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  1. Interesting - that is a significant multiple for single income. What can 2 incomes do for you!?
  2. Like I just said, us "doomsters" are actually correct most of the time - we know what is happening and what will happen. It's the hope that gets us.
  3. In a way, many regular posters on here predict the right thing all the time - they know house prices will be propped up, and they state that fact regularly. I think most of us are HOPING for a fall, but KNOW/THINK different. Everyone got a bit excited at the start of Covid, then reality set in. The reality for the foreseeable future we know all too well - props, lots of them, loose money, and low IRS. The current big hope, inflation, well again there is some hope, but in our hearts we know what will happen.
  4. Do these people feel any remorse for the fact that this is eventually public money? Or does the bank of England intend to pay it back from reduced wages and other austerity?
  5. How about maybe ensuring that it doesn't spiral out of control!?
  6. It says so much about the current housing situation that I don't care too much for anyone who loses out in the property game. Hell, renters lose out all the time, doesn't bother me if others lose out too.
  7. Incidentally, is this contributing to the lack of supply in any meaningful way?
  8. That's the problem - even when/if the cladding situation is sorted, the flats won't be desirable.
  9. I think this could be one way of disrupting a populist government - put pressure on them to do things that they know would be popular, but problematic, over and over. Overwhelm them with popular ideas
  10. The author of that article isn't f***ing around. Better believe it, the car is skidding and it doesn't look like there is any appetite to swerve in any direction, just plough on into the wall.
  11. Yeah but according to wikip he is "a patron of St Mungos, a London homelessness charity" So there!
  12. It's summer now and maybe the lambs have grown a pair, but I haven't heard much bleating by the VIs for a while. Have they finally accepted that there is no infinite magic money?
  13. Looking at the way the tax applies and increases, it is so obvious that those who would "gain" most would be those buying the more expensive houses. I am sure I heard the stats suggest this isn't the case, but that makes no sense. To buy anything under 250 in normal times, you only pay 2% over 125k anyway - so maximum 2.5k. There is zero need for the rush for these properties. It's 500k plus properties driving this increase in prices overall, Im tellin ya. If they are pushing up all other prices, its general, global, insanity
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