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  1. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    Ah! Like a virus. Wonderful.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/13/westminster-council-to-ban-super-size-new-homes They giveth with the one hand and... Shelter says plans create ‘get-out clause’ for developers to avoid providing affordable homes
  3. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    You're right, I just had a quick read of this (excellent article) https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/10/7/16259952/birth-control-evangelical-agenda and although they converge on abortion and the morning after pill, they tend to diverge on general contraception. I suppose I got my impressions from TV evangelicals like the Duggars - who seem to be growing (sorry) in popularity.
  4. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    I didn't know about the others, thanks. Seems as if organised religion is a ponzi scheme. Hence why so many require adherents to go forth and annex new souls, fresh sources of income. Here's the house one of those US evangelists lives in - tax free of course God is great (god is money) Remember, he can look forward to any new member being told to give him (sorry 'God') 10% of their income. No wonder religion prefers big families. I've also noticed a lot of these new gamergate white supremacist types are also on the population bandwagon, spouting off about having large white families to 'counteract' the increase in non-whites. The venerable 'if you can't beat em join em' tactic, and hardly a feat of intelligence. It's all so terribly thick.
  5. PeanutButter

    Agents crying

    Yes pleased glad they got caught out. Dodgy smegs. I’ll encourage a review once they’re properly out of contract. Rent is under market but I advised to be careful about increase. Tenant is worth keeping on side as this rent money supplements income from a job as a disabled carer.
  6. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    Capitalism requires increased population. Those who govern us require more people to govern. Power is directly derived from numbers. The Catholic church realises this Make more followers! (Not you, priests, you can stay celibate...) I don’t reckon there’s much we can do about it now, the ending is baked in. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/28/global-population-science-growth-study-wars-disaster-disease
  7. PeanutButter

    Agents crying

  8. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    'Work with the planet' - what does that mean? Do you mean 9 billion people relinquishing the fundamental human drive to compete (to outwit, outbreed and/or kill every other form of life that isn't a useful slave)? Or that somehow 9 billion people can be convinced to accept a universal lower quality of life, peacefully scratching a meagre existence for the benefit of everyone? Because I gotta tell you, I watched a woman help her son pi$$ on Waterloo bridge yesterday while all 3 of her kids ate waffles with their mouths open and threw the wrappers on the ground. I have exactly zero belief in the ability of humans not to consume ourselves into degradation.
  9. My ears are bleeding bc I'm overhearing (it's an open plan office) a colleague trying to negotiate a new rental. Landlord wants £2200 pm. Agent/landlord ain't budging: 'It's rented for that amount for last 2 years.' This is SE Ldn, where I've seen rents drop a good amount. Stuffing my fist in my mouth or I'm going to start ranting.
  10. This makes me wince. It's all so blunderingly obvious.
  11. PeanutButter

    Eavesdropping on yummy mummies

    The curse of social media performative consumption. Maybe she's gone vegan - harder to find Michelin places Dunno. I just reckon the average plonker with spare dosh is less likely to spend it when the market is going down; they want rising assets. Probably have a feeding frenzy if Brexit ever gets sorted out.
  12. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

  13. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    See the trouble with that is what with the internet and people traffickers and western union money transfers and 10 direct flights from Lagos a day and a completely connected world where people don't stay where they're told anymore...is that a problem in one part of the world is a problem for every part of the world. Call me crazy but I'd far rather women obtain an education and have some lovely free contraception available when they want it (the Botswana method). Like lots of little rubbery personalised walls instead of some sort of gigantic money-eating one covered in frickin laser beams.
  14. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    Men in Africa don't seem to have that problem? http://uk.businessinsider.com/africas-population-explosion-will-change-humanity-2015-8?r=US&IR=T
  15. PeanutButter

    Fertility rates

    Usual capitalist propaganda. Natural world is being decimated; polluted air, plastic seas, bee colony collapse, fracking earthquakes, mass starvation and war (always in countries with no contraception/high birth rates) - but no, keep the proles scared, distracted and breeding fresh zero-hours serfs. Meanwhile, Granny nips over to Turkey for a quick batch of babies.

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