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  1. https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/equity-loan/equity-loans/ Spy guy, the HTB V2 is still there but with a regional cap until 2023. I don't understand when you say 20% less cash.
  2. "LL are crucial part of property market" . F off, more a pimp for the debt peddlers.
  3. Its all low volumn, they conveniently use the percentage to report what they want.
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/12/11/bank-review-may-relax-mortgage-rules/ WTF is this now. One and only problem is home is financialiced and taken away from working families. Loads of useless solutions thrown at us Lower mortgage rate Lower deposit Lower standard Lesser sq ft When will these stop.
  5. Same in my search area. Very few coming to market and sstc in less than a week. Essex Chelmsford.
  6. The same rush when surcharge was introduced 3 yes back, is happening now. People fearing redundancy getting a mortgaged home before that opportunity is lost.
  7. What if the the slum rabbit hutches are filled with non paying tenants waiting for eviction ban to work through courts
  8. That lie you said is the biggest f**k*** problem, putting down a tiny deposit (unearned re mortgaged borrowed money in most case) and blocking a FTB get his home with his earned income is THE problem. Can you show me a LL who has saved 100K to put that in a housing stock, do you even know how many years it takes to save that with earned income? Most of the LL got their cookies from magicked up bank credit, low interest central bank, pro HPI policies/tax system of government. Its nothing to do with savings/investment/skills/talent.
  9. As spyguy says, i do feel its all froth by EA. Untill we see LR data we cannot be sure.
  10. I am starting to believe that the BoE/Govt both have the plan in place before hand to inflate the bubble, they sprout out that prices could come down by nn% fear and simultaneously release the "can kicking/plastering over/bubble on a bubble" policy. Now once the policy takes effect people get even stronger sentiment that prices are rising DESPITE "brexit/covid/...". Once this can kicking goes on for decades there is no stopping for the sentiments of the masses.
  11. as you are borrowing, I take you are up sizing, and in that case the house you are buying would also got the "mad gainz" from you. You are borrowing more because the house prices are rising faster, irrespective of whether its 3.5x or 5x.
  12. could it be due to money paid out of system for "do nothing but pretend" fake contract for refurb, etc., I hear these happen in London
  13. Good job RR. Can you also include last sold price if available. Super deluded to deluded pricing reductions, which are well above LSP should not be counted on.
  14. Don't junk this thread with unrelated press release.
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