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  1. Yes, why bother with sensible customers when the government will bail you out! Also, you're right about them wanting to trap people into high borrowing fees.
  2. Didn't the Lancet come out with an article saying Sputnik V was no good? Later they published something saying it was actually at least as effective as other vaccines. Nevertheless no one will recognize it in the West. This particular anti vaccine propaganda originated in the West (specifically the Lancet).
  3. Yes it is - and I didn't ask for that either. They just kept increasing my limit (the limit has been static for a long time - I'm talking about pre 2007).
  4. Barclaycard have just gone ahead and reduced my limit from £15,000 to £250. When they told me they were going to do it I phoned up. I sent them my full tax return and called in at the branch to make sure they wouldn't do it (not that I need to borrow £15,000 but somehow it's nice to have the option). Anyway, at the branch they assured me it wouldn't happen - and the deadline came and went with no change. Recently I wanted to pay a bill for £300. It wouldn't go through. I contacted them and they told me my limit was £250. And now they are adamant that they can't change their mind. I googled a bit and found they had done something similar to 100,000 customers - though they have allowed some to escape the chop. What does Barclaycard know that I don't!? Time to buy physical gold and store of food? Will crypto be any good when the lights go off? What do you think?
  5. Or a massive increase in average wages - thanks to stagflation.
  6. It's not my motherland. Also, I don't think seeds of doubt originated from Russia. Seeds of doubt about vaccines in general started with MMR - I don't know if any particular country sowed those seeds. My best guess of an origin is - The USA.
  7. That proves only that the vaccine doesn't work if you don't take it. Also, I don't think they hacked "data" from anyone. Data is not a vaccine. I don't think they stole the vaccine from anyone either. They were among the first to produce a vaccine - because they avoided any of the strange and complicated methods used by Pfizer.
  8. Pfizer "lobbied" harder than anyone else I guess. Also, why is everyone pretending that Sputnik V isn't a thing?
  9. You think 80 million people voted for the senile buffoon? 70 million postal votes comes in pretty handy when the candidate has no charisma, no functioning brain and no clue.
  10. You didn't say that - I did. I said Reagan, Bush and Trump are not responsible for the "woke" PC PS that is infesting Western Culture at present. I am aware that I was making the point that the US is no longer the ideal set of values. I said you sounded woke because you brought Regan, Bush and Trump into the discussion, when the decline of US cultural values has nothing to do with them. Why did you pick out 3 republican Presidents if not because of wokeness? This is not "name calling" - it's clarifying your position. Why did you pick out those three guys?
  11. You sound a bit "woke" - Regan, Bush and Trump are not responsible for the "woke" PC BS that is infesting Western Culture at present. Quite the opposite.
  12. Hello one and all, was it you I used to know? It seems I survived the last crash (not really a house price crash - more of a general financial catastrophe). So, I've decided to pop back on here and see what you guys think of the state of things now. I'll put my questions into the appropriate places.
  13. This comment aged well. The USA has lost the plot with its BS, PC, dumbed-down cultural influence. It was one thing when they were exporting jazz in the 30's and Rock from the 50's to the 70's - but nowadays... WTF are they offering?
  14. They're all selling up to go and live on the top of a pole like Simon Stylites? Every one of the houses being sold will be bought by someone.
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