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  1. Surely it's just a matter of time till every house is "sold" in this manner. Either the owner sells enough tickets to exceed the ludicrous asking price, or they make a nice little earner keeping the house and giving out a proportion of the funds raised. Truly innovative, I just might have to set up a raffle-based estate agency to profit from this myself.
  2. Bravo to the poster who reported them, glad to see their plan has been foiled. Though it seems the refund isn't automatic and has to be applied for. Presumably they'll be donating any unclaimed funds to Cancer Research and not pocketing it themselves? On a separate note, we should compile a list of all housing raffles that have a free or SAE option for entering to be sure they get as many entries as possible! Are there any more besides https://www.windancershillhouse.com/?product=raffle-ticket
  3. In cases like that the fine should be the entire value of the property. Slum landlords need to be seriously deterred from even considering that sort of activity.
  4. It was ridiculous reading how landlords claimed they would just whack up the rent if taxes went up. As if they weren't already squeezing every last drop out of renters that they could. Let's use this good news to expedite S24.
  5. How many more ideas are we going to go through until the only option left for consideration is let prices fall? 🙄 We have to be there soon, definitely starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel if we're considering tax breaks on people who earned 6 figures while milking those younger than them as much as possible.
  6. It seems we are literally going to try every single possible trick in the book besides let house prices drop! As with Help to Buy, the question always remains who's going to buy it off the potential buyer at "market" price, given the original buyer clearly can't afford it themselves either.
  7. It may be difficult, but much less effort compared to earning the additional 6 figure sums required to own your very own Barratt Rabbit Hutch. I'm not saying it's easy, but don't roll over and accept your fate at the first slight hurdle.
  8. Learning a foreign language is daunting at first, but it's far from impossible. In my line of work I've met many foreigners that had awful, broken English at first, but it gets rapidly better once they've been living in the country for a short while.
  9. Best of luck to the OP, I hope you don't regret your decision and that it makes you happier than your current situation. To the poster above saying we've all been made slaves due to higher house prices - you're quite right. But a lottery win isn't the only way out. At this stage you really have to look into emigrating. When the game is so blatantly rigged against you and looks to be for the foreseeable future, then don't play the game.
  10. The quotes from the Mayor talk about tackling rogue landlords and how that's good for tenants, fair enough. But at no point does he mention the ratio of people to available houses in London is clearly massively out of sync, or that prices for both renting and buying are crazy! So let's stamp out some of the landlords that are literally criminal, while offering no solution to the legal gauging of renters.
  11. Completely agree. It's very telling the amount of attention a (potential) trivial increase in IRs is getting compared to the other open floodgates just sloshing money all over the place. There's a slim chance that today could be a turning point on the path back to normal, but I doubt it. It'll all end in tears and will come as a complete shock to everyone. Who knew just giving money away wasn't a great foundation for a prosperous economy?
  12. I think rates will go up, but ultimately what does it matter since it'll still be essentially 0? If Carney comes out saying to expect more increases taking us to 1% in spring and then at least 2% later in the year, then I'll be interested. Of course, I really won't be surprised if we get another vote for no change in interest rates, just reassurance that they have dialed up their vigilance.
  13. Thanks for posting the charts, very interesting. On the issue of an incomplete 2017, could you update with an "expected" 2017 which takes the typical % of sales from the remaining months of the year, and use that to extrapolate? Far from a perfect measure, but should really help us see where this year is likely to end up.
  14. Any chance those of us not up to their eyes in debt and with a few pounds in savings could actually get 6 weeks of interest at a reasonable level?
  15. Outrageous. A lot of points to pick there, but the one I'm going to go with is around their asking to be judged on how they cover a topic over time. Is that meant to be some kind of joke??The complaint would be worse if we included their other housing articles, plus all of the beeb's ramping programmes.
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