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  1. Sacked by whom? The BoE is (ostensibly) independent.
  2. It seems Greybull - the vulture venture capital co that owns Monarch - want to exit the airline industry, but can't find a buyer. Perhaps they've been persuaded to keep going a bit longer? OTOH, they could just DROP THE PRICE!
  3. The only inflation that worries the central banks is wage inflation. Can't have that.
  4. It's just this bloke: Kenneth Rogoff is professor of economics and public policy at Harvard University punting his book: In my new book, The Curse of Cash, I offer a plan that involves very gradually phasing out large notes, while leaving small notes ($10 and below) in circulation indefinitely. So they got a bit of free copy and clickbait!
  5. Low productivity and perpetual devaluation will make us rich! Let's give that dear Robert Mugabe his knighthood back.
  6. Oh yes. "people-farming" is a phrase I picked up here and drop - very occasionally - into conversation. You can actually sense a few grey cells flexing.
  7. But...but...but I got my info from an impeccable source! WIKIPEDIA LINK
  8. Disposable income is before rent, transport, energy, food etc. Discretionary income is what's left after the necessities.
  9. Of course not; the only inflation that worries them is wage inflation.
  10. Sort of: Obviously displaying a degree of self-awareness unusual in the soi-disant 'gentry.'
  11. WTF is that supposed to mean? They can't sell oil elsewhere? What on earth did you intend by "they're economy?" Have you considered remedial English classes?
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