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  1. It seems to me that the piggys are squealing loud and very organised, now all it will take is a few lucky hits and they could be heard. They seem to be squealing away with very little counter actions this could be easily fixed. Any idea what we could call a counter petition agreeing with osbourns proposals that could be a start.
  2. They are not going down without a fight, they are running scared. http://www.property118.com/open-letter-george-freeman-mp-conservative/76353/#comments Open Letter to George Freeman MP – Conservative Dear Mr Freeman I have been a Conservative voter for my whole life and have used the influence of my property forum and blogs (200,000 subscribers) to encourage my peers to vote the same way. I would very much like to meet with you to discuss my concerns regarding the budget, in particular the impact on lending institutions and a hardcore of Conservative voters who invest into buy-to-let pro
  3. The diesel car is finished now, in 10 years they will be pretty rare to see new ones. With the every tightning euro regulations the diesel is on borrowed time. The new euro 6 regs will kill the diesel as they now need ANOTHER expensive system which uses a chemical called adblu. The new passat has it and the system is flawed on so many levels on a passenger car it's a total joke. All big manufacturers are rushing to get out the new breed of petrol engines. Ford predict the diesel will be extinct in the near future. They are working in extending the new 3 cylinder petrol into their range.
  4. The problem here is the unanswered question the yes campaign refuse to answer. It also is the case that one shoe does not fit all and you cannot please everyone. Do not get me wrong the ideology of going independent is good but the reality is completely different. Both sides of the argument are incompetent the yes lot have a cupboard full of hidden truths the no camp sat doing nothing until the crap hit the fan. For example if I was 16-24 I would vote yes as I have nothing to lose so why not they are completely shafted already. If i was a benefit scrounged I would vote yes as they are offeri
  5. You always this up tight, lighten up my old chap.
  6. Yes all true but who will be the lender of last resort, they can't answer it. It becoming clear that there are only two viable choices, a formal currency union which has been ruled out or we just continue to use the pound. If the choice is just continue to use the pound scotland actually ends up with less power. The yes team will not come out with a credible answer to any of this.
  7. The banks pulling out is making it pretty real up here, standard life also upping sticks. Lots of question starting to get asked about how independent scotland will be able to back any new bank that is created. Especially if scotland defaults on its share of the uk debt, they would not be able to raise enough money. Think the yes will now be pushed for hard solid answers now..
  8. I honestly think they are secretly pushing Scotland into a yes vote. Talking to people today who were firmly in the No camp are now voting yes. I for one have now changed to a yes, this country need a shakeup and a yes vote would certainly do that, for better or worse we need change. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29098334
  9. They must do something with it, I think there is too much cash tied up to just let it sit. Its all too easy to condem these firms but they really must have a hard time moving on the gold.
  10. Yes Hatton Garden Metals do so how do they make any profit unless they refine and hallmark themselves. Ok the ones who pay very low I can see how they pay. But what about the ones who try and pay a decent price who do they sell the gold to?
  11. Just a quick question, the companies that buy scrap gold pay widely from 50% below spot price to as little as 5% below spot. If i was to refine my own gold I would be lucky to sell it for more than 20% less than spot price. So what do these firms do with the gold?
  12. One of my pet hates is the fabled German car quality, the new BMW and Mercedes are so unreliable they are now in the lower end of JD power survey. Our work changed from Ford to VW passat turbos and what a disaster that was, they would eat oil. They were like a throw back from the 70's when you used to check your oil before you went on a journey. It got so bad the salesmen would just run them until the oil pressure light came on the top up at the next services. The new polo is just like a tin can inside, the fiesta is just so much better built and nicer to drive.
  13. I travel many thousands of miles and to be honest i find the premier inn more than adequate for its purpose. You usually get a decent spot just of the motorway and a pub next door for a few beers at night. In fact after you have been in 5* hotels long enough you get sick of the pompous nature of these places and again half the time the room in the prmier inn is larger and just as nice as some so called 5* hotels. I think premier inn know there market well and hope they do survive this recession.
  14. Up here we call Asda, Asbo due to the clientele who frequent it. Tesco on the other hand is ok, the quality of the food is good and i do believe they are one of the better supermarkets to deal with from a supplier point of view. I also like their returns, absolutely no questions asked when we returned a £500 lcd tv as i found the picture quality to be less than expected.
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