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  1. Not my experience at all. But then I'm not some poor thick prole stuck in Southampton.
  2. That isn't what I said you plank. Anyone with a high income that isn't also investing in capital gains (which aren't taxed remotely as much) is missing out on an opportunity their income affords them above others.
  3. Higher rate tax payers are idiots if they're not also enjoying capital gains.
  4. I don't disagree we have crony capitalism. I just haven't lived under any other form of capitalism in my lifetime (am I the oldest here?) That to me suggests it's not an abnormal position. Capital controls capitalism. Not people. The market is free enough for those with enough money and influence to shape it to their end. I've lived through America starting wars and insurgencies the world over for company benefits etc off the back of that malability. It's more about oil and minerals now and less about fruit, but it's been how the system has operated for at least the last century. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_republic
  5. It's a good point. Much more pronounced in America of course. Now that is a country that could fall in facism pretty easily. Many traits already in place.
  6. Worth noting that Nazi Germany was still trading with America and American companies right up to 1941.
  7. Incoming food shortages will sharpen a few minds (maybe). Then again, as long as most can get a beer and burger in Wetherspoons in their X-X-X Large knockoff England kits (no room for kneeling), they're happy enough.
  8. Spot on this. We have a mix of many things. All but completely totalitarian societies do. And we also have proles getting swept along with rightwing ideology as well of course, and a government of ex-journalists using their MSM contacts to help with the sweeping. It's not socialism it's nationalism that is appealling to folk in Hartlepool right now. Powerful thing nationalism, which has largely helped keep Americans in their place (hence their lack of social mobility etc).
  9. So is leftwing ideology, surely? Did you sleep through the origins of the Labour movement - I'm not saying that's where they are now, but it was definitely built and fought off the back of individual rights. The right to work (and the right to a fair wage), the right to affordable homes, the right to universal education etc. Woman's sufferage and all the rest as well (working class women were branded as Marxists when it spread down from the upper and middle classes for instance).
  10. That's just how anyone reading news on a mobile phone experiences the world now. Cold hard reality of personal data being used to push content. I'm not making any kind of political point or insulting anyone's particular biases etc. It is what it is.
  11. It's the government that push the stories. You would have to ask them why they haven't done anything about Prince Andrew, Trump, and Maxwell (in lieu of Epstein).
  12. The Elphicke judge nobble is all over the news today, but it's been well buried. It's not a coincidence that stories like the Begum one get elevated like this, of course. These days your press is only as free your Google history and search preferences. Targeted media really does pander to our own personal prejudices in a manner I think would have appalled Thatcher.
  13. Where's the thread about the FIVE Tory MPs trying to used connections with a judge to subvert the UK justice system and get another Tory off sex offense convictions? Did I accidentally scroll past it?
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