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  1. The value in denying the house builders their bungs has to exceed the value of the bungs? Either that or the bungs themselves have to become toxic, unlikely when Johnson the Corrupt is in office.
  2. Read this and thought that it applies to house prices just as well. The govt is in the pocket of big builders. You can see the donations, they don’t even hide it. Help To Buy is an industry bung.
  3. South Korea started raising earlier than others. Their market has been ferocious. Prices have doubled in 5 years. No signs of slowdown yet. https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/economy/2022/4/28/south-koreans-struggle-to-climb-property-ladder-as-prices-soar If Japan was strategic (and not super racist) they could attract a huge crop of priced out Koreans to migrate. By contrast Japanese real estate is reasonably priced, and rent in most places is a cheaper option.
  4. Even in the recent past, I don't see May allowing this sort of gutter behaviour.
  5. Did you post a thread? Would be interesting to read.
  6. UK economy has ALREADY ground to a halt and is 'knocking on the door' of recession with Britons facing return of Stagflation https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10848867/UK-economy-ground-halt-knocking-door-recession-finds-survey.html The UK economy has almost ground to a halt in the face of soaring inflation, according to an influential survey. It was found that private sector growth slumped this month as the cost-of-living crisis began to hit Britons' spending ability. Experts even warned that 'worse is to come' and 'recession is knocking on the door'.
  7. I expect any reports serve to blacklist you over time. The Guardian seems strapped for cash (it's essentially a non-profit?) so I doubt much paid moderation is going on. Meanwhile in Aus the politicians are having to resort to kiwi farms for unfiltered information. https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/katherine-deves-far-right-forum-kiwi-farms/ (hyperbole, it's not far right, it's just free speech)
  8. I remember warning someone about this years and years ago on MSE. Got properly shot down 'you're talking rubbish they'd never do that'. Buyers beware.
  9. Interesting - did your account have previous strikes? I expect they also have an automated system where if someone reports a post it gets yeeted immediately. This was their view in 2020 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/23/the-guardian-view-on-population-growth-a-small-planet-needs-big-solutions
  10. Oh who cares though really, it's only poor people who will suffer. All us western millionaires will be completely untouched...
  11. It's bananas. She works like a trojan too, 3 jobs at one point. People are urging her to go to UAE for a couple years to help clear the debt. They pay well there apparently.
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