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  1. Yes. This is true. I still scratch my head at how we got away with Cameron and Osborne claiming they'd nuke the debt within a decade, back in 2010 for example! And then we aped EU austerity policy. And then we had historically poor growth. And then we massively devalued our currency so we could continue to claim spending increases (in money worth 25% less). Still seen as the party of law and order as well, despite binning off big chunks of the police, prison system, army, and border patrol forces (we have 8 boats to protect our waters now. Can't blame asylum seekers for trying to get over here, now they have more craft than we do!) Amazing smoke and mirrors really, but perhaps we're now in an age where people believe what they want to believe. That would be ideal. Hopefully we can push even more stealth taxes, increase VAT, and find a way to tax people and not land that doesn't end up in riots...
  2. I dunno. But he can definitely make up numbers by the looks.
  3. Congratulations on being twice as smart as a bird?
  4. Thing is, we can outsource even more now. The future is exploiting labour indigenously through the internet.
  5. I'm pretty sure this lot do tbf. I hate foreigners and paying for public services that I really don't use.
  6. Yes. Going swimmingly isn't it. Democracy the world over has never been "happier".
  7. Even I'm surprised by that. Still not strictly comfortable with being reliant on idiots to keep us in power, but I suppose someone has to hoover up the below average IQ votes.
  8. I suspect this is the start of a sea change. But I also suspect they're going to have to find new ways to fund consumption. It's not going to be "bloody foreigners coming over here to steal our jobs". It's going to be "bloody foreigners, happy to do our jobs online for 10% of what we used to earn". All sorts of ramifications there.
  9. It should have been the maximum amount someone could have got in benefits. Which would either: A) Be a million billion pound a month in Gordo Brown tax credits B ) Involve living on nothing for weeks, then means test the rest. If you were single without kids the top whack you should have received would have been equal to a single room rent and dole. Around £600 a month (unless in London I guess). The reality for most people would have been closer to B I expect.
  10. True. Very rich folk do this as well. We compare private schools, whether we've a new car each year, how many holidays we take each year, 2nd and 3rd home etc. As you say, all relative.
  11. Is it not relative though? You could earn great money (on a global scale) in London and still live in what is essentially a bedsit and live pretty much hand to mouth for instance. I know many do. It's not really about what you earn or have. It's about how far it goes (and who, ultimately, ends up with most of it).
  12. I would expect most of you have been worse off for at least a decade. I've made money but I really can't see how sustainable this all is.
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