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  1. This is the result of an education system that turns it's nose up at tradesmen and physical labour and tells each and every student irregardless of ability that they are super special and can achieve anything. "Get a degree in any subject at all and you will be on the path to enlightenment and riches" they tell you between the age of 12 - 21. When 90% graduates enter the job market and discover they would have been better off becoming a Plumber then the same people that told them all that BS in school turn around and say "You should be rich, the fact that you are not is because of Capitalism! We must burn the system to the ground and take what is rightfully ours!". This was my experience anyway after graduating in 2011 after being in education since 1994.
  2. Renewed Investor

    NHS Struggling again this Winter

    We all know what a shit show the NHS was last winter and it seems like we are in for a repeat of that. I've had a few serious health problems for the past few years and so spend a considerable amount of time in and out of Clinics and Hospitals. Last year all was fine up until about mid December but I've had 2 appointments this past week and had to wait an extra 3 hours each time due to the place being flooded with people. I've also been on a waiting list for a Kidney Stone removal surgery after 2 failed Lithotripsy procedures as well as Keyhole Surgery for a Hernia. Well the Kidney surgery date has been postponed from November 27th until January 8th although this date is not concrete they say. The Hernia Surgery was scheduled for December 12th but has been cancelled and I am back on the waiting list without a set date for the surgery. The consultant I saw says hopefully they will get me in sometime around April or May next year. Needless to say I am not happy although I understand the strain the NHS are under. I've been trying to get these conditions sorted for almost 4 years now and things just keep getting postponed. 3 years to get a final correct diagnosis of my problems, 8 months to get the Lithotripsy and now at least an extra 4 months to get the Keyhole surgery for the failed Lithotripsy procedures. The Hernia has reached a point where I cannot wear a belt anymore because of the pain, I can't even walk properly anymore without pumping myself full of painkillers 30 minutes beforehand. I'm just sick of all this, I pay through the nose in taxes and feel let down by the system. What annoys me even more is when I go to A&E/Emergency Care and half the people there are drunks and junkies who probably pay nothing into the system and abuse the services regularly. Another quarter of people there have a cold or a migraine and could sort themselves out with an 39p pack of Paracetamol and a day or two of rest.
  3. Renewed Investor

    Kicked a Dwarf story

    My brother sent me this today and I've been literally crying with laughter > Be sure to read the comments. Literally within minutes of this guy posting someone knows exactly who the dwarf is. This is comedic gold.
  4. Renewed Investor

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    They got the Student vote along with the Single Mother vote which both make up a huge block up here. Most people 30+ I know round here though have abandoned them for a multitude of reasons. I'm in my twenties and know a fair number of students who also regret their votes, most admitting they only voted for "free" stuff. A lot of Remainers I know have turned to Leavers too which has an effect. Most of them said they voted to remain in for cheap holidays abroad and so they wouldn't have to hassle with VISAs.
  5. Renewed Investor

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    Lesser of evils. I have no love at all for the Tories but I know where Socialism leads and that is far worse.
  6. Renewed Investor

    Lib Dems will be king makers

    I think the odds of a premature GE depend on whether Back Bench Tories can successfully rouse the Party into declaring May to be unsuitable as Party Leader. If that occurs I can see another GE with Reese-Mogg running as the Tory Leader and winning the GE. I think the Media have severely underestimated the loss of followers on the Labour side due to the Anti-Semitism claims as well as various other public blunders. Most people I know don't like the Tories but they are really growing to despise Labour due to the claims I mentioned and the move farther Left. Growing up in the North East everyone I knew was Labour, now I'd say it's about half which is a huge change given this area has been a stronghold for decades. They are losing their core base and will continue to do so unless they change course.
  7. Renewed Investor

    Is like the millennials favourite word ?

    "Like" is just a substitute for "Uhmmm" and "Urr". It's a filler word for when the speaker is thinking.
  8. Renewed Investor

    Mark LaGanga's WTC 9/11 Video (Enhanced Video/Audio & Doubled FPS)  

    That footage is amazing. I'll always remember that day and getting sent home from school early.
  9. Renewed Investor

    Birth rate drops due to austerity

    Most conversations end up going down the road of "What are your plans for the future" once you get past the small talk phase with women in my experience. They're probing your mind to find out what kind of character you are beyond the social pleasantries and chat up lines. Most people talk about their jobs first and any career prospects along with places they'd like to visit and activities they'd like to try. The idea of maybe having a family of their own tends to crop up naturally after these topics have been explored a bit. At this point I'm just honest and tell them that I would like kids in the future.
  10. Renewed Investor

    Birth rate drops due to austerity

    I'm not desperate to have kids, but since becoming an Uncle a few years ago I've come to realize that I definitely want kids at some point in the next 5 or 10 years. There's no rush, I just have to know that the bird wants them at some point too. There's a guy I meet up with from time to time that I used to work with who never had any discussions about kids with his missus, assuming she wanted them at some point too. They're in their late 30's now and he really wants kids but she doesn't. Seems to be the core of all their fights these days. I don't want to end up like that. I think it's best to know your partners thoughts on these things before you get too invested or else you could end up wasting some of the most important years of your life. This is especially important for women given that their fertility goes downhill after 30. Us blokes are a lot luckier in that regard.
  11. Renewed Investor

    Birth rate drops due to austerity

    I'm a young guy and about half of the lasses my age say they don't want kids. I've really noticed this since I started getting serious about finding a bird for a serious relationship. I am very upfront about the fact that I want kids in the future and about half the girls I meet are repulsed at the idea of having them. A lot of young women want to live the weekend party lifestyle with 3 or 4 holidays a year and no responsibilities tying them down. A fair number don't want kids for the fear that it will ruin their figure (as if age and time won't do that anyway). Overall I think my generation are basically only here to serve as an example to future generations as to what not to do with their lives. There is just far too much narcissism, nihilism and living for the moment at the expense of the future in my generation.
  12. Renewed Investor

    I've never been more ashamed to be British.

    I say let them fly it. It shows just how childish they are. I haven't spoken to anyone that thinks it's a good idea, even those who oppose Trump.
  13. Renewed Investor

    It No Longer Pays To Go To Work

    The second half of my quoted post is the latter part of the strategy though, at that point the government debt is so high, so much private business has been destroyed, and the currency has become so worthless that the Government gives up on trying to provide services and implodes. At this point the former welfare activists then become militaristic and lead the rioting masses to seek revenge, eliminating those labeled responsible for the collapse (the Bourgeois) by these activists. This then creates a power vacuum to which an International body can be formed under Socialism.
  14. Renewed Investor

    It No Longer Pays To Go To Work

    The more I study Politics the more I believe that most everything is rooted in Cloward-Piven inspired Marxism and thus designed to fail and cause chaos in order to bring about Universal Income and International Socialism. For further reading check out this site which delves into the Cloward-Piven a bit more. It is American focused but you get the gist of the theory. I'll share a quoted section below: "The Cloward/Piven Strategy is named after Columbia University sociologistsRichard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Their goal is to overthrow capitalism by overwhelming the government bureaucracy with entitlement demands. The created crisis provides the impetus to bring about radical political change. According to Discover the Networks.org: Making an already weak economy even worse is the intent of the Cloward/Piven Strategy."
  15. Renewed Investor

    How do I know if I've snapped a tendon?

    I tore my Achilles in a mosh pit and it didn't hurt unless I tried to put my foot flat in which case i would get terrible cramp like pain in my calf along with the back of my foot. You could have done the same thing by the sounds of it. The pain isn't too bad at first. There is the initial tear followed by a warm rush and then cramping. The next morning the pain was many times worse though. Keep some co-codamol at hand and walk on your tip toes of the affected leg. My tear was a minor one and recovery time was about 4 or 5 weeks until I could walk flat footed again if I recall.

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