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  1. I sold in early 2017. Land registry still not updated. Called them to ask why and to correct. They are under obligation to reply within 5 working days. Let's see.
  2. hp72

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Homo sapiens emerged after the late pleistone period around 90,000 years ago. I only know this off the top of my head from helping my 8 year old with homework last week! But Gaia theory and Malthusian hypothesis agree wit you. As do I.
  3. Or are they now CLO? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4159460-clos-next-cdos
  4. Dejavu. I know it's a zombie thread, but it's exactly what's happening again. Why can't people see it? @eric pebbleyou seem to have an imposter with the same avatar and similar name.
  5. Hmm. Very 2007. Couple of weeks ago I stopped at a service station next to a £209k Bentley Bentayga W12 Mulliner. By happenstance the owner came back to it. Swapped a couple of courtesies. He was dressed like an art dealer. I asked about his non-personalised number plate with the letters "CDO" in it. He smiled and said it had all worked out well and still is. So smug, I wanted to punch him. For those who may not know what that is, refer to here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subprime_crisis_impact_timeline https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collateralized_debt_obligation
  6. Is that base rate or LIBOR?
  7. Where's @Eric to comment on LL's? I regretted getting a 7x joint income mortgage in 2007 for almost £400k. 10 years later I almost signed up for a £640k mortgage (<60% LTV) then recoiled at my own stupidity and sold to rent. Best thing I could of done. Still got a 400sqm house for less than the interest would have been. Never mind the capital repayment that would have enslaved. me over the succeeding 20 years.
  8. hp72

    Rare Landlord prosecution

    It likely will be. Not quite on the scale of $2,300,000,000,000 (yep - $2.3 Trilli0n and later reassessed as $8.5T) Donald R. umsfeld announced was 'unaccounted for' on September 10th, 2001. Hmm. The next day was quite news worthy for other reasons including a jet airliner that managed to squeeze through a 4-foot hole into the accounting department responsible for finding it. Bit off topic, I know. But re: Judith (local shop). Let let the fair and just legal system follow its course to absolutely bleeding nowhere...
  9. Don't forget those who turn the roll so the paper falls against the wall and not the consumer...
  10. hp72

    i hope he wins and gets damages also

    What's telling, and sad (in relation to another almost-winner) is in the last paragraph. 'I would be able to get a mortgage and go on a nice holiday. '
  11. Apologies. I can see that the current asking prices not for the over 60s but the historical prices were linked to that scheme: Key features Over 60s only under Homewise's lifetime lease plan Discounts range from 8.5% to 59% The actual price you will pay depends on your age, personal circumstances and property criteria
  12. The blocked lane on a roundabout can be countered using "Brooks gambit" where one goes into the empty Lane goes all the way around the roundabout and comes off at the junction one wished to. I've done around 2 million miles driving in 30 years, and doing the IAM test in 1999 meant I am much more relaxed & refreshed and I don't get stressed out by bad (not dangerous) driving by others. Plus I almost always get mpgs that are way above what the manufacturer say can be achieved. But back to topic.. if the number of people who died on the roads was transcribed into violent crime that's a very sad story but we seem to accept lt in our stride.
  13. I'm wondering when the "recent" exposure to WiFi, mobile phones, heavily chlorinated and flourided tap water, microwave ovens (see the studies on ice crystal formation on microwaved h2o) and chemicals in food and cosmetics (not to forget the aforementioned particulates from vehicles) will manifest into quantified statistics. As long as the vested interests Who made lots and lots of money out of all these things are ok and have retired / passed away then......?
  14. Alas, not quite what it seems. Its one of the " available to the over 60s and the longer we think you'll live for the more you'll pay until you die, then we take it back from your estate." listings. Somewhere there will be a corresponding listing for the "we want Joe Public to pay something that's 5 times more than it should be".
  15. hp72

    Random Scientific Musing of the Day

    Have you looked at Buckminster fuller's (as in buckyball / nanotechnology) theory on crystalline multiverses which has been expanded on with the concept of "E8"? He designed and had built, early last century, many geodesic domes that are supposedly lighter than the air inside them! Also, some of Nicola Tesla's creations are being tested such as the "Milford Tesla Tower" which theoretically can create virtually free, unlimited electricity and _transmit that power wirelessly thousands of miles_. Hugely exciting if proven, safe and allowed to the open populace. Suspect the latter will never happen as it'll be weaponised if the provenance of the owners of the company who own it is anything to go by.

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