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  1. 'And the average local authority secondary school debt is £483,000' From BBC news site. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-46826990 Does anyone know if this debt is held by individual schools, and if so does it appear on the national debt figure I once spoke to a Naval officer who told me every boat had its own overdraft facility. If it does not appear in the national debt figure, you have to wonder how many other goverment bodies are disguising the debt.
  2. Guess who will solve the BT pension problem. https://www.btpensions.net/information/crown-guarantee When BT was privatised in 1984 a Crown guarantee was put in place.
  3. Is the loan from RBS in the good bank or the bad bank? Presumably more fencing can be found to extend ring fencing if it needs to be moved from the good bank to the bad bank. And they can get an estimate from Carillion to erect it.
  4. if this figure of £50 per month is true then surely there is big trouble coming. It is not just rent that goes up. 2.5% inflation on all outgoings of £2000/month =£50. Lucky inflation is nowhere near 2.5% What do the BOE stress tests allow for? Perhaps an extra 50p per week of expenditure.
  5. Did Esther work whilst bringing up her 3 children?
  6. Are my calculations/assumptions correct? I am assuming he pays 40% tax. 40% of 500K = 20K This means he is paying 500K interest per year on his btl mortgage. Assuming 5% interest rate on the loan. He has 1 million loan. This is over 10%. Oh those naughty banks. It is also highly likely he does not have as much equity as he thinks. As a self declared fair landlord he won't be charging more than 5% yield on his property which would give him 450K. Oh dear! Oops.
  7. He stated that credit card companies would not be able to charge total interest greater than the original loan. Since there is no term on a credit card , I don't see how this would be workable. Unless credit card loans become term loans of 3 years. I think this may turn out to be more of an aspiration than a policy.
  8. To summarise the article: The United States has now officially accumulated a $20 trillion debt. This is over $167,000 per tax payer. Total American debt (the combination of government, business, mortgage, and consumer debt) is approaching $68 trillion. That $68 trillion equates to $567,800 per tax payer, how can there not be complete panic over the complete failure of the capitalist system. Surely no one can think it is possible to pay this back.
  9. If the average house price is £220k (this may not be correct). Then that is over 10% price drops. I know these are only asking prices, but if reported as over 10% drops, that doesn't sound good for those who enjoy/need ever increasing prices.
  10. surely the highly intelligent professors at our universities will not have been duped into investing in a ponzi scheme.
  11. "The UK taxpayer invested at around £5 per share and this morning’s price is £2.44" Why were they supposedly worth £5/share. I have never understood why they didn't take 100% of the company for £1. The bank is still worth nothing even with unlimited taxpayer support.
  12. "Lewisham council said each home cost £156,000 to build, about 20% cheaper than a typical council home. " If they have to be moved in 5 years thus incurring new site costs: Access Sewer Electricity Supply Foundation Fencing Outside Lighting Planning Legal fees to name but a few of the costs I can quickly think of. Does this not make it an extremely expensive form of housing. Just spend the extra 20% and have a house for 100+ years.
  13. The real problem comes when you sell your house and HMRC ask for the capital gains tax on the part of the house that is not a dwelling but dedicated to business use. This can obviously be a very expensive mistake. Never use a room in your house solely for business.
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