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  1. I will take it when I can, but will continue to take precautions even after I’ve had it, until a significant proportion have had it (e.g 60%) or the case rate has fallen significantly. In case it doesn’t work for me. I am not worried about the vaccine, I am worried about complacency caused by it.
  2. Glad to see it back. I was feeling bereft without it.
  3. Down since Thursday night - about 2.5 days. That’s the longest outage I remember in over 12 years.
  4. BoE have just printed another 150 Billion.
  5. I hold identical views, am identically the same age, but had a 40% deposit. I bought in August. I hate the debt I now have, but I’ve got a roof over my head. Wish I’d been able to wait another couple of years. But family reasons.
  6. Generally very good. We run it on about a 30 sq m floor every other night and it picks up a serious amount of fluff and dirt. Does under sofas and cabinets - places that would normally collect the dust and never get touched. It also has a mop function (which requires switching out the sweeper and bin for a water tank and mop). It also finds its way home and charges on its docking station. Very happy so far. Had one incident with cat sh!t that I never want to repeat, but that was our fault.
  7. I am assuming her 3 kids have flown the nest? Otherwise she might struggle with the 4.5 x salary.
  8. Just purchased one, and am looking forward to trying it out. We have large wooden floors - kids leave their toys around sometimes, but it will be a perfect impetus to tidy clutter.
  9. That buyer is going to make a small fortune... having started with a large one.
  10. We had a RICS survey done in mid March, and there was no valuation given. Frustratingly.
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