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  1. From excon's POV, it's presumably not rape if the victim is a remainer.
  2. Do you think the executive should be able to close down parliament or not?
  3. Is that the best the Express can come up with? You really don't get it, do you? Any other matter, and you would (I hope) be up in arms about what BJ tried to do. Get your head out of your one-track posterior - you sound like a republican defending Trump. All 11 supported the judgement - are you honestly claiming that they all ignored their duty to undermine Brexit?
  4. Blimey. Thought I'd take a break on another topic, and blundered into a climate change one. What is it with the right? I thought they were meant to be the pragmatic ones?
  5. Delusional. Seriously. You're just making stuff up. Like I said, you ultra-leavers are a hoot today. BJ effectively tried to rule without oversight - is that something you support as a general principle, or just in this one case, for some reason?
  6. Upholding the law = subverting the democratic will of the people? (or should that be the triumph of the will?) FWIW I don't have any time either for parliamentarians who are trying to ignore the result, but the notion that we should turn a blind eye to breaking the rule of law is absurd. You, and those who hold such views, are dangerous idiots.
  7. Oh, ffs, please don't make a fool of yourself. Read the effing judgement; it goes into all of this.
  8. You're talking nonsense. They never went near Brexit; they didn't have to. A crime is a crime, irrespective of motive. Motive is what you use to build a case.
  9. TBH I assumed it was a spoof/troll when I first saw the twitter post. Head straight for that iceberg!* * actually, the Titanic would have been considerably better off if it had done just that.
  10. Also claiming (still? why?) that prorogation was nothing to do with Brexit. They're certainly cocky, but I suspect it's a bluff.
  11. You assume that everyone who voted leave is a fanatic who would only be happy with the hard option, and that every remainer favours ignoring the ref.
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