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  1. These flats in gentrified Hulme, down the road, sell for 150-160k. I used to live in Hulme, it had got a lot better but a lot of the Homeless from the city centre had started hanging around the park - looks like they’re getting into the flats too. Mostly btl land in Hulme so guess the owners won’t care that much. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/bishops-corner-hulme-drugs-homeless-15210377
  2. I’ve been in Manchester for a long time. Moss Side is better than it was but it still has a bad rep to shake off. Those prices are ridiculous.
  3. Ridiculous isn’t it. I spent most of last year and the beginning of this year thinking these ridiculous prices would drop, but people seem to be paying them. Can’t see it changing until access to large mortgages is restricted.
  4. I’ve given up on Alti due to the prices. Now looking at Sale or Urmston. Not seeing anything decent reducing in price or staying on the market for very long. There are a load of overpriced probate/ex btl (based on how much work needs doing to update them) semis that sit on the market for ages though.
  5. Jurassic Bland (formerly known as Beary McBearface) just likes having someone to bully. You are today’s target.
  6. I know, I was thinking lucky escape rather than all these surveyors must be wrong. Still a way to go before mass sentiment turns negative I think.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/may/31/help-to-buy-inflated-prices-developers-investors?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other I’ve seen a few of these articles over the last month or so, seems to be getting more common.
  8. I don’t know if there is anything comparing initial asking price and actual sold price. I do have a list of houses that I like - original asking price, reduction (if any) but waiting for them to complete and turn up on the land registry so I can see the sold price. Not that I really trust RM info but they may produce something as sold prices from the LR appear on there.
  9. I’d be surprised if people are paying asking. Think we may be back to 10% off asking which would mean purchase prices are about the same as this time last year. Won’t know for sure until they complete and show on the land registry.
  10. Still plenty of kite flying in south manchester. I’m waiting for the completed sales to show up on the land registry so I can compare asking with sold.
  11. I think in 2007/8 it took about a year to ripple out of London. However, London has already been dropping for about a year, if not a bit more. I’m hoping we should start to see some drops by the end of the summer.
  12. I do my best! Really enjoying the DMs change of tune over the past couple of months.
  13. Beware the red danger signs for house prices https://dailym.ai/2GjOXem Edit - was getting mixed up with a new post. He’s remortgaging.
  14. As tax changes and new mortgage rules bite. The DM really has changed its tune recently. Buy-to-let takes a tumble as tax and regulatory changes hit https://dailym.ai/2GmP1tu
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