.
  17. Unfortunately it's not possible for someone earning over 5 x £25k to pay 160% income tax. Though I'm sure Labour will give it a go, in the name of fairness of course.
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