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  1. Ah good point, why didn't I think of that!
  2. Its possible. But to be honest, weren't the police pretty naive at the start of the 2011 riots? The way I remember it they had a softly softly approach at the start, which meant the rioters thought they could do anything. When they got tough, the rioters faded away. I would have thought they would be a bit better prepared this time, but as with any other government institution, I am not holding my breath on the level of organisation.
  3. For sure the technology is not fully there yet. But the problem is pointless riots like this will accelerate the trend for research into this technology.
  4. Yeah but you could do stuff like store their face in a database (not much of face needs to be analysed), or record their gate (the way they walk). Then next time they are caught on CCTV in a train station, you would no it is them. People give off a lot of unique signitures not just what their face looks like.
  5. Oh dear. One point though, it should actually be fairly easy to arrest the perpetrators at a later date given the huge amount of video footage. I recon in a few years it will be impossible to do anything with being filmed.
  6. Stock markets seems to be booming. But we haven't even had any of the economic data for the lockdown come through yet. It seems to me like people are still able to function due to Furlough money etc. we are not yet seeing any real financial difficulties come through. Personally I think it will take a few months for every thing to become more clear, am I wrong?
  7. To me it seems more like a publicity tactic.
  8. But do many people actually listen to radio one anyway? The legacy media has been absolutely crushed over the last few months.
  9. Good idea, obviously you can let off steam on HPC. But ultimately the only real thing you can do is take direct action.
  10. I would put it down to Chicago being busier generally, so I saw a lot more people completely zombified by drugs walking down the "miracle mile". It would actually be interesting to do a thread on Chicago/Illinois that state has a lot of people leaving it due to crime and high taxes, which means the state may eventually go bust.
  11. I visited Detroit in 2013, it was interesting to go to probably the only downtown in North America without a mcdonalds or burger king. I guess rioting may have a similar effect with big name chains pulling out of once popular locations. It might be a bit different now, I took a tour and people seemed to think the city was on the up, due to Dan Gilbert putting all that money in. The city certainly has some amazing architecture. I have heard the unemployed are currently being paid more than the employed, but wasnt sure if that was true, so thanks for confirming. I also heard Detroit might have problems because it gets a lot of money from Casinos, which are currently down. Interestingly despite Detroits rep, at least the downtown area feels a lot safe than Chicago.
  12. Some of the scenes of rioting from the US, while isolated, probably make people question if they want to be going to the theatre or a downtown bar. Especially after the Corona virus, I can see people wanting to go ever more virtual, hunkering down at home with a video game and pizza. Instead of splashing the cash in a downtown location. Putting Corona aside, do you think this rioting alone could have an effect on the economy in the US(and therefore the rest of the world)?
  13. I doubt they will do the 5% charge, but they have to do something. If vat goes to 25% that is pretty extreme! No idea what will happen, but I'm pretty sure my preferred solutions, which involves shock horror, cutting public spending, won't be implemented.
  14. My guess is above 3 million, but below 5 million. Another prediction is whatever happens, there will be no second lock down, the most extreme they might get is regional Lockdowns (probably re branded as smart Lockdowns), but even that would only happen in very extreme circumstances. I bet Sunak is deeply regretting initiating furlough now.
  15. I would say the average US Suburban existence is nicer and safer than the average British equivalent. One HPC related point though, I do think all of the downtown/inner city regeneration we had from the 1990's onward is going to go in reserve. Might be a good time to offload that "City Living" apartment while there is some value in it, whether you are living in downtown Manchester or downtown Chicago.
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