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  1. @Freki I originally posted it because I thought perhaps it would be relevant to house prices ie hybrid working. I travel into the office, by train, 3 days a fortnight. So I don’t mind a longer commute than if I was going in every day. A 10 hour round trip due to industrial action is going to make me want to stop going in.
  2. @Freki I agree it will be asked across the western world. The pandemic and aftermath have shone a light into some dark corners.
  3. Social workers are local authority employees. Civil servants are passports and border control, job centre staff, pensions and benefits, driving licenses, tax. We could have a situation where people don’t get new passports in time to travel for work or business. Flights / ferries cancelled because there is no one to staff border control. Pensions and benefits aren’t paid. People get over / under taxed because there is no one to calculate queries. The list goes on.
  4. I think disruption is what they’re after. Not sympathy.
  5. Train Operators in England are privately run but they are still working to rule and planning to strike (if their demands aren’t met).
  6. I think it depends on the sector. Public sector and transport have strong (ish) unions. So we’re looking at things like trains, buses, tube being disrupted. Along with things central and local government provide. It’s not going to hit non unionised sectors but we could see retail being disrupted because their staff can’t get to work due to transport disruption etc.
  7. It is starting to feel a lot like I’ve heard about the 70s. I was born in 79 so can’t actually remember anything 😁
  8. Civil Servants are being balloted for strike action too. Pay rises, pensions and now the 90,000 job cut.
  9. Didn’t know the bin men were striking. Are they local council employees?
  10. Northern and Transpennine today. I was told that the union was balloting all train operators. Industrial action could run from 7th June. Pay and conditions are in dispute.
  11. The official line is faults. Having spoken to some drivers, they are all working to rule. Unless the management give in, we are looking at a summer of chaos. My journey involves 2 connections. I had to spend 1.5 hours waiting for what should have been a 20 minute wait. I missed my next connection and the next one was 20 minutes late, so I’m going to miss my next connection too. Looks like working from home is back. Sorry Pret.
  12. In reality, about 30,000 civil servants leave each year by choice, pastures new or retirement. There are also generous voluntary redundancy schemes in place. All they really need to do is a recruitment freeze and offer out voluntary redundancy packages and they’ll have the 90k reduction in 3 years anyway.
  13. Yeah, I’ve got savings in the bank doing nothing. Concerned about stagflation and rising rents. Have a horrible feeling I’m buying at peak though.
  14. Didn’t you buy a house recently? Are you moved in?
  15. I’m not a troll. Just someone amazed by hpi defying the odds over the last few years. I think my progress through the potential buying process may be an interesting case study. I think prices are about to drop.
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