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  1. Now that the Bank of England have been shown to be idiot's, let's hope they try to regain credibility with a series of 0.5% interest hikes.
  2. I don't think we know when he bought it. I recon this guy had other financial problems in the past that meant he needed to still be paying a mortgage in his late 60's (possibly a divorce?)
  3. Monkey pox doesn't really seem to be that big a deal, naturally the media is hyping it like crazy!
  4. I read the Michael Saylor margin call is $21k, so some way to go.
  5. How many 0.5% raises do you think they can do?
  6. Yep, I started a new job in the pandemic and only stayed for a year, one of the reasons was I didn't really get into the job due to starting from home. The other reason is I was forced to work via an outsourcing company (Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture etc.) rather than working directly for the company that I am actually working for! Start a new position on Monday, I have already said that I will be coming into the office everyday while I am settling in even though it is not required (commuting isn't an issue for me)
  7. Currently working from the office, finance company, huge office. Each floor probably occupied by 2 or 3 people today. I am only here because it is my last day in my current job. If every office is effectively empty Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, then it seriously brings in to question the point of building / continuing to maintain such places, when they are not being used for the vast majority of the time.
  8. Not really an expert on NI. But are things really in Sinn Feins favour long term? The birthrate seems to be well down in all "communities". Immigration is presumably up, and these people decide to come to NI instead of the Republic. Maybe this is a high point, and things will actually start to normalise in the future?
  9. The US stock markets seem to be up today, even after the news came out. Do they think this will reduce interest rate rises or even start more money printing?
  10. Erm, surely if you are living the upwardly mobile property owning dream, surely £1k isn't actually that much money?
  11. Well yes, bad news is often good news on HPC! As "bad news" is actually just returning to the norm.
  12. There seem to have been numerous bad news stories for the economy over the last few days, reflected in bad news threads on HPC. Is this a turning point? Or does there have to be a very clear event like a stock market crash or an attack by Russia on Moldova?
  13. Was just about to post something similar, definitely not $1.48, hasn't been much above above $1.30 for ages.
  14. I thought that was the American term for a ticket tout? But I may have only heard it in that sense.
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