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  1. Thanks! I certainly do, it's https://www.propertylog.net/donate When things have calmed down in my day job I will certainly be in touch as I'd love to do more with the data! 😀
  2. Update - July 4th 2019 It's been nearly five months since my last update so I thought it was about to time to post again...! Property Log is still going strong, we've nearly 7k users, and about 1.3k are using it every day which I'm really pleased about. We also survived an attack on the service where someone was hammering our API using 11 AWS servers simultaneously for a few hours... clearly someone doesn't like us 😀 Whilst those usage stats are interesting to me as the extension's creator, the most important stat is the number of daily reductions. See the chart below: As you can see, from the start of 2019 the number of daily reductions on Rightmove has been increasing. If you think it's because the number of users has gone up then you'd be wrong, we've had full daily coverage on Rightmove for about a year 😀 The patterns in the daily reductions are quite interesting too, during the summer holidays it goes quiet, then the number drops towards Xmas and then ramps back up again. Reductions are mainly found Monday to Saturday with Sunday's showing hardly any drops (understandable). I would also like to thank those who donate on a monthly basis (you know who you are), it really does help keep this project alive.
  3. Number of properties reduced on Rightmove each day is still hovering around the 3k mark. Hasn't really changed much in the last year...
  4. Just paid nearly £500 in fees on a new rental... Extortionate but we really wanted the house. A few days after moving in we received a big bunch of flowers and a pack of personalised 'We've moved' cards from the EA...! I'd have rather not got the freebies and paid less in fees!
  5. Crazy but then we are dealing with such small volume now. You only have to look at the BBC Business page today to see that it's all doom and gloom...! Btw, there are now 3-4k price reductions every day on Rightmove.
  6. I'd like to thank everyone for the generous donations that have come in over the last 24 hours, they're really appreciated and will cover this month's hosting costs :) I haven't posted for a while but wanted to give you a bit of an update... usage of the extension has gone up massively however there are still only ~3k reductions per day on Rightmove. I'm sure this number will increase in coming months when the UK economy goes downhill and sellers start chasing the market down. Also, we're at nearly 4k users, 1k of which use the extension every day which is amazing!
  7. We had comments functionality in the extension for a couple of weeks when first launched but following lots of private messages and advice from members on here I decided to remove it. I really didn't want any legal headaches that could have come from it because all it takes is one seller to kick off and it could jeopardise the whole project.
  8. I added comments functionality to the Property Log Chrome Extension but removed it after about a week because I had a dozen or so private messages on here saying it was a bad idea and that I was opening myself up for a lot of trouble... Shame really as in the week it was active a LOT of comments were added!
  9. Not possible I'm afraid, sorry. As another poster mentioned that data is in an image, not all properties have floor plans and it would be so much work to even attempt to try and get a small fraction of the required data. I have 75% of the data to do this, I'd need to fill in a lot of blanks to make it accurate though. Filling in the blanks and creating the tools to display this data is my next project. Not possible at the moment, I don't have the freehold/leasehold data. I did start to set up a Patreon a couple of months ago but didn't finish it. I will look into it again, thanks. Over the last couple of days I've been working on some charts ready for the 1st October to show total new instructions/reductions per month etc. I now have the charts but I'm not completely happy with the totals of the new instructions chart as I'm missing some data (16%) on some of the properties for it (whether it's rental or for sale). This means it's not as accurate as I'd like (I'm happy with the trend though which is the important factor here). I think it would be impossible to get 100% accurate totals unless you had Righmove's actual DB anyway so I'm not going to get too hung up on it.
  10. I was looking at some data this evening and came across this: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-54221811.html I'll see if I can find some more!
  11. I actually have the title for a third of the properties but I stupidly decided against scraping it at the start because I wanted to make the extension as fast as possible and reduce data transfer etc. I should have captured it from the start, it's not too late to fill in the blanks but it will mean the data won't be as accurate... Re: PayPal - I've figured it out, I was using paypal.me for the donate button, I've changed it to use the classic one on the website (http://www.propertylog.net/donate) and it now gives the option of card. I'll change the link in the extension in the next release. This will be in the next version as it was requested recently.
  12. Any ideas on what I could use? All the GoFundMe type websites are charity related? It's only partly doable as I don't have the number of bedrooms and property type unfortunately. I can allow for filtering on area, postcode etc so will definitely get that one created. I started work on the Firefox plugin but ran into some problems so still need to finish it. Out of curiosity I just checked the browser market share stats (http://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share) and Firefox usage is extremely low so therefore I think only a handful of people would use it! Also, thanks to everyone who donated yesterday, it's really appreciated
  13. Update - 24th September It's been two months since my last post (sorry about that!) so I figured it was time for a quick update. The summer holidays saw a massive drop in the number of reductions found (no surprise really) but normal service has resumed and we're now seeing ~4000 reductions each day (Mon - Sat). The drop in reductions wasn't due to the lack of extension usage (it was pretty steady throughout) and we've got daily full England & Wales coverage but quite simply it's because the market went a bit quiet! Before the school holidays the daily average was about 3000 and then it literally fell off a cliff! The increase in the last couple of weeks isn't really because of an increased number of users (we're only seeing a handful of new users each day) but there is significant asking price adjustment going on throughout England & Wales. I've been working on some graphs which I'll post on the 1st October, the monthly reductions total is quite interesting! I shall also create one for new instructions as I feel that could be useful for us all. If anyone has any ideas about what other graphs/charts would be useful I'm all ears! Also, I'd like to thank those who have kindly donated towards the running costs, it's very much appreciated. If every user donated £2 a month I could give up work, however, last month's donations totalled about £35 which only covers about half my server costs If you'd like to make a small donation then click here.
  14. 39% drop (4 reductions) here: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-64835875.html There are dozens of properties that I see every day that are reduced for the 4/5th time...! You can see the reductions using the Property Log Chrome Extension. Sorry for the plug!
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