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  1. PeanutButter

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Many people struggle with the subtleties of communication both online and IRL. Hopefully the OP feels supported here.
  2. Probably because the housebuilders have bribed the government to subsidise their industry with taxpayer money + most people don't want to renovate. We're live in plastic wrapped, box fresh days.
  3. PeanutButter

    The Pound

    Well our ancient arch-enemy Canada is well known for embedding disruptive spies in high up UK positions. And it's very rare that a high-ranking white male is given multiple chances in life to run things badly. Occam's razor would suggest he is in fact some sort of inter-dimensional alien.
  4. PeanutButter

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Also worth making a note to appreciate the things you do find enjoyable, for balance Negative thoughts can spiral rapidly unless we are vigilant.
  5. Indeed, a stunner IMO. But pick any Joe or Jane off the street and they're as likely to want to bulldoze it for an 'eyesore'. This consultation is a waste of money and time. They'd be better off consulting on Sustainable and Practical Housing Solutions for Future Climate Chaos Case in point: colleague has moved to a new rental that has no built in storage. My my! It's a handsome 'traditional' house - but entirely impractical and costing each person to moves in a lot in wardrobes. You could blame the landlord (and I do) or you could look to the spacious built-in storage I've always found designed into 60s flats/houses. Span estates had the right idea https://www.theguardian.com/money/2007/may/26/property.lifeandhealth hence their enduring popularity.
  6. PeanutButter

    Halifax January 2019

    I prefer this headline from Thisismoney: 'Gravy train' continues for Persimmon as the housebuilder says profits are now expected to beat forecasts We subsidise them building rubbish. https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/persimmonhomes
  7. PeanutButter

    The Pound

    He's dual citizenship now (grandparents from County Mayo). Not sure how being Canadian (I know many fine Canadians) has any impact on his skills or lack thereof. Perhaps we should ask for Baron King of Lothbury to come back
  8. Alright, I'll play. Please post pics/links of your Top 3 Most Beautiful Residential City Buildings. They can be from any country but excluding places surrounded by nature and beautiful views. It's an entirely subjective waste of money and time. May as well consult on 'What Is Art?'
  9. PeanutButter

    Money Diary

    The new genre of money diary seems to be a popular option these days (good clickbait I suppose). https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jan/12/i-went-from-a-junior-office-job-to-a-six-figure-revenue-as-a-business-coach 1. Cruise ships = vomiting virus + pollution https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/may/21/the-worlds-largest-cruise-ship-and-its-supersized-pollution-problem 2. Oh good. Another landlord. 3. Lucky to have married a sensible chap. 4. I'm from a humble background and my parents absolutely led by example on saving. Any spare money always got ferreted away.
  10. M&S food is good quality but they'd be better served with more small stores catering for the working lunch trade. The giant retail spaces filled with multiple versions of the same old people clothes are just a waste of rent. Still, another British institution falls from grace. According to someone who went to work for them (and left) their legacy systems are incredibly slow and out of date and the HQ culture is very much 'this is the way it has always been done'. A shame.
  11. Please can we have a new bunch of idiots in charge? I'm tired of these idiots. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/jan/15/can-we-trust-the-government-to-judge-whats-beautiful What's that smell? Oh, it's the scent of Housebuilders' PR Musk sprayed liberally over the necks of our so-called government. Maintaining buildings, oh no, no money for that.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jan/15/marks-and-spencer-stores-close-m-and-s-hull
  13. They love air pollution don’t they. Not that we’re much better. Dirty air: how India became the most polluted country on earth https://ig.ft.com/india-pollution/
  14. Fortnums sold over a dozen of their £6k hampers this Christmas. If rich people want to hand over their money I’m all for it (drawings the line at blood diamonds, naturally). But reading more, they seem like a jolly decent British business. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-6509905/Booming-Fortnums-defying-High-St-gloom-Christmas.html And with the season of goodwill upon us, Venters talks a lot about the importance of kindness in business. 'You can still be competitive and ambitious but if there is kindness at the heart of how you treat your suppliers, your customers, your staff, it will shine through,' he says.

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