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  1. I don't think much will change until there is a significant pain in the cost of living. The slow increase of interest rates isn't going to make much difference until next year assuming it keep going up and it feels more like winter fuel prices may be what type the balance. Even now my impression in the last few months is that 3 bed semis are up 25k in asking price. This seems numbers back up a bit but just slow growth as previously 765 available 2692 inc sstc. 7 day 156, 163 14 day 251, 286
  2. 740 available 2654 inc sstc. 7 day 126, 136. 14 day 230, 274 The decline of the property market is greatly exaggerated around here. It doesn't feel like things are going to change this year.
  3. 763 available 2653 inc sstc. 7 day 137, 153 14 day 248, 299
  4. 748 available 2620 inc sstc. 7 day 141, 150. 14 day 237, 275 It certainly doesn't feel like any down turn is affecting things around here yet.
  5. Doesn't feel that way around here. Unfortunately on the face of it, it seems to be going the wrong way in terms of the number of properties coming on. 717 available 2612 inc sstc. 7 day 119, 129. 14 day 227, 275 The 7 day has dropped back down. But similar numbers have been occurring on the last few months sometimes. Places are obviously still selling though.
  6. 735 available 2592 inc sstc. 7 day 142, 154. 14 day 266, 310 Places are still coming on roughly at the same rate and selling at the same rate it seems. No big change happening yet. My colleague has just had an offer accepted (first place, had never rented before) on a 2 bed with garage, postage stamp sized garden. Not very old inside but not recently done. It was up for 280k and was open house on the weekend. They put in a bid of 300k. No wonder house prices are going up... What is the betting there were not even any other offers.
  7. Forgot to post yesterday 724 available 2594 inc sstc. 7 day 161, 167 14 day 247, 284 checked again today and it is up to 732 usually there isn't much movement of the Saturday. So maybe a little bit things are picking up of just seasonally, it certainly doesn't feel like things have significantly. When it is consistently hitting 50+ more a week on the available then maybe it will feel things have changed.
  8. Tricked again, back under 700 to 693, 2558 Inc SSTC 7 day 111, 117 14 day 216, 269
  9. I just wrote out a load of text then accidently hit the ad then lost it... So if the sentences are poorly formed and have random words in them, it is because I have even less patience than usual (which is very little in the first place) entering text on a smartphone. From my experience in Japan, which is no way as extensive as here in the UK I don't think that is true. I can't keep up when my wife is talking to them especially with lots of medical words being banded about, but from my impression what I can catch and talking about it after they are generally very informative. However, the wife is highly educated and obviously smart so they may treat her differently to other Japanese people. Some doctors she hasn't liked which is where going to another one works out well. I feel like a similar thing happens here though and one can be good and the next not. In my opinion doctors generally feel less knowledgeable in the UK from my limited experience and I think that is because they are too general and not specialised. There rather than having to push for treatment it is more they may give you more than you need. Old people do seem a lot more mobile in Japan, I think mostly it comes down to them not being fat though. I remember coming back from Japan the first time in early 2000's and being shocked at how much fatter teenagers had become. I was only gone for one year... I guess I hadn't really noticed or paid attention before but walking through the town centre i realised how quickly we had gone from being just a handful of people being obese in secondary school in the early to mid 90's to about a quarter to a third by mid 2000's. I think the kids in Japan are getting chubbier too. I haven't been for 4 years now but back then I would put them in the realms of early 90's UK. Still not many obese but there are more not so slim ones now completed to early 2000's Japan. I would say early 2000's was more like early 80's UK. Anyway I'm waffling. The thing about Japan and old people though is they are good at keeping them going when they are really old and sometimes it isn't a good thing. Based on recent experience with my nan, the NHS seems to be on the opposite side and aims to let them go, which isn't always a bad thing.
  10. Having experienced the system in Japan multiple times directly and indirectly, the operational system is far superior in my opinion. Instead of GP's you mostly have specialists. Have a problem with your feet see a podiatrist, problem with your kids see a paediatrician, skin problem dermatologist. If you want a second opinion go to a different one. There are also Jack of all trades GP's as well. They then can refer you to hospitals to see the 'super specialists' if needed. Even in a local dentist they had better full face mascular X ray machines than the county hospital where I live did. Having to pay a little bit in the hospital seemed like the only waste of money because of the admin of it all.
  11. Hopefully this isn't a bit too premature, but it looks like it is on. In the last couple of days the usual amount of houses have come on but SSTC has dropped to the floor. When I checked yesterday none went SSTC and today only 4. Hopefully it isn't a false dawn. 704 available 2546 inc sstc. 7 day 142, 156 14 day 223, 271
  12. This is going so slow.... 664 available 2525 Inc SSTC 7 day 122, 134 14 day 189, 225
  13. Flat this week, it seems the "Platty Joobs" has kept people away. 654 available 2518 inc sstc. 7 day 93, 99 14 day 214, 259
  14. From yesterday, picking up the pace slowly but surely. 650 available 2514 inc sstc 7 day 160, 172 14 day 243, 297
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