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  1. I felt there was no point in blaming him, he was right person for the majority, except that majority either not voted(youth) or got carried away by media/establishment. When an American bank got worried of him near power, it's one proof enough that he was the right choice for the(not of the) majority.
  2. This was always projected on him the day he become Labour leader. A communist who will take us back to 70's was painted on him, none of his vision for future Labour government was given any airtime in media. All in all the establishment won at the end. Instead on throwing money at builders, a housing programme run by the government could have eradicated this PRS in one parlimentary term. Not many seeing the scale of money spend on housing, same applies for transport and energy. What is unfolding now is all the public utility compaines be it train franchise or energy suppliers, the loses are socialised selectively bringing them to public ownership when things go wrong. we have ended up with worst of both world, we pay more and we dont own the asset/resource.
  3. KEY POINTS The average rate on the popular 30-year fixed started this year at 3.29% and hit 5.55% on Monday, according to Mortgage News Daily. The vast majority, 95%, of the 100 largest U.S. housing markets are now less affordable than their long-term levels, up from just 6% at the start of the Covid pandemic, according to Black Knight data. If rates were to rise just 50 basis points more or home prices were to increase just 5% more, home affordability would be the worst on record. Conclusion of article is, It's becoming even more unaffordable, is house price drop not an option at all. Rate rise evil is all the media wants to present.
  4. Ten house Dishi has created a fake market with the 15k SD subsidy, now the buyers will face the unrealistic sellers for next few months at least...
  5. Shouldn't it be, broadband market is robust, utility market booming, council market growing. Of course it's reserved only for house. Sick media...
  6. If it should be 3 and it's .5, then there must a VI to NOT do the right thing, Who is that then? even now it worries me this month they may again stay put, sighting the war.
  7. So assuming year 2050 then. The massive vested interests of media , government, people with position and power, will only drop rate. We need a revolution for any positive change.
  8. I find it sick too, interest rate going up 0.25 bad, energy bill going up by whooping 2k a year very bad. Houses go up 25k in a year is stronger housing market. F***, let's call this one as strong energy market.
  9. +1. These guys putting a brave face after 0.15 rise, saying "we had to do it" is hilarious. Inflation running at 2000% ahead of their new rate.
  10. +1 . It could be loan repayable after 50 F years, "Hard working company" grant, "Save the Christmas relief" fund.... That bloody idiot has so many magic trees ...
  11. In my area If flats are excluded the number of listed is less than 2014 and its a slow death. Its hot for the tiny percentage who transact, for others, its no point to participate.
  12. Crash depends on region. Crash has occurred when people stop thinking house as a financial asset. In some regions it may already be the case, in SE so many VI so will take time for people to realise.
  13. HTB(v2) is NOT gone, staying until 2023(for now), they could just extend it nearer to time with 100k debt junkies/peddlers signing a petition.
  14. https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/equity-loan/equity-loans/ Spy guy, the HTB V2 is still there but with a regional cap until 2023. I don't understand when you say 20% less cash.
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