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  1. For anyone with Amazon Prime, search Teen Titans, season 3, episode 30. Not kidding a complete episode about BTL, kicking out renters with rent controls and how to make money. All for the under 10's. Just a casual observer these days, but this was enough for me to post!!
  2. Had one of the original Dyson uprights. Used daily for 14 years, but eventually it broke. Was so impressed I just went to Argos to buy the latest equivalent. Utter crap. Little bits broke, was horrible and cumbersome and in the end bit fell off and I jabbed my foot on it. Chucked the heap of junk in the bin. Now we have a Hoover.
  3. They never seem to show the service and leasehold charges are these expensive flats. Would love to know.
  4. Here we go - Thomas Cook now 'worthless'and on the 'brink of collapse' on front page of ft today.. This one'll be headline news with all those 'hard working families' losing everything.and being stranded. Interesting to see if they do go under whether abta can withstand something that size going down.
  5. PCP on flashy Mercedes: £696 Credit check £4.
  6. Class is determined purely how you drink your tea. And herbal tea makes me very angry indeed.
  7. Here you go.. have a look yourself http://www.private-eye.co.uk/tax-havens
  8. This is a bit of a curious one though, so bank decides it had enough of this business, flogs the loan to another company that throws up the interest rate in order to bankrupt everyone and sell off the assets. Is that really correct?
  9. Unless I've missed it, no one's pointed out the biggest threat to businesses that high house prices create.. that you have no money to buy prducts from said business when 90% of your income goes on the poxy mortgage!
  10. Best advice anyone gave me was to view the deposit as a 'moving in fee', then do whatever the f*** you want. Decorate, cover the wall in picture nails etc etc...
  11. Just a little word of caution. The bottom is likely to be when 25% of priced out potential purchasers are priced in. This will then give the market enough of a kick to stabilise and potentially climb again. There was a lot of talk a few years back of 'pent up demand'. Unfortunately i think its still there, and it'll jump in (credit allowing) before it gets to the drops we're wishing for. If you can afford it, and it's equal or less than similar stuff two years ago (not a flag flyer, in other words) and you can fix the **** off the mortgage, then you might as well jump in. At least, as a member if this group you'll be doing it with yours eyes open, and not blinded with you head up Carney's ****, like the rest if the population!!
  12. You seriously believe labour would be any different?! at least you kind of expect that from a Tory govt - the country is getting what it voted for. What really gets to me is when labour get in and behave exactly the same way. Proper hypocrisy. Just look at the expenses scandal. Little difference between the main parties when there's an opportunity to get some easy cash.
  13. You need to look no further than the beauty that is Harlow Town Station car park, sorry I mean Edinburgh Gate Harlow. New builds of around 2006. The odd one or two make a profit, but every other make a loss. Outstandingly crap. Search in houseprices.io for 'edinburgh gate' and they'll all be listed,
  14. Have a look on rightmove. In my very desirable little town you could buy in excess of 200 dwellings. There are only two shortages (and neither are the number of available houses) 1. Shortage of places people can afford 2. Shortage of idiots who'll pay those prices. (Or call it shortage of credit if you like.) Prices are purely based on provision of debt. Nothing else.
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