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  1. Why are you so obsessed with Labour? It's a bit weird tbh.
  2. This just isn't true. Well... largely not true. Labour is cheaper in Spain and Italy, but it's actually more expensive in France and Germany. France is hugely agricultural and has a higher minimum wage. They can use labour from other EU countries, but that labour isn't being paid less than the min wage available in said country (well... not legally).
  3. Why? Name specific things that have made it easier. Because, with respect, you are just making stuff up now, aren't you?
  4. It was my immediate thought when watching it. Well... that's him sacked. As you say, entirely his own fault. Not being cancelled at all. Just displaying your stupidity and arrogance to your bosses and then rightly being canned for it.
  5. But immigration has gone up massively since Brexit. I'm being genuine. I do think the huge rise in immigration since we left could be driving much of this. 35K a year income to get into the UK now, isn't it? It's open doors as long as they have money.
  6. Labour could put a brown paper bag full of dog poo in charge, light it on fire, and I would still be more inclined to vote for them now than this shower. Project Fear doesn't work. I'm not surprised people are now trying to use smears and fear to defend Boris and this government (as it's not possible to defend them using actual achievements and highlighting positive results). But it's only ever going to work on the Daily Mail sorts who probably all believe Starmer has laser eyes and eats babies anyway... What I don't understand is why so many nationalists and people who swear blind they love this country are sticking up for a dodgy Putin stooge. Not very patriotic that.
  7. The story about the Tories getting half a million from a dodgy Russian to help Boris win is being reported in America. Which means people in this country now seem prepared to start linking the various players...
  8. Climate refugees are already a thing. Well over 20 million a year since 2008 I think.
  9. They even lied about calling Sue Gray in to try and lean on her. Again, I don't actually care much about the parties. But the CONSTANT lying, and then the lying about the lying, and then the spin about the lying about the lying, and the shameful pathetic smears to try and drag everyone else down to their snake belly level... Enough. In the bin with this lot ASAP.
  10. Lovely pic of Boris toasting drinks at a party during lockdown doing the rounds...
  11. This, respectivefully, is nonsense. Twitter is a publication platform. Yes, it's self publishing, but it's still providing content and is still presumably liable if it's pushing/full of misinformation etc (in the same way any other print or digital media publisher would). You have the right to write whatever you like on the internet. You post tripe here daily. Congratulations. Freedom! Never been shut down. Same if you ran a blog I'm sure. But you're deluded if you think free speech = being able to say whatever you want on or within mainstream websites and publications. That's never been the case. It has always been up to the owners/establishment. Half this country knew Jimmy Saville was dodgy for at least 30 years. Including hundreds of journalists. But could they print a story on Maggie's best mate whilst he was alive? Could they flip...
  12. And? Boris was told to distance himself from all his Russia KGB mates around the same time. Didn't...
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