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  1. Looks like Sears will be going into Liquidation (i.e. Not resurrected from bankruptcy by a new owner) Actually quite a suprise, as I thought it was driven into bankruptcy by a Mike Ashley type figure, who's aim was to make a profit taking it out of administration.
  2. reddog

    Yellow Vest Protests

    This is interesting: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thelocal.it/20190107/italian-leaders-back-french-yellow-vest-protesters/amp Both of the Italian "populist" parties seem to back the yellow vests against Macron. Surely we are in new territory when the leaders of one EU country openly back people in another EU country that are smashing the place up?
  3. As stated on 2018 thread it was Monarch: https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/more-than-400-jobs-lost-as-monarch-engineering-collapses-11598512 So I win right? but seriously, any prediction for big collapses or unexpected collapses in 2019? one from me is that Debenhams will collapse, fall in to the hands of Mike Ashley, who will use his leverage as big High Street employer to demand a government bailout of the High Street, just putting more money in his pocket (surely even the current Tory party wouldn't fall for that?)
  4. reddog

    Yellow Vest Protests

    Looks like the Yellow vests are back with a bang. All the Christmas pudding didn't pacifying them! Obviously the last thing Macron and the French MSM wanted. Could things start ramping up again for the yellow vests?
  5. reddog

    Nationwide Dec 18

    This. They live to show that something is a "four bedroom house" or whatever, but they neglect to point out the 3 and 4th bedrooms would be considered closets in other countries.
  6. Is it me or are highly visible tattoos now a trend? (for example seeing people with tatts on the edge of their face, above eyebrow, back of hand and neck is getting more and more common) If so, do you think that will be "peak tattoo"?, as I don't think you can get more extreme than face tatts.
  7. reddog

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Fair point, but I think the idea of buying music and dvd's in shops has to end eventually. Maybe selling physical media can live on, as a very niche boutique, concentrating on high margin collectors items,with maybe 70 small shops in the whole country. How many more rounds, of HMV restructuring, shrinking their store footprint, then going bust before there is nothing left?
  8. reddog

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    All those vouchers sold over Christmas, when they knew they would go bust. Is it actually a suprise this happened? Considering the changes to media purchasing, it is amazing anyone would extend them credit after the first bankruptcy.
  9. Funnily enough, I was thinking of seeing if I could go through all of 2019 without buying any new clothes....what an evil anti society person I am!!
  10. Oil, seams to have taken another step down at around $45, surely this is some sort of sign?
  11. reddog

    Do they know it's Christmas?

    Good point, obviously 9% down is a fair amount, but the way commentators are acting it is like we are 90% down. This really goes to show how dependent our service based economy is on selling pointless (and some valuable) things to each other.
  12. My only auction experience is from TV and eBay. I am surprised it is allowed (or more accurately that the bidders allow it).
  13. So you are saying the auctioneer can make up a few bids to limp something over the reserve threshold? If so, how can that be legal? Seems like at every turn the market is rigged to make things go higher.
  14. reddog

    More help for the irresponsible

    Why don't they simply not allow the overdraft? with IT now it should be possible to know if someone has a positive balance or not before processing a payment. (In my opinion now they can't make money off in arranged overdrafts they will find ways not to give them)
  15. How do we find out what the "result" was? Anyone care to summer use in a few lines?

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