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  1. How is this measured? They talk about sales volumes. Do they count units sold or is it how much has been spent?
  2. Too vague. They should have mentioned the make/ model. How much fuel did they buy? Was it petrol or actually diesel?
  3. 'Tis true. Expectation management will be all over the press very soon. The T'graph has been all over the place with it's property articles recently. In a right flap.
  4. Weird situation. They're lying. Everybody knows they're lying. And yet all they can do is keep lying.
  5. Such a gamble. I wonder what the actual conversation is at the BOE. I think praying inflation will go away is probably the main focus
  6. I think the systemic change we are currently witnessing is prop-immune. They might try, but it's game over for HPI for a while.
  7. Looks like the grind of the rusted economic gears are slowly beginning to seize up. Slow pain, resulting in very tightly squeezed nuts.
  8. "part of the Bank’s work to increase public understanding about the economy and the Bank’s role in it" Oh we know very well about the economy and the Bank's role in it.
  9. I hope you are right, but there is some magic power that emanates from these people on election day and forces a wider public to place Xs in a certain box
  10. Ah interesting - I wonder why the DM and other media don't state this? I guess they want a ruckus BTL That kind of accuracy does need calling out. I did like Angela Rayner's quip about space raiders though - and depressing that they now cost 30p not 10p (larger bag, admittedly)
  11. Reading the comments section of the DM article on this (10k comments!) makes me want to avoid English people for a while. A high chance of encountering the wonks as you describe them
  12. Problem is they become more popular with every ludicrous statement.
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