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  1. So which treaty has precedence? The Good Friday agreement guaranteeing open borders between the UK and Ireland or the EU treaty Ireland signed which would force a border along Northern Ireland???? What did the court rule on?
  2. The real mess is that the EU never actually planned how anyone would leave, if they choose too. Everything about leaving was done on the back of a fag packet with no real thought about how an exit would be achieved. The ridicolous short time frames demonstrates no thought went into it, and then you have the complexities of the Good Friday agreement between 2 soverign governments with no objections from the EU at the time. Even though any treaty between those 2 nations could undermine EU borders etc... at a later time point.
  3. In terms of the real world, the last real recession was in the early 90's. Unemployment has been masked by 18-21 paying over the odds for a degree, some of which are completely worthless. So we have a whole generation who've never experienced the economic pitfalls of mass unemployment. The economic shock is going to be huge. Although no where near as huge as when the economic wheels finally come off in China, they haven't experienced a recession since the late 70s, so you have several generations with no knowledge of how to cope. That will give the central committee something to think
  4. https://www.ftadviser.com/your-industry/2020/09/17/boe-to-explore-negative-interest-rates/ Clearly not clueless....
  5. We need debt to grow to keep the illusion of growth alive and pretend the debt can be paid back. If the US ran a budget surplus of a modest 100bn a year it would only take 200 years to pay off 20tr.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8325417/Families-face-higher-council-tax-bills-worse-public-services.html Commercial property investments fund more of Spelthorne's annual spending than council tax does. In the last five years they have invested £1billion on offices and shops that usually bring in around £10million. That's a great rate of return. Money well spent!!!
  7. Still bullish I want 20% off but would settle for 5 or 10....
  8. Estate agents to the rescue. You can't visit your elderly parents but you can view a house. Phew. I'm off to book my viewing appointments...
  9. So people have taken on a investment and are now finding this could lead to losses and bankruptcy. Do they think they are JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs with all losses underwritten by the Fed??? Investment is a risk you could get a profit or a loss. That's the whole point of capitalism.
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