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  1. what next, you would expect the same with all his announcements then. "Stamp Duty cuts" sponsored by 'Barratt Property' Party Donation.
  2. correct. The scheme was always there for new build (irrespective of who buys it). The change is to restrict to FTB and put a ceiling on price based on region. Essex for example is moving from 600k to 410k.
  3. I have used your browser plugin for long, have just sent the second donation. Will make sure to make it more regular.
  4. I miss @Venger, @Free Trader, @Bland Unsight.
  5. infact you offer same % reduction, you get even more savings in £ terms.
  6. +1. Boris can use this to clean the slate and start his own fiscal management/mismanagement era.
  7. If BJ is what I believe what he is, Bright Clever lier looking like a clown, he would let this house of cards burn and sweep it under the CV carpet now. Just imagine the burden of TM's "there is no money tree for nurses and police" and DC's HTB losses for FTBs. CV is a convenient cover for all of the previous decade's conservative policy failures and his own brexit future failures, though brexit cannot be branded failure just yet. Now that he is forced to spend for unemployment and nhs, he niether will have the money nor the will to alineate the future home owners.
  8. Have you thought of selling your current home to a tenant at 10% discount to the equivalent home in your street, "taking a financial hit".Helping a tenant is same as helping your tenant. You have been farming a real worker for past 5 yrs, also have a set a floor price of that property, so please don't believe that you are taking a financial hit.
  9. These two just says there are winners and loosers due to house price rise( in reality the whole society looses out long term). FTSE news should have read as there are winners and loosers out of index fall, where is the need to call all "our" life is affected by a fall from all time high.
  10. BBC headlines read as:- "Why should I care if share prices fall? Changes in the FTSE 100 and other indexes are not just for City types, they can affect our lives." Has any headline in the last 2 decade come out as "Why should I care if house prices rise? Changes in the housing affordability and other cost of living are not just for plebs, they can affect the whole next generation".
  11. True, should have all gone bust 12 odd years back. 8% drop after what 80% increase? The response to BTL by Goverbankment is a joke...
  12. House price up... market improving Utilities bill up... evil Its all programmed.....
  13. People earning 50k with no asset start thinking they are middle class, and time has come to cut off the ladder below them which they used. They dont know that a true middleclass should have enough asset to live without working for a generation, and they are just working slaves with higher income and lots of debt peddled by governbankment.
  14. May be the 80 seat majority, earlier May had to include some principles of Labour in her policy.
  15. Its not fantasy. Fungus has been leaching the system for 15 years successfully. This ponzi relay on sentiment. As long as you can make believe the next generation of 20yr old they can make money even after paying 30 -40% more than previous owner then the ponzi continues.
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