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  1. Kzb, are you Scottish? Do you live or work up here?
  2. The Rangers dressing room has a picture of the queen in it. The majority of their fans are brainwashed into hating Scotland.
  3. Sadly there are obvious patterns when it comes to who votes No… Weathly? Live in the borders or affluent parts of Edinrbugh? Support Rangers? All 99% no voters.
  4. The Tories just represent a realistic political extreme that we shouldn’t have to deal with up here. (The Tories would still exist in a wholly independent Scottish parliament - they’d just need a rebrand!!!). The founding principle I base my desire for independence on is the notion that the people best placed to guide and manage Scotland are those that live and work here. No one else. I’m sorry but I don’t want my taxes going to Westminster to get a fraction back. I don’t want to fund a royal family, English vanity projects or sporting events. I don’t want to pay a tv license for the unionist propaganda machine that sell us short and belittle the smaller nations. I’m tired the likes of the Westminster elite such as Mogg relishing the chance to strike the colonial iron fist on wee Scots. It’s all about power. It’s entrained in the elite to rule and conquer. Scotlands just a bitch on the bed post. Canny have them stand on their own two feet.
  5. Open up two Wikipedia pages and place them neatly side by side - one showing the Scottish Elections and the other the UK. Scroll back through each result, noting the winning party and their vote share. Now try to spin us the ‘never kissed a Tory’ or ‘Short-termist’ BS. It won’t change up here because there are 2 or 3 million people that either want independence and/or will never vote Tory. Labour may change their tune on independence if they think it’ll help them into power.
  6. I genuinely believe Scotland would be a fairer and more prosperous country were it to break free from the UK. Our dominant political party stand for these ideals, and even prior to formally working in partnership with the Greens, they’ve already delivered progressive policies on energy and climate that prove that commitment. With the limited powers we have - we do our best to mitigate the likes of the Tory’s cuts to the child payment . As it stands though, we simply don’t have the fiscal levers to tackle the widespread poverty and social inequality in this country - that is one of the fundamental reasons for wanting independence. It’s not about oil and being wealthy, it’s about creating a fairer society. You ask is the win more important than reduced division? Well, that’s a rather paradoxical question if you ask me. If the majority of Scots vote for independence (because they obviously believe in it), then it’s only fit and proper that we collectively as a nation become independent. If the answer is No in 2023/2024, then I can’t see another vote happening in my lifetime because a No in the face of what we’ve recently endured suggests the electorate will never change their minds.
  7. You can’t be seriously suggesting Scots ditch the SNP in the UK GE because you acknowledge our votes are worthless?! You’re asking us to completely give up on having any sort of voice in Westminster?! Look at the last 4 Holyrood elections and answer my question… With pro-independence support essentially at 50% across the country - and with the SNP being the only big party supporting that objective - how on earth do you argue that status quo with change in the next 20-30 years?! You’re obtusely ignoring the clear evidence that politically Scotland and England are on different pages. It’s not going to change for many decades and regardless of that - millions of people in Scotland want independence…
  8. Tory sleaze is incomparable to that of labour or indeed SNP. The examples you give are very weak and go back many, many years!!!
  9. This Tory government is 12 years and counting. A corrupt, deceitful, disingenuous bunch that could easily be re-elected in a couple of years time. The Scot’s haven’t voted for a Tory government in 70 years. Labour are the only realistic hope of unseating the Tories, were only briefly in power in Scotland when Holyrood was formed at the turn of the century. The SNP have won the last 4 elections up here - increasing their vote share with each result!! You say short-termist but there is nothing to suggest over the last 20 years that there will be a seismic shift up here that’ll see either the Tories elected, or Scotland and Englands support for labour aligned.
  10. The unionists use the ‘divisive’ line a lot and speak of families that split up over the question of independence. I call BS on that and would suggest politics itself is more polarising than the matter of the constitution. The NO vote is skewed heavily towards the older generation and Scotlands very few Tory voters. It’s irrefutable that the YES vote will continue to grow here. So I’m not concerned about when we become independent because I know it’ll happen eventually. Westminster isn’t going to change, hence a lot of Scots want away. Just remember - every time you hear the Tories say ‘not now’ or the media focus independence as being all about Sturgeon - remember that over 2 million Scot’s want independence. Probably more. I think at this point in time the YES vote is sitting low 50s and a positive campaign could get it to about 57/58%.
  11. EFTA is another option. I think right now just any alternative to perpetual Westminster rule would be better for Scotland. Our oil is finally running out so the UK government might just let us go now.
  12. Property prices have only went one way and it’s to the detriment of the next generation which includes my kids. Millions of people have made a killing on property, literally thousands of millionaires created from bricks and mortar, and I’m afraid I don’t believe any crash now will neutralise or reverse that. Too many people have cashed out. If it’s any consolation I consider myself to of missed the boat because I cannot fathom property becoming more affordable in my lifetime. Especially due to the dire state of our economy. Do people here honestly think a crash will mean cheaper homes?! The best we can hope for is prices rolling back 10-15%, but take a look at mortgage rates by the time that happens, and good luck renovating you’re new place when a sheet of mdf cost £42.
  13. I don’t know which way the vote will go in 2023/2024, or if indeed there will even be a vote. I’d just like it to be democratic and fought in good spirit among Scot’s as was the case in 2014. What I do know is if Brexit and Boris hasn’t swayed people then it’s now or never - because there won’t be another referendum for probably the remainder of my working life. The SNP were given one last chance to deliver indyref2 at the last election. And boy have they dragged their feet on it.
  14. Because not only would preventing Scotland joining be completely irrational, it would also be a two fingers to England that I trust the EU would take great pleasure in raising.
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