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  1. It was on LBC - she was presenting, someone mentioned "the housing crisis", and she just said it straight away. I think it was on Sunday
  2. At the weekend, bojos sister stated that "this is one bubble that has to burst". Everyone knows, deep down, that society cannot remain stable in such circumstances. Funny money has to be paid back by real money sometime.
  3. Yes, if there is an economic boom, them we should have fundamentals to match it. Solid inflation, confidence, 4-5% interest rates, paying back the debt at a rapid clip. Lol
  4. Ah ok thanks! I've been watching crypto but don't know who to believe about it long term. Mainstream media dismissive, prices going crazy!
  5. Please explain, I'm not good at effects of certain markets on other areas. Would wiping out of a certain asset class force inflation up? Hope so!
  6. Hope you are right. Sooner or later the real economy has to play its part and the funny money can't perpetuate forever.
  7. From the mouth of the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia: Debelle said house prices – “part of the transmissions of expansionary monetary policy to the economy” – had “received a lot of attention”. But, he argued, a rising market “encouraged home building, along with government grants such as the homebuilder policy, which boosts activity and employment”. “The bank recognises that rising housing prices heighten concerns in parts of the community. Housing price rises can have distributional consequences,” he said. “That is certainly an issue that needs to be consider
  8. From Australia - coming to a government spokesperson nowhere near you soon: "RBA reluctant to raise interest rates to ease soaring house prices because it could cost jobs" https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/may/06/rba-reluctant-to-raise-interest-rates-to-ease-soaring-house-prices-because-it-could-cost-jobs
  9. I heard that too! In pretty much the same sentence!
  10. Sunak: "Yes, yes, I am listening to your concerns on this issue. War is peace."
  11. There are no positive outcomes Sunak's robotic phrase for the next couple of years at least: "supporting house prices supports the wider economy"
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