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  1. If labelling something you disagree with makes you feel better than sure, I'm just making an observation in my reply to you. I just find it strange you have to be toxic in your replies for no apparent reason other than because there's a disagreement.
  2. It seems to be something over the past 5 years, you cant just have a discussion any more. Everything is so polarized now there's no talk, just hatred behind the message.
  3. I agree, honestly have no idea how/what direction this whole mess will go in. I cant see how wage inflation will not happen though
  4. Again you're just being rude and emotional. The irony is history provides all the evidence you need and that's all you can base on. On the other hand your opinions are based on just opinion.
  5. Because some people may not be in the position that you are thinking along the lines from. If i was single and money waiting, 100% would do what you suggest.
  6. This forum isn't just for yourself to post spiteful emotionally filled comments. If you cant discuss or handle people with a deferring view to yourself without acting like an emotion mess or being abusive then obviously the issue may lie more with yourself. I was here 15 years before you signed up and I can tell you people were saying the same as yourself back then. Prices crashed and they came back up. I never said house prices only go up. I agree they move in cycles. What I can tell you for almost a fact is that over the next 25 year cycle the price of an average home will be far more than it is now. There are plenty of reason why someone with/cash or a decent deposit will be fine buying now over the next full cycle.
  7. At some point over a new 25 year mortgage, house prices will be higher if not significantly higher than they are now. If you have a decent deposit and want someone to actually live. Then just buy and live your life.
  8. And so it begins! Was always tempted to STR for a few years last last year but the hassle, and costs probably wont make it worthwhile headache with a family. Full expect 10% within the next 12 months possibly 20% with the next 18 months. No idea really after that as anything and everything in this world currently seems to be going backwards!
  9. The fact you think someone who bought a house 10 years ago is a "debt slave" says the opposite. They've probably done far better than you have. Try not to be so bitter, a drop will happen, just not as much as you hope it will... and make sure you take it when it presents itself.
  10. So you predict somethings going to happen, but with no thought out process in how thats going to happen with timelines etc. This is like listening to some of my friends in the pub trying to talk about economics.
  11. I think mainly during Covid, I thought it may have caused a crash then and wanted to seek viewpoints. You have to take everything with a pinch of salt and its good to get a sentiment from posters on the economy etc. +Theres not many decent forums that discuss economic issues even tho generally its a biased view.
  12. I have been a long time poster and changed to lurker after being burnt a bit by my decisions being influenced by the majority of people on here in the early 00's. (Had to use a new account as I forgot my 17 year old login!) I took advice and made decisions by refraining from buying in 2003 and did not end up buying until 2015. Basically from what I see, post examples has never changed from what I saw back in 2003/4 on this site with exactly the same comments and sentiments just packaged differently. I find some peoples claims at 80% drops as crazy but obviously people are entitled to voice what they think. I am curious as to peoples situations, and obviously don't be too specific as this is a public domain but where do you currently stand in the grand scheme of things? and what do you expect to happen ? Me.. well... As mentioned I bought in 2015, the current equity in our house has 6x folded from our initial deposit (obviously speculative subject to house price values dropping/rising), we are on a 7 year fixed which ends in 2029 @ 1.65%. The interest rates for the next 7 years do not affect me really, I'm planning on overpaying to reduce the capital down to a small amount for my final mortgage renewal at the end of the decade. Am I a "Debt Slave"? .. Yes. Do I feel like I'm in trouble ? No... Do I feel like everyone's in trouble in general with things? Yes. I expect rates to rise, inflation to eventually drop over 12-18 months, and rates to steady out around 3.5-4%. I expect property prices to drop from current values by about 20% over the next 2 years and steady out with minor YoY drop/rises after that. If wages spiral up, house prices will spiral back up, if rates go down, prices again will go back up. I paid rent for 15 years and spent almost as much on rent as I could have bought a house outright for, but I did not because I listened to posters on here 18 years ago saying the same things. Im not saying its the same now, but I feel emotions and frustration blind peoples expectations. I said many years ago on here about Gordon Brown, never underestimate the government willpower in trying anything to prop/help the housing market. Its been the same for 20 years now (and never used to be like this in the early 90's). And I don't think it will ever change.
  13. I was here in 2004, they piped on about crashes for a while. In 2008 they got a 20% discount when the entire financial system collapsed, didn't take it and continue to same mantra.
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