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  1. Single Mums ino our area get lovely views of poole harbour whilst in the adjacent block the poor couple who worked hard all their lives and moved down from south east to retire have to pay 400k and put up with the noise and parties. Big problem at Prince Charles new town on the edge of Dorchester where downsizers mix with the local single mums partying to the early hrs. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7558347/Council-tenants-stunning-sea-views-just-270-month.html
  2. I feel sorry for the ones in London who also have to pay rent to the housing association for the bit they don't own as only own on average 25-50% of the apartment yet have to pay 100% of the service charge. The other big problem is the housing associations in no hurry to fix it as they are not paying out the leaseholder is and anyone who bought from 2015 onwards will now be in serious negative equity and if on a help to buy us tax payers will be on the hook for the thousands of defaults we can expect in the coming years.
  3. Daily Mail running big campaign on his here are their latest suggestions any thoughts? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9157869/Ministers-consider-2bn-levy-developers-families-face-15bn-bill-safe-homes-Grenfell.html
  4. They already do this in Wales and Northern Ireland more house prices much lower and in Northern Ireland they even throw the water bill included in the rates.
  5. Will be plenty more empy homes in the coming years as lenders repossess as no help from the state for 39 weeks if you need help paying the mortgage and any payments received are put as a 2nd charge on your home so a loan. I remember the last housing recession when interest rates went to 15% millions los their homes and funnily London and South East was hardest hit but they paid your mortgage after 30 days for as long as you were out of work and remember there was no cap on the size of the mortgage so you had millionaires having their mortgages paid as no cap on other assets such as saving
  6. Same here my Dad worked in the dockyard on the subs for 33 years till it was privatised and work force fell from peak of 35,000 to 3,000 all apprentiships went so had to move up the line for work as none locally in the early 90'S RECESSION. Lots of Plymouthians and cornish settled in Bournemouth as they missed the sea.
  7. Sorry forgot to mention my couin is a headmistress at a English schol out there and they are starting to see numbers fall for next term as fees need paying in advance so they see early whats happening. She earns the equivalent of £200,000 pa so you can see how the wealth is built over there and many bought property 20=30 years ago so have gained massively from HPI
  8. Interesting commnets and it's not just HK Chinese many Europeans, Brits and US/Australian citizens will be relocating to London as investemnt banks start to pull out as China wants Shanghi to take over Hong Kong's role as the major financial centre for the Asian Pacific region. Many expats will not want to move th China due to rrepressive nature of country so will move back to Blighty bringing thier millions of pounds with them Hong Kong will become a holiday resort for the wealthy Chinese a bit like Bournemouth/Cornwall is for Londoner's. I have relatives who are going to fdo this
  9. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-15/hong-kong-exodus-could-spur-36-billion-in-outflows-bofa-says?srnd=premium-europe
  10. Will be replaced by 3.5 million HK Chinese starting next month and will save the housing market in the South East with £36 billion pounds to invest in UK Property. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-15/hong-kong-exodus-could-spur-36-billion-in-outflows-bofa-says?srnd=premium-europe
  11. Sky News reporting French customs want all brits to take PCR test now could lead to chaos next week at the ports. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-port-chaos-looms-as-france-demands-stricter-testing-over-english-variant-fears-12187834 We are also trying to close down the most important ski races in Europe this weekend and next weekend due to British skiers not self isolating in Wengen (Switzerland) and Kitzbuhel (Austria). https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/13724246/brit-ski-instructors-blamed-covid-outbreak-parties-virus
  12. Still awaiting reform of council tax in england to be on a similar basis to Wales and Northern Ireland where is is calculated as a % of the property value but don't think it will happen as council tax bills in pricer parts of Southern England will triple if introduced
  13. Both my sister and brother in law lef school at 16 with no qualifications joined the local council and 32 years later both took early redundancy with 4 weeks pay per years service at 52 with enhanced retirement kicking in at 55. Neither did any other exams to better themselves during their working life but both ended up in senior management roles on over 50k. I am not knocking them and pleased they are financially secure but having worked in the private sector got a degree and masters degree over working lifetime still never earned this much and made redundant 6 times with no defined ben
  14. buildingsafetyportal.co.uk has been set up but very new and few blocks on there as the freeholders don't want to be on it if there are issues and use the excuse of data protection according to a well sourced Fire safety engineer who has done many EWS1 forms but not put any on as he has to get permission from the freeholder which makes a mockery of the whole thing. At the moment would not touch it but wait a few years as more surveys are done and the local estate agents will start to have knowledge of blocks with issues when they ask for the current service charges which will see a massive
  15. Some great articles in the Tory papers Daily Mail, Telegraph and Times on the current crisis in the flat property market but no signs of a crash yet. Any thoughts or how the above will work and the effect on flat prices going forwrad as looking to buy a nice 2 bed with balcony and views of the Sea in Bourenmouth.
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