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  1. Checked today (week later) All properties 3477 Not including SSTC 929 Added to site in last 7 days inc SSTC 149, not inc SSTC 126
  2. I haven't looked at the breakdown over this time but my gut feeling is that it is across the board however I have got the sense that I see more expensive bigger houses than before but that maybe just my bias in expecting more considering the situation. Currently though (excluding SSTC) Houses are 574 ( detatched 209, semi detatched 183, terraced 383. Detatched 1 bed 1, 2 bed 16, 3 bed 67, 4 bed 90, 5 bed 23, 6 bed 7, 7+ bed 3 Semi 1 bed 1, 2 bed 30, 3 bed 107, 4 bed 30, 5 bed 15 Terraced 1 bed 1, 2 bed 70, 3 bed 67, 4 bed 31, 5 bed 4, 6 bed 1 Flats 326 Bungalow 74
  3. I have been watching the number of properties available on Rightmove in my area now for at least 7 years. I regularly take a postcode from the centre of town specify a 5 mile radius and see what is available both SSTC and without (added at anytime). Typically I see about 3600 listed including SSTC and I don't think I have ever seen it above 4000, currently it is 3480. The interesting part though is the number of properties which are not SSTC. The highest I ever saw was roughly 1750 which was about 3 years ago and it dipped down to 1350 for a period. Basically going up and down between
  4. sPinwheel, I just have to say that masks don't just protect others from you, they do protect the wearer as well.
  5. In the town I am in I do a regular 5 mile radius search on rightmove from the centre of town. About 4 months ago the highest number of properties (not including STC) I had ever seen was about 1680-1700. A few years ago it was 1550 and gradually it increased over that time and has been up and down between 1600 and 1650 for ages. I checked today and it is down to 1439. Sometimes there seems to be a big cull, but I have never seen it under 1500 in all the years I have been looking (about 4 or 5). There has been a sudden flurry of buying around here in the last few months and I have
  6. I was put off shared ownership based on what I have read here and elsewhere but at the time it occurred to me it might be worthwhile in a falling market. A bit like shorting shares. Today I saw on Rightmove the following: Turn any freehold property into part buy –part rent ‘Your Home’. You simply need 10% cash deposit on the full purchase price, there’s no need for a mortgage and you can buy more or move at any time. Subject to status and certain criteria (please see below for more details), you can buy from 10% -75% and pay rent on the part you don’t buy. Your Home is a part
  7. On smartphones Firefox now supports add-ons. I use the firefox addon Ublock Origin both on desktop and mobile.
  8. I cant remember how i got it but I think there was a link in some thread. I enjoyed using it and it was a great concept.
  9. Having another dig in HPC I found this http://www.propertyanalysis.plus.com/ It seems that ChumpusRex on the forum made Property Hive but the link is dead.
  10. There is a mention of Property Hive on the forum back in 2010.
  11. Another feature I liked in PB was the showing of changes in SSTC. If you could add that option that would be great. There was, back in around 2008, a program called Property hive which allowed you to visualise your Property Bee database. With it you could see changes over time in the number of properties in an area, the average price of 2, 3, 4 bed homes, detached, terraced houses etc. At least I think you could do that with it. It was a great tool which seems to have gone missing since then.
  12. Now I have had a bit more use of the plugin one improvement I think would be how long a change stays yellow. I am not sure how long a new change stays yellow but it feels too long to me. Property Bee I think only stayed yellow for the current and previous day which I prefer. It would then go light blue then dark blue. So having a few more colour indicators would be nice for those who check it a lot.
  13. Someone else recommended another similar addon called Home Buyer. I havent tested it. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/home-buyer-beta/kdmfpdcbfbfgidmchkdakmoihliofnme?hl=en
  14. Getting bored, thanks for making Property Log. It is working well and I dont seem to be having any problems when using iMacros to automate searching Rightmove. If you are after databases I could send you my property bee one. It is only for a 5 mile radius but it goes back to the begininng of 2016
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