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  1. Q2 Report (which breaks down regional performances) is out in June.
  2. Modest slowing in annual house price growth during May
  3. Nah homes don't need to get any smaller than they already are. I just mean people should be a bit more accepting of having a terrace house or living in flats rather than living in a noddy box in an estate of nowhere. Higher density means that public transport becomes more viable and parks etc can outweigh the loss of garden space.
  4. The built environment occupies about 6% of the UK's landmass, with much of that being low density suburbia. You could easily double to population without doubling the amount that's built on if people weren't so obsessed with their 'detached' shoeboxes.
  5. And that's the million dollar question. A year ago I was so convinced that the Nationwide index would be negative in monthly, quarterly and annual figures by April this year I went looking on spread betting sites for ways to place a bet. Glad I didn't as clearly the market is staying irrational longer than anyone here has anticipated.
  6. You're single, earn less than 3/5 of the median UK salary, and can't afford to buy somewhere which is bigger than what you need - but the problem is feminism? You've got a beam in your eye fella.
  7. Yeah they'll undoubtedly be an overcorrection, emotions being what they are. A 1:200 Rent:House Price Ratio is the requirement of the PRA regs (145% mortgage interest coverage at interest rates of 5.5%, with a max 75% LTV). It'd give a gross yield of around 24% before costs & taxes and maybe 4-5% net. Certainly not my cup of tea in terms of risk/reward and the amount of work required but obviously it appeals to some.
  8. London. It is a bit of a back of a fag packet calculation (and one I'm loathe to make) but BTL starts to stack up again in terms of yield and taxes when prices are around 200*monthly rent. I think at the moment in my neck of the woods they're running at about 250-280*monthly rent so there's a good 25% drop coming if S24 results in landlords exiting the market. Of course if rents go down then the breakeven for BTL goes down with it but at the moment I think that puts a floor under prices.
  9. I expect that nominally, prices will be about the same as they are currently - however in real terms they'll probably be 1/5 - 1/4 cheaper. Unfortunately I can't see any nominal falls of more than 25% as that's the point where the maths for BTL start working again.
  10. Venger's fine, it's his/her keyboard that's given up.
  11. N16 Is 918 & 362 i.e. 556 sales in 2016 and 362 in 2017. London Zone 2, 35% down.
  12. Hook, line, and sinker. That's a demand side discussion, and doesn't address the problem that supply isn't being delivered.
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