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  1. Keep the faith RealistBear...Cant believe its been 5 years since I first joined HPC, I'm still a bear. They are coming down again, and thats not Katie Prices knickers I'm talking about.
  2. A slight increase knowing the Halifluxuating measure.
  3. Theres no doubt that 0.5% interest rates have helped cushion the fall this time as a lot of people have been relieved of high mortgage costs. However, what we are currently seeing is the result of a lot of pent up demand for housing from people that HAVE money that have been wanting to buy for the last year or so but put it off due to crashing prices. This will not last. The correction process will continue after this current dead cat bounce.
  4. Yeah but, no but, yeah but.... What percentage of the market of new mortgages does nationwide actually occupy nowadays???? Cant be above 10%. Probably mid single-digits? This can hardly be refelective. In fact you have to call into question the halifux index as well seeing as both of them are minority players now.
  5. Yes they have, to people who have tracker mortgages. Hence my rate is now 3.27%, BBBR+0.27%!!! This website is sooooo slow nowadays, its one of the reasons I visit very often.
  6. I think so. We're currently experiencing financial armageddon, and thats before the recession that will cause even more problems and defaults for people, businesses and banks. Higher taxes will result, with banks not lending to anyone with a triple A rated platinum credit record for the next 5/10 years. And somehow house prices will be immune? House prices are going to fall a long long way yet.
  7. WE need to produce a list of all the politicians, journalists, economists, housing experts(!), that harped on about the supply and demand bullpoo. Kenneth Clarke was one of them on Newsnight. Never forget it.
  8. A bit like the way the foreigners are picking up all that US property??! I dont think so.
  9. Because of supply and demand!!! LACK OF SUPPLY!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHHHAHHHAHHAAAHAHH!!!! I think we all know what causes demand, and thats easy money, which has sailed into the sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye housing market!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL
  10. Yeah I made the comment via the "send in a comment" link on the website for his show, whilst streaming it through windows media player listening to it through headphones at work!! Yeah I think most people went ouch when the woman mentioned 15% stamp duty!! Makes our 1, 3 and 4% look fairly miniscule. Interesting point about just having one band for all house purchases. I cant see the logic for having a high percentage stamp duty on a higher value house. Apart from that is, to make more money for UK plc. It would also stop those stupid games around the 250k mark.
  11. Had my comment read out on the radio during the comments and e-mail section. "I know a simple way to increase house sale transactions and that is for sellers and estate agents to reduce their asking prices, NOT to artificially stimulate the market" via Stamp Duty. Feeling rather chuffed now. Several million people should be much the wiser, and a grim reality check for those greedy sellers. HA HA HA HA HA ps. Well done FP. Gordon Brown's argument was limp and pathetic. His credibility was dealt a serious blow when he hinted has a property portfolio.
  12. Hmm. Kenneth Clarke - what a prat. This is the same whisky addict who was on Newsnight about a year ago, probably less, trumpeting that "UK house prices will not suffer like the US due to less supply" He was with another woman, I cant remember her name, but she looked like death warmed up.
  13. Been a member since Dec 2005. Couldnt quite believe how much the house went for next door, and knew the madness had to end soon. About 2 years out, thanks to a stupid interest rate reduction! Since that time I have accumulated much knowledge and wisdom from the many excellent posters on here, and on tinternet, through a general interest of all things economic. Now that the crash is underway, I must admit I dont visit the forums thats often. Mainly because most of the bulls have effed off, and the general population is on the house price crash bandwagon now. Where is Casual Observer these
  14. Why extend the term? Pay more in interest?? You should be reducing the term in a low IR environment.
  15. 32% now! Keep voting!!! We can make 50%!
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