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  1. Watching BTCC is madness. The volume is immense. China is dominating bitcoin.... No other exchanges seem to matter, they just follow China.
  2. $1,085.... Full steam ahead... Will it top an ounce of gold soon as well as hitting a new All Time High? The media will then jump on it again and we could see $2,000!! Why didn't I buy more when they were worth PENNIES?!
  3. I love reading old threads like this one!! Back over $200!! Over $2000 soon.
  4. It’s going to be the most exciting General Election in my lifetime. Thanks Nigel And you can rely on my vote. The fear in the establishment and organised, controlled media is pure music to my soul. Again, thank you Nigel.
  5. Loving the hatred, guys. I’m as pro-HPC as the rest of you guys. Can’t stand EA’s, cant stand bankers… can’t stand how screwed then younger generations have been. But, we all have to live and try and do our best in this cesspit of a situation we have inherited. If I’d have listened to you guys in 2010 I would have rented for the last 5 years. Instead, I’ve paid off £40k in mortgage repayments, and my property has “gone up” by £20-£30k. Quite a few of my friends have hung onto there’s whilst moving up the ladder, but I know they are taking big risks in doing so. Thought I’d ask fellow HPC’ers for advice, but my god, its true in some cases what they say about you lot…
  6. Guys, Some advice needed, and this forum deals in the real world so hopefully will get some good guidance. My situation (NW UK): Bought 1st terraced property as a FTB for £120 in Jan-10. Think I can get £140 for it (current mortgage lender valued it at £140, EA valued £150). Current mortgage of £80k remaining. Which leaves me with £60 in equity. Will it be advisable to pull that out, sink it into another property at £220, and rent out my current? I should be able to get £550 or £600 for my current place per month. IRs obviously need taking into consideration…
  7. Will apple go bitcoin, too? My question is, why is the price still falling? The paypal news is surely the biggest and best news bitcoin has ever received, and yet it falls? Bitcoin + Paypal + Ebay …. Cant people see the possibility of this being the “AOL moment”, where an impossible tech (the internet) is opened to the masses?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF7HxLCFMeY&list=UUXe1qKfGweMKTnmRrMw9yOg payapl... advertising bitcoin? ermm...?
  9. Can anyone advise on Online Estate Agents? Any particular companies worth a try? How do they compare to traditional? And what’s the best way to go about things? I was thinking about getting a traditional one to put it online for a short while, then I can use all the data (room measurmements and stuff) for creating an online profile? Or should I do it all myself? Do these online companies register with Rightmove, etc? If not, how do they get people through the door?
  10. The early adopters were lucky. And took a gamble on new tech. I wish I was a few years earlier to the rollercoaster than I was. But the way I look at it – if Bitcoin takes off – we are still right at the very beginning. For example, if Ebay / Amazon adopt it, I should imagine the demand will be huge and the price will double or triple overnight. And then steady growth from there on for many years to come. And the Ebay CEO recently said they were considering / actively implementing it into their structures. For less than £200 you can get 50,000,000 Satoshi’s (or ‘bits’) right now…. In a decade that could sound as ridiculous as making someone a pizza for 10,000 BTC’s – which happened a couple of years ago.
  11. The US government just sold $18m worth of bitcoin (Silk Road coins). There were many bidders. They sold all $18m to one customer. Does anyone else think this is the best news ever for bitcoin? It legitimises it. Also, the Winklevii Bitcoin Trust have just listed on NASDAQ under ‘COIN’. Could we be seeing the real start of ‘going vertical’ any time soon?
  12. Watching the clip of this on the BBC – very depressing. This is a recipe for revolution. It’s pick your shot gun time up….
  13. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000281677 The video above is amazing. Not rumors, but the actual CEO of eBay saying that Paypal will incorporate Bitcoin and that he personally owns Bitcoin What's everyone else’s plans pre Ebay/Paypal adoption and after the immediate announcement? Pre – anything you put in now will probably double easily once the announcement is made.. however, it might never be announced, and it could go down in the meantime.. But what about immediately after announcement? Anyone else going to jump straight on to Bittylicious and ride the train? Me personally, I put in a chunk I’m willing to lose every pay cheque, so will continue doing that.. but I’m willing to gamble quite large if that announcement is made and I can buy quickly afterwards.. I cannot see anything but months and months of solid increases as people slowly realise that bitcoin is now serious business. This is a good watch as well, showing recent news and how the talking heads are all stumped:
  14. Well, I almost sound like I know what I am on about: 1 week ago re. Darkcoin: Sailed past $13 last night with a market cap of £58m However, I can assure you it was just a guess based on the fact that it was cheap and actually offered something new (coin tumbling built in). The question is now, is it still cheap? Or will it crumble? My next guess – anywhere between $3 and $50.
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