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  1. I think what you don't seem to be taking into consideration here is people are thick. I don't mean that in a bad way either. Just poor people who have never had anything in their lives. They struggle on the minimum wage or close to it, buy their council house because the government tells them it's a good thing and 5 minutes later get told they have £100,000 equity. A friendly mortgage broker tells them they can remortgage and release £30k or so and away they go. I've sat in front of there people. They never tell you rates could rise and your payment will go up to XXXX amount. Only how cheap it is to borrow. I was gutted at work yesterday listening to a young lad who has just signed up for a £1100 a month mortgage. Straight away his boiler has blown up. As we are quiet at work I asked him how he was paying for it. He told me they had borrowed extra and we're using that money. Now you know I'm not as gloomy on the housing market as you lot but I think it's madness to be lending a young couple 6 x salary at the moment. Prices will go back up but next 2 years will ruin you for life if you go down. Those who can sit it out will be sitting pretty.
  2. Sorry to burst your bubble. House prices have only gone down 12%. Don't get all carried away. You won't be able to get a mortgage for one anyway. Get ready for the spring bounce. I've seen it and it's going to happen. I've also noticed asking prices going up.
  3. I can see the headlines now. Sibley...........How did he know? He's smarter than Bill Gates. Did he see it in the stars? I think he's Gordon Brown. No back peddling you lot. Houses on the mend now. Get the STR fund out of the bank and buy that studio flat.
  4. Yeah but I was on £40 a week in 1980. Unless you want a wage cut I'd keep quiet.
  5. Trust me. In my trade Poles have ruined everything. Half the work has been lost and wages gone down. Plenty of Brits out of work as well.
  6. Yes it does. Renters have friends. BTL landlords have family members who want a place but can't buy. This threads taken it out of me today. You've all done me in keep arguing. I'm a broken man.
  7. The problem is once you have been on here you will be expecting to go out and see big discounts on all houses. In reality you'll be lucky to get more than 10% off peak.
  8. As it happens. You're probably right but I hope you're wrong. Honestly though. It's a miracle but I have actually seen houses moving this month. God knows why and Tommie my mate in America was well upbeat about sales rising today. I guess we'll all have to wait and see how it pans out. I can't believe we are really in for trauma like spoken about on here.
  9. OK, fair cop. Courtney Rd in the benchmark isn't it?
  10. I'm sorry. I don't understand your Maidstone class and family tree chart. I don't think I'm better than anyone else.
  11. Look if you're going to start nit picking. I live in Loose Valley. No secret there. I've said before. I drive down Loose round, around Sheals Crescent and pick my colleague up in Beverly Rd. Then we make our way to work which is another hour away (hence car share to save petrol). Are you happy with that?
  12. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Let me guess. You rent a flat in Courtney Road. Take a drive to Sheals Cresent in Maidstone. 4 x Sold Signs. 2 x For Let and 2 x For Sale. Beverly Road in Barming 3 x Sold Signs 1 x For Let. That's just on my way to work. Maidstones not the only place doing ok selling houses. Isle Of Sheppey is experiencing a wave of buyers. Things really on the move and I'll prove it. Wait until retail figures for Christmas are released this week. It won't be as bad as you are expecting. You'll be walking around with tombstones in your eyes wondering why the sky didn't cave in after all. I can see your rents going up this year as well.
  13. Don't you dare drop 1 pence to Gazundering. They need your house more than you need their money. If they were serious buyers they wouldn't try it on and risk losing the house. Just wait for the next buyer. There will be one.
  14. The sites all wonky tonight. What's going on? Have the owners gone down in the credit crunch or legged it because they know HPI is back.
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