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  1. Yep reason we decided not to move to Austria where we have a place as diabetic was quoted 800 euro's per month so decided to stay in blighty. The price goes up every year based on your age and medical condition. Although no waiting but NHS free and have a 6mth review with diabetic nurse and all mediaction free if diabetic on NHS, think there will be an avalance of uk expats back to UK if they evantually have to take out PMI don't believe the brexit rules will apply for ever on private healthcare for UK expats will be a real shock and iunaffordable hence the migration home but will they qualify for NHS care on return in the future.
  2. reminds me of the last boom people have not learnt just talk to any ftb who bought in 2006/7 and still in serous negative equity. My brother in law lives in cookstown and his 2 bed flat he bought for 30k in 2002 went up to 130k at the peak (his neighbour bought idential flat) around that time. Today his neighbour had the flat repossessed in 2012 and sold at auction for 30k now worth 130k again. He buggered off to Australia with no forwarding address and I think it was his cousin who bought it at auction for that price. History repeating itself?
  3. People still buying beach huts which will be under water in 20 yrs time and sanbanks still 3rd most expensive place to buy a property in the wrold based on per sqm which will also be flooded. Don't think people are taking the threat seriously, although canny Harry Rednapp has moved from this house to a hillier area he obviously taking it seriously. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19493278.pictured-new-mudeford-beach-hut-market-350-000/ https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19327706.pictures-inside-expensive-sandbanks-mansion/
  4. yep they own the once famous 5 star royal bath and turned it into a 2 star shit hole can't even cut the grass or fix the wooden fences terrible first impression for tourists who park in the nearest car park up from the pier. Used to be used by royalty and prime ministers check out this review from a local. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186262-d192218-r291217748-Royal_Bath_Hotel_Spa_Bournemouth-Bournemouth_Dorset_England.html
  5. don't worry ryanair will include it in their menu option including a discount if you want to avoid immigration and the third world status queue via parachute drop.
  6. at least the tourists look the same as do the menu's in both
  7. so why do the warm ocean currents which i presume are getting warmer with global warming not give us higher temperatures?
  8. how many ordinary hard working public sector wokers bought using shared ownership now seeing their service charges quadruple their mortgages double as forced onto svr and rents for the 75% they do not own increase by rpi plus 3% with the 400k flat now worth zero due to the new fire safety rules.
  9. Still no sign of our mediteranian climate I was promised when I moved to Bournemouth had to wear my fleece this evening during my bike ride along the prom lots of tourists with coats on and it's 3rd August
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-9853439/Record-numbers-Londoners-flee-capital-suburbs-capital-reopens.html Interesting to see how many have left, my local tennis club had 8 new members in the past 2 months all retired/semi-retired Londoner's. Chatting in the bar reason being the place now unrecognisable to when they left school and got their first job in the city. Crime endemic/population explosion in the east end shame they have to leave their kids there and downsize to release cash to help them get on the ladder may also be a reason?
  11. no but looking to go onto repayment to 75 to keep costs down and then overpay as and when to clear much sooner was hoping to semi-retire/retire next year but waiting on furlough decision which is imminent.
  12. yep have not been able to visit my apartment in austria for nearly 2 yrs, luckily hotel rents it for me which covers the service charge but austria still banning uk visitors hope to get out in late september fingers crossed.
  13. Hope those brits in europe don't get the same treatment as many in spain/france may head home https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/aug/01/eu-citizens-who-applied-to-stay-in-britain-facing-threat-of-deportation
  14. maybe they could add a new race to see who picks up the most from sinking dinghies via dover to calais and back to cowes, they could be used to staff the hospitality industry as unlikely to be pinged and would work cash in hand to make profit margin on those chips and burgers even higher for the owners.
  15. Nationwide offering a 5 yr fixed at 1.2% for existing customers with no arrangement tempted as on lifetime tracker interest only for last few years currently paying 2.1% Have monitored for last year and this is the lowest can it go sub 1%?
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