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  1. It didn’t break above the trend line, doesn’t that mean no support
  2. Shhhhhhh, let everyone think LONDON is a shit hole 🙂
  3. Bit quiet this month, everyone busy selling / buying ?
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/rescue-hopes-fade-as-thomas-cook-slides-towards-collapse-11817447
  5. When CGNAO mentioned outright purchases of mortgage backed securities & stated protect yourselves... I had a feeling he also meant with a house purchase.
  6. We’re giving you more work to do, but overtime is now banned due to brexit.../ you earn too much. Then we’ll ask / chase you as to why are you behind/ struggling / have so many queries pending? But not help you to resolve / get the work done. Then they wonder why staff turnover is so high... Bunch of numpties running a circus !
  7. I can’t believe they got away with what they did. They are responsible for the deaths of millions.
  8. Thing is the younger generation are not even living to the boomers ages due to work / diet / lifestyle etc personally know of 3 guys that have passed away from sudden heart attacks at work in the last 5 years. Mid 40s and mid 50 : (
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