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  1. Having been on the forum for quite sometime now I’m also guessing 70% aged over 50 95% male
  2. Just wondering what people on this forum do for a living and earn ? I get the impression the most prolific posters work in IT and earn £50k + am I right ? I am a Photographer and earn £22k
  3. 1% rise on £22,000, industry average is £25,000 (Studio Photograper) was earning £30,000 in 2007 not seen anything like that outside of London in the last few years 😞
  4. The reason we have had low rates and QE is to stoke inflation. Looks like we will be winning this war and inflating away all that dept.
  5. What he forgots is he is the market for 90s semis lots of people don’t want to live in 90s semis. Can’t imagine Edwardian town houses would be effected in a sell off
  6. I said most people who don’t own! I.e non owners, would like to buy!!
  7. I’ve been saying this for years on here but seems to fall on deaf ears. My partner and I are low earners and got 5X joint income mortgage with Santander through which mortgage brokers in a couple of days. The broker said it’s a systems led process?? All we needed was 1 payslip and 3 bank statements. remortaged with Habeto (online broker) even less info needed didn’t even have to sign or post anything. my guess is the boe and banks want to appear to be sensible with lending but know if they are they will cause a decline in mortgages. MMR all smoke and mirrors.
  8. Sorry but your wrong re MMR. Real world my partner and I bought a place 2 years ago at 5x joint pre tax income. With Santander
  9. Yes but its the feeling of doing better than those who didn't buy! People can pat themselves on the back.
  10. Online agent Hatched.com owned by Conells has just closed due to being 'commercially unviable'
  11. I spoke to an estate agent back in 2016 when we bought (great timing I know) and he openly said he make all is money from buying up properties on the cheap and not much at all through his business.
  12. I see it as speculating rather than investing. They are hoping for capital growth
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