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  1. From the Telegraph: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2019/05/16/global-property-boom-house-prices-hit-breaking-point/amp/ Can anyone provide any choice quotes? (Paywall)
  2. The part about the rise being driven by a high volume of London sales indicates this is a sh!t index. How is it trustworthy?
  3. Doreen was off sick. And didn’t leave the key to her desk drawer where the calculations are written down.
  4. Am I right I’m thinking that the solicitor can sign a document to say I am good for X, and then I can use their mortgage adviser without the need to reveal full finances?
  5. It’s always been in my mind not to use the EA’s own mortgage adviser, as it’s like turning over your hand in a game of poker. However, I wonder if you knowledgeable people could help me with something. Presumably, if you want to purchase a house for X, then you can indicate your finances to show that you can indeed afford X. The danger is that they communicate back that you can afford 1.2X, based on salary. However, presumably there is no need to show all savings. Therefore, if salary + some of savings affords X, presumably there would be no need to declare other savings....? And there may be a benefit in terms of good will by considering their adviser...?
  6. In Carney’s forward guidance today, this: What is the outlook for the housing market? The Bank expects a fall in UK house prices this year, with property values predicted to fall by 1.25%. It says some households are likely to have delayed moving house because of Brexit uncertainty. It also says that affordability is also slowing the market, particularly in areas where prices are high, such as London and the South East.
  7. I hope they’re reusing the tea bags. Hard times ahead.
  8. Report not out yet. Not sure of YoY, but it is about zero. (Sum of the previous 12 percentage changes is -0.1% - only an approximation).
  9. Is she pregnant? From the one picture? And the other picture only shows her to the shoulders. Strange choice for someone who’s competing in a pageant.
  10. I suspect that at least half of that will be undone (as it was surely an aberration). Therefore a fall of 2.9% would be a roughly neutral position.
  11. What is red-pilling? It’s a Matrix reference, I assume, but what’s the meaning here...?
  12. 1 in 7 (currently) went to Oxbridge. Seriously?
  13. Link now updated to March report. No mention of falls! Usual spring buoyancy weighed down by Brexit uncertainty The average price of property coming to market rises by just 0.4% (+£1,287) this month, as the traditionally busier spring market gets off to a subdued start: Lowest average monthly rise at this time of year since 2011, though London is the main drag Prices remain more buoyant outside London with nine out of 11 regions seeing new-to-the-market sellers pricing higher More buyers hesitating as Brexit goes to the wire: Number of sales agreed by estate agents in February was 7% below same period in 2018, compared with the 4% annual fall recorded in January Search activity on Rightmove remains steady, indicating home movers are keeping a watching brief which could lead to an eventual bounce if and when uncertainty abates
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