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  1. Yes, and I like it!! It is not that the hedge funds were short selling that is the problem, it is that they were short selling with more than 100% of the shares
  2. Yep, I think at the start of this crisis Gordon Ramsay (who I am not a fan of), closed all of his restaurants and sacked his work force, at the time he was widely criticised for not keeping going and furloughing everyone. I doubt he planned it exactly like that, but it looks like he made the right move, the bad publicity is long forgotten (except for lunatics like me), and he can start again when he has some certainty things will be permanently re-opening up.
  3. We are heading towards warmer weather and vacations, yet the government is tightening restrictions. It almost feels like the government is so deep into this thing, that it doesn't want it to end. Because surely when the smoke clears we will be in a whole world of pain. But this has to end some time, I hate to think what the clear post Covid unemployment and debt figures are!!
  4. Debenhams to be bought by BooHoo, and all shops to close permanently. ASOS looking to buy TopShop (will they do something similar?) It going to be interesting to see what the High Street looks like when this lockdown is over.
  5. So did I, but it was "free" when I was a student. And I paid £28 per week for a room (didn't feel like a huge amount then). At £9k per year, plus out of control rent, you would have to way up your options.
  6. I'm hoping a lot of future students will realise they are better off doing video courses at their parents home than going to university in another city. This would actually have quite an effect on the UK, as "Education" is now one of our biggest "industries". Would be great for the regular residents in "student areas", to have residential property returned to its original use. Personally I would support a rent and fee strike, as these kids have been screwed.
  7. I've said on here before, it depends when you were born as a gen-x-er, if you were a late gen-x-er you would almost certainly be worse off asset wise than boomers. Though obviously many gen-x-ers could still go to university for free, and had more chances to travel when young than boomers.
  8. Well it is challenging for all of these countries, it will be especially financially challenging.
  9. Seen as the UK has set itself such a challenging carbon neutrality goal, surely this regulation should come in immediately?
  10. To me the best solution is not to read the newspapers (even for free online). If literally no one was reading the Telegraph they would either be forced to have more acceptable content, or be screwed. The way the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sun, tried to bounce the government in to ever more ridiculous actions at the start of the CoronaVirus, made me realise that they aren't any better than the Guardian, Independent etc.
  11. Hopefully it will stop people getting everything manufacturered with the only consideration being the lowest price of manufacture. Though obviously this would have a negative effect on inflation (probably very negative)
  12. Does the UK actually make any money out of tax havens? (I genuinely don't know). I suspect a lot of the people using them were originally British tax payers. So at best any benefit the UK is getting is probably mitigate by losses in tax collection.
  13. Not really sure how this will have on the average Brexit voter. When people voted for Brexit, I doubt if they had this on their mind, if it was highlighted as an issue, I doubt if they would have cared.
  14. Totally agree, the fine / pay back needs to be at a level where the perpetrator feels real pain. No £1500, more like £15-20k, not dischargeable.
  15. Another 6 months is definitely not acceptable, with the vaccine and up coming warmer weather we should be pulling out of this. Yet, Boris and co. seem to be tightening and not giving any dates when we will come out of these lockdowns, seems like madness!!
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