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  1. When he supported Norway: The Brexit policy Farage would rather forget https://www.politics.co.uk/comment-analysis/2019/11/08/when-he-supported-norway-the-brexit-policy-farage-would-rath
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-leave-eu-angela-merkel-latest-xenophobic-arron-banks-a9147551.html Disgusting tweet from vote.leave.
  3. And that is why Johnson is so dangerous. He whips up those who are easily swayed with the simplified rhetoric of conflict (e.g. "us vs them", "capitulation", "defeat"). He lies habitually. Never apologises and never admits he's wrong. Promises the impossible. Never uses any nuance. Never negotiates. He's a dangerous man and he's moving the country in a very dangerous direction. He's a populist moving towards proto-fascism.
  4. So Johnson claims that prorogation was nothing to do with brexit, and now his actions were shown to be unlawful, now claims that prorogation was everything to do with brexit. We also hear populist rhetoric form the Tories claiming the courts are trying to frustrate the Will Of the People (i.e. a 4% majority in a referendum campaign full of all half-truths on a dangerously unclear question). The mental gymnastics trying to justify virtually any action supporting any sort of crazy (aka hard) brexit have been amazing to watch. So far we've had the following as being Just Fine to support this: massive economic damage, breakup of the country, ignoring the rule of law, ignoring parliamentary sovereignty, lying to the queen, breaking our good relations with our neighbours, becoming an internation laughing stock and causing massive divide between the generations. What's left? Dictator or civil war? For what? An idea, the benefits of which can't be articulated.
  5. I'm currently in Germany and the reaction is bemusement or amusement here. I also go to a lot of international conferences and everyone thinks Brexit is completely crazy. I've never heard anyone say otherwise. Probably the only places you'll find pro-Brexit opinions world-wide are on Breitbart or RT.
  6. Why are brexiteer memes so crap? It's like Cumming's Corbyn chicken meme: so weak.
  7. I wouldn't trust Johnson. The man is a pathological liar. He's just a mini trump who doesn't care about the difference between fact and fiction.
  8. You've still gone quiet about some of the responses made to you upthread. Convenient?
  9. Boris Johnson in 2012: "We could construct a relationship with the EU that more closely resembled that of Norway or Switzerland - except that we would be inside the single market council, and able to shape legislation". "Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market" - Daniel Hannan MEP "Only a madman would actually leave the Market" - Owen Paterson MP "Wouldn't it be terrible if we were really like Norway and Switzerland? Really? They're rich. They're happy. They're self-governing" - Nigel Farage "Increasingly, the Norway option looks the best for the UK" - Arron Banks, Leave.EU founder
  10. Vitamin D (at moderate doses) is one of the few things worth taking (see recent comments in the news by geneticist Steve Jones). A doctor tested me and found I had very low levels. To get a reasonable dose, you need to be able to spend significant time outside without sunscreen during daylight hours, particularly in the winter. In cold northerly countries and with typical working hours this is alas difficult.
  11. What are you on? Climate change is just common shorthand for man made climate change. Talk about avoiding the overwhelming evidence for it and instead arguing about useless shit.
  12. What I say individually doesn't matter. Hard physical science - several thousands of citations, >20 years' research experience, h-index >45. How about you?
  13. Climate change denial is religious claptrap - belief in warm fuzzy things that make you feel better with no evidence. I know reality is scary worrying thing, but you have to face the truth sometime.
  14. I am a scientist. When the evidence changes, I change my opinions. I try to avoid cherry picking supporting facts to support my prejudices. The evidence is truly overwhelming on climate change. The theory is sound, the data are sound and the conclusion is sound. The danger is so great, client change denial is up there with anti-vaxxers and holocaust deniers in their level of dangerous thinking. It's ok to believe in a flat earth as it is harmless and silly, but climate change denial is deeply harmful.
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