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  1. Trump Invective

    15,000 pound cheaper than next door

    Ha these guys really are professors of the art of the complex, subtle, psychological sell. Edward Bernays would have been proud! "The manager's gone crazy!!!!"
  2. Trump Invective


    Looks very expensive!
  3. I see that, and given that larger homes are increasing in value at a greater rate than smaller ones (see December ONS) your argument seems even more appropriate.
  4. Possibly, I'm just wondering if it's also sellers holding off too? Why sell now if there is likely to be a bounce?
  5. Wouldn't it be lovely if loads of people put their houses up for sale once the path forward with brexit is made clear, only for nobody to bite, thus increasing the price falls I actually believe there wont be certainty around Brexit for a couple of years (we havent even got the withdrawal agreement clarified, never mind the ongoing arrangement), so if it is an influence, it's going to weigh on the market for a good long while. Buying now is insanity. Good luck out there!
  6. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

    Turns out they were right after all. It is -0.6... for the quarter 😆
  7. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

    Crazy! Whatever one thinks about Brexit, doing this just undermines their own journalism, as Brexit can't put buyers off suddenly this month when last month they bought anyway despite Brexit. So as well as bias they simply have inaccuracy, which is problematic for what is supposedly a quality newspaper! Im stating the bleeding obvious so I'll just shut up.
  8. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

    The Guardian this month: "UK house prices fall in January as Brexit puts off buyers" Last month: "Surprise increase after sluggish year comes despite uncertainty over Brexit" I can't even be bothered to speculate as to why they do this
  9. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

    Well the prophets predicting -0.6 really earned their pay this month.
  10. Trump Invective

    Why does the Guardian hate Chris Grayling

    I have an advert for a gig by Madness to the right of this thread - some algorithm or other is spot on 🤣
  11. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

  12. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

    MOM (hoping -2.5)
  13. Trump Invective

    Halifax January 19

    Ive noticed the forecast for this index to be -0.6, from -0.5 earlier in the week. Not sure whether these prophets usually like to go negative, or so negative.Usually they punt of +0.2 or the like. I'll predict -1.0
  14. Trump Invective

    Estate agents face bleak times....

    "a number of unhelpful Government interventions" Like Help to Buy? fnar fnar
  15. Trump Invective

    Nationwide Jan 2019

    From the Guardian: "Samuel Tombs, the chief UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said it was possible annual prices would go into decline before long" Looking at that graph I would say yes, it's possible 😂

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