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  1. https://houseprices.io/?q=Rg6 In the last 6 months, the RG6 postcode (wider than your search area) there were less than 200 properties exchanged with just only under 10 paid over 600+. Reading is good place live but the local pay didn't match the hype of M4 corridor. A large proportion of Reading population tends to work in London as IT contractors. The new IR35 changes for private sector coming in April 2020 will have serious effect on those living in Reading and working in London. Those who will be found inside IR35 will no longer be able to claim travel expenses pre tax. The real cost of travel will be shot up by 45%. On the other hand the S24 is taking an effect in Reading, lots of 2/3 bed flat and house on the market with no onward chain. The price of these properties are way over and will never meet any lenders income criteria for the BTLers to touch. The will be more properties coming into the market when the new 300+ Build to rent project just next to the train station is completed. In my view, Reading house prices will be determined by S24 IR35 Delay of Xrail Build to rent Tenant fee ban, hoping the reality will kick in for the EAs to value the properties realistically
  2. You are right, There is a significant risk to the BTL lenders supplemented by the end of 4 years interest free money tap from the TFS. If all BTL loans are forced into SVR, 75% of LLs will be bankrupt and banks will end the teaser rates for the debt junkies.
  3. Absolutely a great news for renters. Abolishing S21 will affect more EAs than LLs. S21 was a backdoor for the EAs to pass the tenant fee ban in the form of rent increases when an AST comes to an end. It would be very interesting to see how the lenders price In this risk on the BTL lending.
  4. The details are still unknown the guardian claiming that govt is planning for a consultation. I rather hope the govt goes to proceed with a bill.
  5. Some cryptic messages on the rla news Twitter feed? Are we expecting the end of section 21 tomorrow? https://twitter.com/RLA_News/status/1117481548297777152?s=19
  6. @GettingBored @TheCountOfNowhere. I own the homebuyer extension. It's high time we merge our databases, I am not after making money. Have about 200 active installs with some area data dating back to Aug 2017.
  7. Glad to hear from horse's mouth. PRA underwriting for the LLs will put the BTL mugs on a level playing field with OO's . Most marginal buyers in the south who could afford would definitely swayed by the help to buy over the magnolia painted substandard BTL homes.
  8. Monday is the debate. Please write to your MPs to turn up for the debate. http://act.generationrent.org/lobby/feesloophole
  9. +1. To start with PRA ICR test needs to be done for all the BTL remortgages even if it is taken with the existing lender.
  10. Also worth adding the point of mortgage releif is not available for the people who borrow money to invest in other asset classes thus the basic rate tax relief gives unfair advantage to the property investors. This petition is going to make Toby Llyod's job to convince May to remove the relief easier.
  11. A half baked piece, I love the way the higher rate is articulated to the anticipated rate increase. Of course it's nothing to do with stopping the free money tap(TFS)
  12. Nope.. those Muppets will see thier income going up and eventually lose any handouts from the state.
  13. It is worth getting in touch with your MP, if my memory serves right all MPs from Wandsworth area are women and one of them is Justine Greening once served as a Women and equalities minister.
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