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  1. I'll be saying in 6 months ...I told you so. Look around. The media will catch up eventually, but by then it will be too late for many with limited deposits and those with hopes of a bigger property.
  2. I don't know where the UOE is now in the league tables but I know 10 years ago it was just below the top five for quite a few years and I was very proud to get an offer.
  3. Lmao. Oh how I've missed watching hormonal Kirstie.
  4. You make a good point, but at the end of the day it's about protecting my family, our home and our future. I wouldn't base my plans on what I may or may not get from the government. Do you think they will really carry on with SMI for much longer?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Some really helpful responses. 0.5% ....the rate situation does matter because it's not going to be easy at all to pay off this mortgage, we're going to have to go without a lot over the next couple of years, but we want to be able to give our kids every opportunity at an age when they would start to remember things. That's the only reason we are doing this.
  6. Honestly, we can't wait anymore. Been out of the property market nearly 10 years and we have a family now. Wife wants more babies and I just want to keep her happy now. That was my gut feeling a tracker. Just scared rates will shoot up too quickly. And with Merv, dropping hints, it makes me wonder if he is warning everyone to fix.
  7. Ok, I've found a house and need to arrange my mortgage. I'm having a dilemma as to whether I should go for a fixed or tracker. We plan to pay off the mortgage within 3 years ...5 years max. If all works out and we manage to keep our jobs! My questions: 1. What was the highest interest rate ever? 2. Is it likely interest rates will shoot up to silly levels within 3-5 years? Thanks for any replies.
  8. -1 The crash HAS started. Current status: DENIAL "Why isn't my house selling? " "What's wrong with it?" "Why haven't we had many viewers?" "Ok I'll drop it £10k that should sell it, but that's it!" "Oh it still hasn't sold, but I'm not dropping it more, it's worth the price I'm asking! It's the Estate Agents fault for not working hard enough!" "My next door neighbour has just put their property on for £100k more, and mine is still not selling, what's going on?" "Great we've finally sold ....oh they couldn't get a mortgage???" It's a cycle. Next up, interest rate rises...
  9. Bonus money is not guaranteed, therefore won't everyone start demanding a higher wage? It looks like things are about to turn ugly!
  10. Could you not drop a hint as to where this property is? Even region would do!
  11. +1 The crash is most definitely on in Essex. You could say I am a little spoilt for choice at the moment.
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