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  1. Grocery prices have already gone up, I guess 20%. So the switch to cheaper brands, or buying less will begin. And if crops end up rotting in the fields or held for domestic consumption overseas, of course standards will drop.
  2. Seem to recall Waitrose stopped the free paper cups? In which case I don’t think the reusable ones are considered hygenic now. Might explain it.
  3. Your free coffees tipped them over the edge! 😄
  4. Oh lookee here. Japan ends state of emergency. Buh buh but what about all those cwazy Japanese train commuters?!? Like I said, Japanese people social distance naturally, are extremely hygenic, mostly follow rules, and wear masks whenever they feel ill (so everyone has a store of them at home). https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/05/japan-ends-its-covid-19-state-emergency This despite a population largely comprised of older people.
  5. Fun! Taxis are self driving (cabbies still around but as a luxury). Local deliveries (food, paperwork, Amazon) via drone or automated courier. Temperatures noticeably higher and for longer periods, more aircon in homes, more aircon installers/servicing. Private healthcare running NHS, lots of jobs shed there with a big push for automation/younger cheaper workers/zero hours contracts. US food conglomerates dominate farming, buying out bust farms after having driven down the prices of their unmarked low-quality produce, prices now high. Obesity epidemic continues but Londoners slightly better off as cycling has been given more road space. Trains into capital at capacity. Water shortages more frequent (pipes not fixed). Finance jobs disappeared overseas or to AI. Greenbelt built on. Property still a store for wealth, mainly foreign. Renters locked out generationally from buying. Illegal immigration continues apace, but now includes some southern Europeans. London council bosses on 500k salaries. Broadband in London still comparatively slow, plenty of workers 'escaped' to home counties and beyond. More people myopic than ever before, but opticians have been quasi-automated. Tourism still extremely popular. Fewer women working as childcare now costs more than Eton. Facial recognition embedded throughout city. Oh yeah and talking cats. The cats will talk, but it'll be pretty boring after the initial wonder wears off.
  6. My neighbour died alone in hospital without his family this week. They obeyed the rules. Surely you can understand that people who have sacrificed to obey the law for the greater good of the nation are upset with our leaders making pathetic excuses and acting as if rules don’t apply to them? I thought the right was all about Rules and Respecting Authority. I see now that as in US, it’s really about doing whatever you want while forcing other lesser folk to jump to your tune.
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