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  1. God this forum is getting bloody boring and repetitive. We get it. You are utterly obsessed with American politics. Is there ANYTHING useful you have to say about UK house prices? Or is every thread simply an opportunity to shoehorn Trump conspiracies into the discourse? I’d rather fry an egg on a camel than continue reading these endless nutbag pingpongs. Please for the love of pasta go back to kiwi farms.
  2. Looking at the Barbican and I’ve never seen so many flats for sale/discounted. I’m guessing airbnbs, landlords, boomers who bought in 60s who have died or gone into care, city bankers who don’t need their pads anymore...
  3. Average London house price exceeds £500,000 for first time https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jan/20/average-london-house-price-exceeds-500000-for-first-time-covid
  4. I reserved a plot at Nu Living’s 360 Barking development in London 10 months ago. It cost £400,000 for a 71 sq metre flat which is expensive for the area and I used the government’s help to buy scheme to fund it. I also used Nu’s recommended mortgage broker and solicitor. However, my mortgage lender valued the property at only £330,000. Under help-to-buy rules, the developer can’t charge more than the bank valuation. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/jan/20/help-to-buy-is-only-helping-to-push-up-the-price-of-our-flat#comments Good comments.
  5. If it’s soooooooo great why don’t you go live there? No really, I want to know why you’d to prefer to argue on a UK HPC forum than pack your bags and head for utopia. So far you’ve accused me of wanting evil crime and wanting poverty - but you haven’t explained why this brilliant Singaporean strategy has not been deployed everywhere else, since it’s clearly the only way to ensure everyone is rich.
  6. Really? That's the angle you're going for? Wow, you got me - that's my diabolical plan. I just love crime. Singapore's hidden poverty problem They didn't even bother measuring poverty until 2012 - amazing how you can claim to be utopia when the poor aren't counted. Becoming another country won't fix this one.
  7. Have you read this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Otherland-Golden-Shadow-Tad-Williams/dp/0886777631 In an unlimited virtual environment, creating ‘land’ seems redundant.
  8. The gap between Australian house prices and incomes is only likely to grow
  9. I've been to Singapore. Lots of malls, lots of shopping. Humid. Good night markets. Seems to very much be a rich person's playground - is that what we want here? More bankers? If what you're suggesting is such a very good idea then why can't I see any massive western economies that have done it? Why is it always tiny, high density places with rampant property prices (we are, after all, on HPC - the place where everyone agrees house prices are too high)?
  10. I am aware of several architects who have declared they will no longer spec with Celotex or related brands.
  11. Sales of flats HALVE as housing market is crippled by fire risk fears brought on by Grenfell cladding crisis https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9156445/Sales-flats-HALVE-housing-market-crippled-fire-risk-fears-brought-Grenfell.html
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