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  1. I check central Scotland, Fife and Perthshire daily and I’d say it’s still a little too early to say what’s happening. The market is stagnant but prices seem to be at the same rip-off levels of 2019/2020. Lots of properties are stuck on the market however and ‘new’ listings are normally just reductions. A lack of new places highlights this which is good. My reluctance to dare to dream that this is really happening is because invariably I click on these listings and prices seem to be up 20-30% on 2015. That leaves a HUGE margin before we get back to 2008 levels... Prices fal
  2. We generate more in taxes that we get back from the UK treasury. That’s an irrefutable fact and it’s because Scotland is rich in natural resources as well as renewables. Independence isn’t about money anyway. It’s about Scotland seldom sharing the same political views as England so we get governments that don’t represent the broader views of our people. The unionists can relax a bit for now as the BBCs programme of brainwashing has upped its game in response to the ‘yes’ vote now regularly hitting the high 50s. Andrew Marr was leading the attack on Sturgeon this morning - a complete
  3. I give this comment a good 8 out of 10 on the stereotypical English arrogance-ometer. Scotlands far wealthier than England - In every aspect of the word.
  4. Its the arrogance people can’t stomach and your comment captures it perfectly. You think Londoners get a raw deal? Did they not enjoy their £10 billion Olympic Games during the recession? What about the eye-wateringly expensive £110 billion HS2 project that the south stands to benefit from? That’ll perk them up after Boris’ Garden Bridge fell through having cost £53,000,000 without a shovel even breaking the ground. I don’t think you have idea how tired people are of seeing their towns fall into a state of disrepair due to spending cuts while at the same time seeing sickening sums sp
  5. So your argument is that as Shetland tends to be pro-union, regardless of it equating to 0.004% of Scotland’s overall population, a vote for independence by the remainder of the country would somehow be unfair on them?! So much so that independence, or even a vote for it, is unjustified in your view. You don’t seem to recognise that the SNP have been democratically elected to represent people in Scotland. Their poplular vote share trounced their opposition by a far greater margin than the Tories beat car crash Corbyn. I’m not interested in personal wealth, I’d just rather see our tax
  6. Surely you mean ‘what will the UK treasury do when our oil reserves run out’?! Scotland carries the UK on exports. We are rich in food/drink, renewables, textiles, oh and water of course!
  7. Can you blame them? Boris - “Furlough ends in October, no exceptions. Screw you Manchester and Scotland - we control taxes around here”. A month later his administrations woeful handling of covid sees cases spiral out of control so back comes the job retention scheme only when his neck of the woods requires it. Unless you live or work in Scotland you’ll never understand how oppressed we are under Westminster rule. They just milk us for our produce and natural resources. We’d be one of the wealthiest countries in the world if we went it alone, and that’s why your Tory gover
  8. I would take that formula with a pinch of salt - It doesn’t capture the endless vanity projects south of the border that are of no benefit whatsoever to the other nations. I’m not particularly interested an indyref2 right now but if the SNP continue to be successful in forthcoming elections and opinion poles continue to show a strong movement toward independence then that can’t be ignored.
  9. If that were true then why do successive UK governments fight tirelessly to keep Scotland in the UK? We get far less back than we pay in and the rest of the UK benefits enormously from what our natural resources and exports. I always thought they would let us leave once the oil ran out but we keep finding more. We need to get smart about that and pretend there is none left!!
  10. We’re talking about an entire nation with its own devolved government voting for an outcome they stood no chance of securing. Which came very shortly after a campaign to quash independence that was founded on the notion that remaining in the UK was the only way to guarantee Scotland’s place in Europe. It stands to reason that with any vote you’ll have regions and indeed large swathes of voters that don’t get the outcome they desired - but you seem very reluctant to acknowledge that an entire country voting contrary to another has any significance. Particularly when the outcome is as cata
  11. Well here is the result of that poll incase you’ve forgotten.
  12. Scotland voted to remain in the EU but was dragged out despite Darling and his merry men promising us a vote to remain was the only way to guarantee our place in Europe. Sure, the “Once in a generation” tag line used by the SNP was a bit mischievous, but wouldn’t it be sorely undemocratic to tell a generation of young voters that their elders made a decision 5/10 years ago and they should suck it up for another 30. I think English voters have to respect the result of the Brexit referendum because there hasn’t been a material change of circumstances. How this has played out has been
  13. I really hope this is the start of a consistent downward trend. A relative of mine stuck his house on at 350k. Its a sought after area but it was pretty tired. Some clown came along and offered 380K which bowled me over (above historic prices and it needed work doing). Next thing you know the sale falls through and I hide my satisfaction as I feel its an indicator of what's about to start. Yea well more fool me as they immediately got another offer of 385K and that's it now completed. Sigh.
  14. I’ve been interested in property prices for almost 15 years and naturally I quiz friends and colleagues when they buy/sell! I like to know if they considered historic prices. Did they research that particular street or consider how it would impact their finances if rates went up or prices fell. I can’t recall anyone buying without giving their bid a lot of thought. The many people Ive spoken to over the years all seem to do their research and give huge consideration as to how much to borrow. I do it myself - decrying others for wasting money or living above their means but
  15. Yea I’m not convinced there is a 32 year old Rachael posting here 😌
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