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  1. This is pretty much exactly the same argument that gets wheeled out whenever someone threatens to raise taxes on a group with more assets or earnings than most. "You can't make the rich pay more - they'll leave the country!" What... and take the income they were earning in the UK with them (a lot of the often being derived from land/property)? Yeah... good luck sneaking that 20000 acre chunk of Suffolk through customs...
  2. They fell sharpest in London mate.
  3. Well yes. But that wasn't what I asked was it? From 2008-2010 some parts of London crashed up to 25% or so. Immigration remained pretty steady. There was no correlation between the two at the time. That wouldn't happen if immigration was the only reason house prices rise and fall.
  4. Why did property prices drop post 2008 then? Did immigrants stop coming to the UK?
  5. The UK's shadow (black) economy is apparently worth around 200 billion a year, and half of all circulating cash is linked to it apparently. Drugs, prostitution, etc etc. Things being illegal doesn't miraculously make demand go away and there will always be folk willing to meet supply. Instead of finding a workable legitimate solution we currently spend tens of billions trying to police a lot of illegal things that people happily spend hundreds of billions on a year. You'd imagine a lot of legitimate businesses exist solely to clean shadow market money. I do often wonder where some of our high profile political cocaine users get their gear from. BoJo has been challenged to take a drug test recently, and you do wonder if George Osborne still likes his sniff.
  6. Folk in my immediate family have bought and sold around 30-ex council homes since the mid 80s. All remain privately rented as far as I know. There's your clue...
  7. byron78

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I'll go for the current government (although they might hang on until 2020). Brexit (which, despite what it could or could not have been, is going to be an unmitigated disaster because it's been so bodged by the above). Reality (for anyone who still thinks any of this is going to end well).
  8. I do try to avoid blaming immigration for this mess myself. Yes, of course more people and less resources in a short space of time have put pressure on the housing market. But that's really a failure at government level to help meet demand (be that relaxing planning laws/restrictions, or the state building to encourage private builders to stop land-banking to further restrict supply and further jack up prices). I know we have this preconception that the UK is horrifically overcrowded but the truth is it really shouldn't be. We have loads of space left and a lot of the greenbelt around major cities is ripe for development. Won't happen though. Posh folk need somewhere to keep their horses. Slipper farmers like their subsidies too much. I suppose my point is that immigration, done well, usually has a net positive effect on a country. Even done badly like it has been in the UK I would imagine migrants pay far more into society than they take out. Don't get me wrong: it's little wonder folk get angry at the people they see putting pressure on services and the supply of things like housing in their local areas. But, for me, we often fail to take the people who should have made sure that wasn't an issue in the first place to task properly. Jobs aren't finite in a growing economy. Housing isn't finite if you actually allow supply to meet demand. Too many people at the top have got rich quickly out of artificially distorting the housing market (particularly in London). Until we have MPs who don't all directly benefit from HPI it's not a problem I can see being rectified any time soon.
  9. We all meet up in the mornings usually - I find I'm spectacularly efficient and energetic in the afternoon! Sorted the garden and all sorts of other longterm things I must admit I've been putting off. I can also understand why people associate it with creativity. I've begun playing guitar and painting and things like that more frequently. I guess if I ingested enough of it I could well end up vegging on the sofa but that's no different from drinking too much etc surely? My bald spot also seems to be filling in a bit. Very odd. I'm not daft enough to think that's the weed, but less alcohol and stress is probably helping. Would dearly love to be able to "grow my own". The only thing I'm not comfortable with is how it being illegal is surely making money for organised criminals and things? I've a friend in the prison service who attributes the rise of Spice(?) use and other substitutes to Cannabis becoming a Class B again. These substitutes are apparently horrible things and very dangerous.
  10. This is so spot on. God my generation don't half drink a lot. And we're not all pikeys. I'm in a leafy area full of professionals and recently retired professionals round here. But all HUGE boozers. Many of the silver stoners I know are actually vaping/baking weed to reduce their alcohol dependencies. Have to say my life has improved greatly this past year or so. Virtually teetotal and made some wonderful friends. Biggest regret is not having made the swap sooner.
  11. I was in a cave about it myself until very recently. Turns out a lot of people (some I've known for over 30+ years!) smoke the stuff. All professionals. All very successful. I probably shouldn't say this, but one of the older folk in our group is ex (quite high up) in the police. Hypocrisy reigns in the UK.
  12. Oh god. A bunch of pensioners aren't passing the dutchie I can assure you.
  13. I'm in my 70s and tried it for the first time the other day! Have lots of older friends doing similar, both for pain relief and pleasure. We were obviously all in Amsterdam at the time (*cough cough*). It being so freely available in America means me and the missus know plenty with holiday homes and things out there. It was... really quite nice. I didn't fly. I'm not savagely addicted. I did enjoy listening to music a bit more later in the evening and not waking up with a hangover was bloody lovely as well. It's got to be legalised over here soon surely?
  14. Good on you. Paid 95K for mine. Apparently worth just north of a million now. Very lucky to have been a boomer. Very sorry so many of my fellow boomers have absolutely wrecked this country for most of you.

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