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  1. It got nerfed early doors under Cameron, but (from what I'm told, and my source is impeccable usually) it's something that came to light in intelligence reports on BoJo when he was London Mayor. Dave and Boris do not get on, put it that way.
  2. You do suspect the Sam Cam and Boris story might finally break.
  3. It's an old story. The real story would be to ask yourself why the loyal government press are churning things like this out this week.
  4. Oiling the wheels for me. Not sure there's direct string pulling. Brexit was always a benefit to Russia so (despite voting Leave) I'd be amazed if they didn't fund or back various anti Euro parties. That said, Cummings coming out like this does reek of strings pulled. Although apparently Boris was personally phoning round news editors blaming Dom, so who knows?
  5. I didn't vote for Boris. First time in my long old life I didn't vote (and have always been blue to keep the proles at bay). But he's so obviously corrupt, and so obviously led by his impulses, greed, and all the rest. That on top of the absolute disaster we've been since getting back into power in 2010. It quickly became about self enrichment for Cameron and Osborne, not sorting the country out. In fact it got markedly worse than it ever was under Blue Labour before. The only problem I'm having at the moment is working out which one is working for Russia. Cummings or BoJo?
  6. You're right. It was socialism. Horrible to live through, but it did rebalance and rebuild in ways that were frankly necessary after WW2. The entire world is free market neolib capitalism now, though. We simply don't live in a world where that level of socialism would be tolerable or acceptable to most.
  7. I've seen private rentals far worse than that tbh. And absolutely no chance of sorting any of it (tenant is just kicked if they complain).
  8. What's the going rate for an incorrectly formatted excel spreadsheet in Italy? With the right handshake, you can get 37 billion for it over here.
  9. I think they are. Look after the "traditional" institutions - landowners, financiers, elites, and those with lots of money are a big part of that. Kick debt and servitude down to the proles. Laugh our balls off at how stupid proles are (did I just see someone trying to argue the Nazis were really lefties???!!!) Rinse. Repeat.
  10. Osborne showing his colours there. Don't tax mum and dad's posh wallpaper dosh. Tax the proles more on EVERYTHING with a VAT hike instead. Anyone who works in the real world and votes for this lot (I'm retired and do) must be kicking themselves. Or not. Suspect there's an awful lot of denial involved!
  11. Won't happen. I'm told banks and other financials will be moving into property directly soon as well. Cuts out the landlord (and those awful self made prole property millionaires) I suppose. Incredible really. Gordo was mad, but he didn't directly ramp. Gideon did, and now Rishi is going to ramp hard and allow the banks to rent to proles directly.
  12. I think Boris does pay Child Maintaince for a couple of the kids he's fessed up to, tbf.
  13. Where? Can't just go and live in Europe anymore. Even if a few do leave for America or Oz, that doesn't magically mean the position they've given up in the UK also disappears with them.
  14. News just in: Insanely wealthy man decides not to tax himself, friends and family, but all the little proles instead.
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