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  1. Thatcher's legacy. Not that New Labour did anything at all to reverse things. Tory voter my whole life. Not next time round. Corbyn for me (swallows bile instantly sicked up into mouth).
  2. Blimey. Where are you? London seems to be crashing hard for everyone else I know up round that way. Sister has just "lost" 100K in the past 12 months.
  3. How much has your property gone down in value this past 12 months?
  4. Freezing UK tower block was cash cow for foreign investors https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/oct/24/freezing-uk-tower-block-was-cash-cow-for-foreign-investors
  5. byron78

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Yes. Obviously there should. Not arguing otherwise. Thought the cap was 26K now? The big issue isn't benefits per say for me. It's how much of those now end up being banked by landlords and aren't immediately spent on active areas of the economy.
  6. byron78

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    For a start, tax credits are a rightwing invention NOT a leftwing one. Why not give everyone a million quid? Well it's obvious but... Nobody would work at all then. That isn't the point of tax credits (although I do think we'll see a universal income within 20/30 years). It's really to get more money into the consumer sector. Which it does. Why not give all businesses billions more in subsidies etc etc? (Because they wouldn't bother functioning as businesses past a point). There's also a point where you'd stop moving money into the active economy and simply start pushing it into different areas of the passive economy. Absolutely no point moving cash from one bank account to another. And given how indebted our society is and how few people have savings that doesn't appear to be what happens with tax credits. They get spent. Which is what the government wants.
  7. byron78

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Modern life I'm afraid mate. Reality is our economy simply doesn't have 35-40M jobs. That's why so many old 40hr a week jobs have been chopped into 3/4 10-16hr a week jobs. That's not anyone's fault within the UK itself. It's just a fact people can be paid pennies overseas for work (not to mention they happily do so in worse conditions). Brexit, no Brexit, Tory or Labour, globalisation and the modern world isn't going to go away. But I broadly agree with you. Simply from a mental health point of view I was always happier working.
  8. byron78

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Cameron still the worst PM I can remember in several generations. May a close second. If it wasn't for Corbyn, Labour would be romping back into power. Austerity was a daft idea Osborne adopted from the EU. It's fag packet maths really. People don't just eat the money/benefit from tax credits, local services, etc etc. It gets spent and ultimately trickles back up to the government. I don't think many understand this. Ultimately it's why our government offer corporate subsidies and tax credits over and above what they receive back in corporation tax. The stimulating effect on the economy (and tax benefits elsewhere) are estimated as being two to three times what the subsidies themselves cost. Consumer spending is about 70% of our GDP. I might not like that the family next door to me get get a hundred quid in tax credits a week, but ultimately they spend most locally and within the UK. They don't just burn all the money in the back garden.
  9. This is pretty much exactly the same argument that gets wheeled out whenever someone threatens to raise taxes on a group with more assets or earnings than most. "You can't make the rich pay more - they'll leave the country!" What... and take the income they were earning in the UK with them (a lot of the often being derived from land/property)? Yeah... good luck sneaking that 20000 acre chunk of Suffolk through customs...
  10. Well yes. But that wasn't what I asked was it? From 2008-2010 some parts of London crashed up to 25% or so. Immigration remained pretty steady. There was no correlation between the two at the time. That wouldn't happen if immigration was the only reason house prices rise and fall.
  11. Why did property prices drop post 2008 then? Did immigrants stop coming to the UK?
  12. The UK's shadow (black) economy is apparently worth around 200 billion a year, and half of all circulating cash is linked to it apparently. Drugs, prostitution, etc etc. Things being illegal doesn't miraculously make demand go away and there will always be folk willing to meet supply. Instead of finding a workable legitimate solution we currently spend tens of billions trying to police a lot of illegal things that people happily spend hundreds of billions on a year. You'd imagine a lot of legitimate businesses exist solely to clean shadow market money. I do often wonder where some of our high profile political cocaine users get their gear from. BoJo has been challenged to take a drug test recently, and you do wonder if George Osborne still likes his sniff.
  13. Folk in my immediate family have bought and sold around 30-ex council homes since the mid 80s. All remain privately rented as far as I know. There's your clue...
  14. byron78

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I'll go for the current government (although they might hang on until 2020). Brexit (which, despite what it could or could not have been, is going to be an unmitigated disaster because it's been so bodged by the above). Reality (for anyone who still thinks any of this is going to end well).

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