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  1. It really is insanity the system hasn't come crashing down yet. They're spinning a million plates, during an earthquake, and adding ever more plates.
  2. Any news on how that played out? He planned to pick the winner on Good Friday. Also, what an absolute Saint: "The idea is to sell enough raffle tickets to cover the mortgage balance and to give someone the opportunity to live mortgage free for life from a £2 raffle ticket - that would be my good deed for life," he added.
  3. Good, let them open. It will allow for quicker price discovery as insanely priced properties sit there getting zero interest. The fewer excuses they have for a falling market, the quicker and harder we'll fall.
  4. It'll cause an increase in sales due to Debt, Divorce and Death. The number of people "choosing" to sell can fly their kites at high prices all they want, but few will shift. The decline in price will be driven by the necessary sales from the 3 Ds, and I really don't see where the government will find the money to ramp prices back up. Not like that'll stop them from trying.
  5. But the virus will have an economic impact due to the months of slashed cash flow. If Coronavirus magically disappeared in 2 months, it would be straight back to BAU.
  6. If a landlord has good tenants that fall on hard times due to Corona, surely they'd be happy to take a temporary hit to keep them? Not like there'll be a queue of people lining up in the next few months able to pay the current rent.
  7. Absolutely shocking. I don't think slashing interest rates will do much to save us from this sort of crisis, but the morons had a decade to bump rates up slowly so we'd have the option for cuts to maybe have an impact. If anyone can think of a worse ratio of competence : salary I'd love to hear it.
  8. If this doesn't cause a crash, nothing will. There'll be a mass of people unable to pay the rent over the next few months, causing BTLers to sell up as their genius investment is no longer turning a profit. Who would want to take on a mortgage in these times, even with a stable job? More property coming on to the market through death of older home owners. The only way we don't get a nominal HPC is if the government / BoE chuck so much money at this, we only get one in real terms.
  9. Do you have a reputable source for that? If it genuinely has lasting effects on the organs, then it would be wise to self isolate for as long as possible from now.
  10. Surely it's just a matter of time till every house is "sold" in this manner. Either the owner sells enough tickets to exceed the ludicrous asking price, or they make a nice little earner keeping the house and giving out a proportion of the funds raised. Truly innovative, I just might have to set up a raffle-based estate agency to profit from this myself.
  11. Bravo to the poster who reported them, glad to see their plan has been foiled. Though it seems the refund isn't automatic and has to be applied for. Presumably they'll be donating any unclaimed funds to Cancer Research and not pocketing it themselves? On a separate note, we should compile a list of all housing raffles that have a free or SAE option for entering to be sure they get as many entries as possible! Are there any more besides https://www.windancershillhouse.com/?product=raffle-ticket
  12. In cases like that the fine should be the entire value of the property. Slum landlords need to be seriously deterred from even considering that sort of activity.
  13. It was ridiculous reading how landlords claimed they would just whack up the rent if taxes went up. As if they weren't already squeezing every last drop out of renters that they could. Let's use this good news to expedite S24.
  14. How many more ideas are we going to go through until the only option left for consideration is let prices fall? ? We have to be there soon, definitely starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel if we're considering tax breaks on people who earned 6 figures while milking those younger than them as much as possible.
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